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Equipment for sale / Having a birthday sale....
« on: September 17, 2011, 08:02:48 AM »
Here you go:

Handwound pickups, Standard and CustomShop Instruments, and Ernie Ball and Elixir strings.

This week only until sold out.

Equipment for sale / Ormsby Guitars CustomShop Multiscale 7 string
« on: August 25, 2011, 08:12:31 PM »
This baby is for sale:

CustomShop Multiscale Seven String. Built is 2008 - First Multiscale 7 string, and one of only two with a flat top.
Alder body with Pompeii Sapelle Quilted top (black back).
Rock Maple neck with Cocobol fretboard.
Scale lengths approximately 27.5" on 'bass' side, 25.5" 'treble'.
Fanned Scalloping from 12th to 24th.
Jumbo fretwire.
Bone nut
Gotoh Machineheads. Custom Ormsby individual string bridges.
Multiscale "Hot Rock" bridge humbucker, and "Old School+" neck single coil. Treble bleed (adjustable) 500k volume control with 500k tone control (47 orange drop cap) coil splittable via push/pull.

As new this would be $3620 and a long long waiting period. It's used, but try and find a single mark on it. Full warranty transfers to new owner (lifetime warranty!). Free setup annually (you provide strings). Unlimited free truss rod adjustments. Free pickup swap to whatever you like (no routing) that I can build (anything bar actives... they are coming soon).

Comes with an alloy look hard case. Its not full alloy, but looks the part.

$3000, with a further $500 discount to current Ormsby owners, or anyone in a band with one :)

The entire series of build photos can be seen here:

Enquiries: 0410 540 327

Ask Ormsby / ORMSBY GUITARS - Temporarily ceasing orders...
« on: March 24, 2011, 08:11:01 PM »
# TOURING TECH SUPPORT (Perth based support only)

As we shorten our lengthy waiting periods, we will start to resume some of these services again. Until then, you'll just have to be patient :) This change in policy does not effect current clients (eg: owners of our guitars) or any orders currently in the system.

GENERAL REPAIRS, SETUPS AND MODIFICATIONS will continue to be done as per normal. CUSTOM AND STANDARD PICKUPS will continue to be made as per normal.

Hopefully by around September 2011 we will take another look at how things are going and make a decision then. If you were considering placing an order for an instrument, we can add your name to a database and inform you when we open the order books again.

It's been a hard decision to make, but I would rather cease taking on more orders rather than raise prices to limit sales.

Big thanks to everyone for your support over the years, that has forced us into this position!  :headbang:

Ask Ormsby / Ormsby Guitars - Boxing Day Sale
« on: December 24, 2010, 06:20:36 PM »
Going to have a one day sale on pickups, guitar kits, and maybe even a guitar or two. To find out about it, you'll need to be a member of the facebook page to get notifications.

10-50% off. Boxing day only. Laybuy is cool, as are credit cards.

Ask Ormsby / Ormsby Guitars - Now available at Kosmic Sound
« on: October 08, 2010, 11:26:54 PM »
The following guitars are now in stock at Kosmic Sound in Osbourne Park. These are the new Standard Series, and feature our handwound pickups.

Standard Series DC - Gunstock Oiled finish $2390

Standard Series DC - Artist Upgrade - Blueburst $2740

Standard Series SX Fixed bridge - Pearl $2390

Standard Series SX Floyd Rose - Rust $2540

Standard Series SX Floyd Rose - Exotic Top Upgrade $2640

Standard Series SX MULTISCALE - Gunstock Oiled finish $2840

Equipment for sale / ESP LTD Baritone FB-200
« on: July 30, 2010, 12:17:50 PM »
ESP LTD FB-200 BARITONE in awesome condition, with upgraded EMG-X active pickups. Same as Machinehead used to record with apparently... if that turns ya on. $650 ono

0410 540 327

Equipment for sale / Marshall 100w 1977 vintage
« on: July 29, 2010, 10:58:18 PM »
1977 Marshall 100w valve head. Used and abused, but still rocks like hell!

Hard to find these days. $1500 for a QUICK sale (found an older one I HAVE to own!)

0410 540 327

Equipment for sale / ESP $1100 MUST BE SOLD ASAP
« on: June 03, 2010, 09:07:59 AM »
ESP Eclipse - Older 'lawsuit' model. Seymour Duncans. Mahogany neck and body, with flame maple top.
A chip here and there, but essentually a great guitar. Just been setup with 10-46's, but will redo it with any strings you prefer. Priced to sell ASAP, and will be gone by Sunday, no matter what!

$1100 with the ESP case!!!!

with more here:

0410 540 327

« on: May 28, 2010, 07:42:52 AM »
Want to make a custom guitar from scratch? For some people, this is a dream they always consider, but never get the opportunity to follow.

We are scheduling some final guitar making classes for the end of the year. Everything is supplied, and you'll walk away with your own guitar, made by you! You'll shape the neck by hand the traditional way, carve the pickup routs, rout the neck joint, install and level the frets, including assembly, wiring and learn to set it all up. You'll do everything!

2 x week long courses (sept + nov) SOLD OUT
1 x part time course (2 spots available)

We either need to fill the part time course (saturdays) or add another full time course (mon-sat) in either October, or some time around Jan/Feb/March.

Some options are available, including pickup winding, and inlay courses.

If anyone is interested, head over to this link, and then shoot us an email:

1. Gibson Les Paul Custom (creme)
All original. Nothing replaced or modified. Best of 18 customs I tried out over nearly two years of searching. Small paint chips on end of headstock, which have been recoloured so they arent too noticable. Slight scuffing on back, but nothing through to the wood. Lacquer has started aging nicely, so it has the somewhat vintage look, without being worn out. Frets show no wear. No arm wear. Some gold plating has started it corrode (as they all do) but it is minor. In ten years I might have played this one twice at a rehearsal, and very little "bedroom use". It's a 1990 build, which was when they got their shit together again, before the current bad run that they have been having for years. $3700 $3500 (ono)  with original case, setup to suit your preferred string guage and style of playing.

2. Jackson Randy Rhoads Custom
Refinish in green to red sunburst. Built in Jan 1985, back when you had to order them custom, as they werent stocked in stores. Kahler trem, Duncan pickups. New pots. New jack. Sharkfin inlays in Ebony board. Poplar wings on maple neck through. Old style neck construction. Binding around neck and f/board. Some small chips on wing tips, but no buckle rash or playing wear. $2750 (ono) with original case (trashed), setup to suit your preferred string guage and style of playing. More pics available...

3. Jackson Warrior Custom
All original, practically mint condition. Warbird graphic was custom ordered with naked pinup mascot. Of the 200 Warriors build in the original run, only 19 had a naked mascot. This one is a red head! Built in 92, Sharkfin inlays in Ebony board. Poplar wings on maple neck through. Floyd Rose trem. Binding around neck and f/board. No buckle rash or playing wear. $1850 (ono) with original case, setup to suit your preferred string guage and style of playing. (pics pending)

4. ESP Eclipse
Has a couple chips, but otherwise in good condition. Its got the Seymour Duncans (JB and 59) and the original case. $1500 $1400 NOW $1250!!! seems to be fair, as I found some with similar chips for a little more than that. Mahogany body with flame maple top. Rosewood fretboard, Mahogany neck.

5. Washburn Nuno Bettencourt
From the first run of these back in 1993. Mahogany body, maple neck, ebony fretboard (scallopped 12-24th). Dimarzio pickups. Floyd Rose. Great guitar!! If you are familiar with these guitars, you'll know what they are all about. Bare bones, just tone. This one sings. Of all the guitars, i'll regret selling this one the most. Stephen's Extended Cutaway neck joint. $1500 (ono)

6. Roman Quicksilver Hollow
Taken on as part of a possible distribution deal for this brand of guitars in Australia. We got three guitars in. Two remain. We've decided to consentrate on our own production of Standard Series guitars, which these Roman's would have filled in for (more as a time saving option with a six week turn around rather than the 2 year wait of our full 'anything goes' customs). We can still take custom orders for these, but have chosen not to stock them as originally planned.
Hollow Body Roman Quicksilver. Alder body with premium Quilted Maple top. Laminated Maple bolt-on neck joint, with Ebony fretboard. Tone Pros bridge and stop tail, with Grover locking tuners. Bone nut. Ormsby Old School neck pickup, and Nunchucker bridge pickup, both hard mounted. Volume and Tone control with push/pull for coil splitting. VERY LIGHT WEIGHT. Nice smooth oiled neck, thin profile. Jumbo frets. Retail was listed as $6290 with a suggested street price of around $4190 in Australia. HOWEVER, we are offering this one at the proposed trade/wholesale price of $2490 with full warranty. BRAND NEW

Can do cash, credit card, paypal, direct deposit, laybuy, whatever.

All gear located in PERTH, but will happilly post ANYWHERE, safely boxed, wrapped, and protected and insured.

0410 540 327

We usually just chuck a nickel or gold cover over the humbuckers if they get scratched during manufacture, but we have enough covered ones for now, and figured we'll have a scratch and dent sale.

Scratches are purely cosmetic, and dont effect performance. The scratches are tiny, but not good enough for retail sale or fitment to our custom guitars.

Everything is being listed up on our facebook fan page TODAY:

Prices: at least 50% off retail

Ask Ormsby / Guitar Making Employment
« on: March 03, 2010, 12:45:19 AM »
Looking for ONE assistant for PART time work in a busy guitar workshop. Hours of employment are negotiable. Leading up to full time after you have proven yourself.

Ok, blunt, but to the point....

Roles include:
General guitar tech duties (setups, electronics, etc), sanding, cleaning, general housekeeping, etc. Looking to the future, expect to be trained to assemble, then build parts from scratch. If you have previous musical instrument building experience, you will move up the ladder very quickly.

No experience required (although experience is definately preferred), training will be provided. Award rates (negotiable). Bonuses for efficient/clean/fast work. Tools and machinery provided. Access to workshop for private building is ok. Initiative is rewarded. My last assistant who recently left us was earning near double the award wage. Experience counts. If you didnt do woodwork or a manual trade at school, or haven't had an interest in woodworking (eg: actually doing some woodwork, not just thinking about it), then its probably not worth applying. I really don't want to train someone who doesnt know the real basics already.

No early starts (9:30ish, some days 10:30ish). No overtime or late nights, although some/all Saturdays would be nice. Days of work flexible, start and finish times flexible.
EVERY Monday off. No Sunday work. You might get invited to meet someone special afterhours though :P

Two minutes from the beach, one minute to local shopping centre, three minutes to Fremantle, WA. Local applications only please. I will NOT be taking applications from interstate unless you already have plans to move here, or have extensive experience in this field.

The Work:
Ultimately, you will be my direct assistant. You will eventually assist me in building guitars. Rough shaping necks. Sanding lacquer. Fret work. Gluing. etc etc. My right hand man! Also difficult repair work. Headstock breaks. Bracing issues. Refrets. Refinishes. It'll take time to get there though.
I already have a couple assistants, to handle the basic stuff like keeping the place clean, assembling pickups, etc. Ive already got a setup wizard, to make sure we get through all the setups and repair work, and he also does the majority of our hand winding of pickups.
You'll become another me. Hopefully. My dream is for my clients to come to me, and REQUEST a specific builder. You'll build that guitar from start to finish. Thats the dream. You want that too?
In the past, my assistants have travelled with me on business to the east coast or Aust, and to the USA to meet clients.

How to Apply:
Send an email covering letter AND a relevant resume to guitars at
Include contact details, etc. Include a SEPERATE list of previous experience, photos of instruments built, etc. Do not apply if you do not have any references. Do not send fuzzy out of focus photos. Last time I advertised, I had more than sixty applicants. Make yours stand out. Resumes etc must be in either WORD, or PDF format. Do not write your resume in an email... ATTACH IT to an email. Make an effort! I will look at your application for 30 seconds, before deciding if I think it warrants reading. MAKE IT COUNT.

Do not phone. Do not visit the workshop. Do not send a PM or SMS. Please, Im busy. I dont need distractions, I need help!!
Email ONLY!!

QUESTIONS??? Please ask them in this thread or email, please don't phone/walkin etc

Ask Ormsby / ORMSBY GUITARS - Gavin's Explorer
« on: November 21, 2009, 09:17:45 PM »
Gavin's not local, but i thought a few guys would be interested in this one anyway...

Bubinga top, Brazilian Mahogany body and neck. Madagascar Rosewood fretboard.

Ask Ormsby / Kelly Garni's 'Randy Rhoads' Eight String Bass
« on: October 28, 2009, 10:50:59 PM »
Built a bass for Kelly Garni (Quiet Riot) earlier this year. We went to the US to hand deliver it, meet Kelly, and the Rhoads family. Had a great time! Met some other muso's over there, including Vinnie Paul, DJ Ashba (GnR guitarist), Joey Belladona, etc etc

Kelly was the original bass player in Quiet Riot with Randy Rhoads.

Still under a media embargo until Dec 17th 2009 (so no full photos and details yet), but here are some sound bytes ABOUT the bass...
Partial interview from Rockstar Weekly, a Canadian zine.

You mentioned that there is going to be a famous bass. Can you tell me more about the guitar?

What does this bass mean to you?

I can see how it would remind you that he?s always with you.

Full interview here:

Equipment for sale / Gibson Les Paul Custom - Cream
« on: August 28, 2009, 09:46:14 AM »
Got this one around 1999, off a guy who didnt play guitar, but wanted a guitar to hang on the way. I checked out 18 Customs all up, and this was the best I found.

Ive hardly played it, only bought it because I always wanted a cream Les Paul. Its too heavy for me, but they are all like this.

It spent the first 6 years of its life up north in the heat, so whilst there is no playing wear, it has aged nicely... the lacquer is creamier (not white), and there is lacquer checking. Nothing serious, just has that played in vibe, without the played in wear and tear.

On the back is a mark were it looks like it had a sticker, or something. No buckle rash. Couple chips on the end of the headstock, which were touched up just to stop the raw wood being exposed.

Gold hardware has a little wear. Case is great (original) but the locking catch is missing. I ripped off the standard black knobs, and put some gold ones on there. I took off the pick guard too, and I'll include that in the sale. All electrics are original. Sounds GREAT.

Reason for sale: I just dont play it, it sits in it's case 24/7, and I have my own guitars I'd rather play. I hurt my back 18 months ago, so I cant play a heavy guitar any more anyway.

$4000 ono - trades welcome

Ask Ormsby / CAD designer wanted for new project
« on: July 19, 2009, 07:07:59 PM »
Looking for a CAD proficient designer to work with me on new direction I want to try out. From what Im told, the first design will be a little challenging (compound curves) but nothing too hard for someone with the skills.

Willing to pay cash, or trade, or credit towards my guitars?. It's not a small job, but definately something that can be worked on over time. ETA about 6 weeks? Then more work after that.

Prefer to work with someone in the music scene rather than a nerdy draftsman type.

Ask Ormsby / Ormsby Guitars - Closed - Also, some big news...
« on: June 29, 2009, 08:02:10 PM »
Hey guys, just a heads up to say the shop will be closed for two and a bit weeks while we head off to the USA for business again.

The reason? I was given a dream commission... but I could only take on the job under certain conditions:
A flim crew must be present at all times for a documentry
I must hand deliver it to Las Vegas for the owner
It must include some cool features never seen before
I have to use as many hand made parts as possible (except tuners and bridge)
Must be an eight string bass (4 + octaves)
It has to be "blue"
It must has an inlay like never seen before
It must be a tribute to his best friend.
Ive got four weeks to build it.

The client is Mr Kelly Garni of Quiet Riot. Someone who I spent my teenage years admiring, as he played with my favourite musician Randy Rhoads.

Kelly's best friend was Randy Rhoads, prior to passing away in 1982. After a band scuffle, Randy lost his thumbnail, and they jokingly kept it. Randy went on to join Ozzy's band, and within 18 months had died in a plane crash. Not long after, Kelly and Kevin DuBrow (Quiet Riot vocalist) found Randy's thumbnail. After all these years, it was kept safe and sound, and was sent to me to inlay into the bass. Randy is not only my inspiration musically, but inspired me to start building guitars. It was because of my Polka Dot V replica's that I was given the opportunity to take on this job.

To work on a tribute to one of the best musicians in hard rock/metal, is probably my dream come true.

Anyway, the bass was finished at 6pm tonight, and the flight leaves at midnight. Ive got a couple interviews to do before we leave, and then more in LA and Vegas. I think everyone will have to wait until I get back to see the photos, no time to upload them before we have to leave.

Kelly Garni is meeting us at the airport with a film crew and Randy's brother. After Vegas we travel back to Los Angeles and do a presentation for Mrs. Rhoads at the music school were Randy used to teach guitar.

On top of all that...

We are also finalising the details for US distribution of Ormsby Guitars with one of the largest guitar stores in the world, so hopefully that works out too. :)

Fingers crossed!!

 :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

Ask Ormsby / Ormsby Stimulus Package
« on: April 25, 2009, 11:43:57 AM »
May 10th edit:
Thanks to everyone that responded. We have reached the cutoff point, and no more positions are available. Thanks

To organise a quote, please visit and view the 'Models' page for a link to our new online quote system.

General discussion / Playstation 3
« on: July 15, 2007, 03:44:38 PM »
Despite having 7 PS2 games i havent even unwrapped from their packaging yet, because i dont get time to play any longer.... im looking at getting a PS3. Resistance looks cool, but thats about all ive really seen, and ive only seen a couple youtube demos. GTA4 is due out, i dunno, later this year?

Anyone got a PS3, and how is it? Good games?? I like war games like SOCOM, Medal of Honour, Ghost Recon, etc, plus the odd Gran Turismo. Suggestions?

Ask Ormsby / Buying a guitar, what do you want??
« on: May 28, 2006, 01:18:57 PM »
Ok fellas, im currently desinging a new model of guitar, which will be built with the premise that they are sold at guitar stores, and direct from the manufacturer (me). I dont normally sell via a guitar store, as everything i make is custom made, one off pieces, so i deal directly with the clients.

I'd like some feedback please.

IDEA: Its a carved top, double cutaway style guitar, based on a mix of Gibson Les Paul Jr, PRS, Quicksilver, Driskill, etc. Fancy woods are the norm, but solid and metallic finishes will also be made.

, please select a neck joint from the poll here....

NEXT, you need to consider this as a PRS/Gibson type instrument, so the $2600-3500 mark is where they are going to be priced at. PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND.

see below \\\\///// for the options i would like your opinion on.

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