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Theres gonna be heaps of great metal acts on tomorrow at SCORCHERFEST from midday to 6:30 including the great Born on the Bayou.  Progressive Metal band Caprycon will get the first chance to kick tomorrow's metal festivities right in the balls, I was lucky enough to stumble across their website and man can I tell you that guy is a beast on the bass guitar!  Most of tomorrows metal acts will be playing on the third stage (the red or sparkling stage) however the penultimate act and the headlining act of the 'heavy rock/metal leg' have been put on the Second stage (the white or clear stage)

I dont know if i'm supposed to be doing this but here are the set times for tomorrows 'metal leg' of the festival and with the line up looking this great I wanted to be the one to share it with you:


12:00 Caprycon ? Progressive Metal

12:40 Requiem for Resistance ? Metal/Punk

1:20 Born on the Bayou - Metal

2:00 BELTANE FIRE - Metal

2:40 Little Hostile Face - Rock

3:20 Prisoners of Faith - Metal

4:00 TunXsten - Rock

4:20 Applebite The Beggars on Acid - Rock/Grunge

5:20 One Armed Scissor - Rock


6:00 Social Inertia - Metal

6:40 Khariot - Progressive/Extreme/Metal

So if your a metalhead thats into good talented local metal and prefer catching shows/drinking piss in the day time then heres something for you; the perfect opportunity to come down to the Rosemount and do just that!

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