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Western Australia / NEVERBORN "Always Watching Me" Metal video
« on: January 22, 2012, 09:07:21 AM »
Last night at Amps, Neverborn launched our Metal Vid for our song "Always Watching Me" from our third album "Decimator".  This was a year in the making and worth every second.  Over 50 crew, actors and extras were involved in this monster of a project, and it was all done by Steve from Leopard Productions for a minimum of cost and an absolute absence of fuss and problems.  The entire process was engineered by Steve from the original undead concept through to the storyboards, actors, extras, crew, filming, editing and last minute corrections, and he went about the whole process with an combination of excitement and infurating calmness. We would highly recommend him to any other local metal bands wanting to do something mental, and we invite you all to check out our new vid!

Thursday January 12, Wired round 2 for 2012.
Claim The Throne, Neverborn and Real Monsters.

Can't remember how to use the ftp program to post this flyer for Thursday's Wired gig, but here is a link to the flyer.

Western Australia / Neverborn New Drummer.
« on: July 19, 2011, 12:25:38 AM »
Neverborn would like to announce that we are stoked to have found the drummer we were searching for. 

To play the music we have created requires a shit hot and experienced drummer, and after an exhaustive search we have finally found one with the experience, drive and skill to step up and blow us away.  The man we were searching for was found to be right here in our back yard.
For those of you too young or too dead from the hair down to have heard them, the mighty iNFeCTeD were one of the biggest extreme metal acts Perth has spawned, a band known for their "outside the box' attitude to metal and their ability to write horrifyingly unique and beautifully violent Metal. 
The drummer and songwriter from this genre-blending and epic band was Gareth, and Neverborn have been lucky enough to absorb him into our Hellish collective.  Gareth brings to Neverborn his wealth of metal experience, his love of extreme metal and of course his flying feet, and we are pleased all jus' to pieces about it.

A more worthy welcome is planned, something likely involving vicious hangovers the next day, but for the moment we simply want to publically welcome Gareth into Neverborn, and my God have mercy on his soul.


Western Australia / Zombies.
« on: July 14, 2011, 01:32:58 PM »
On October 23 Neverborn are shooting our first real vid.  The storyline is basically a zombie horror type of thing with a kid trying to escape the living dead in his home, lots of blood and dead people and all that shit.
We have the producer, the location and all that shit, what we need now are zombies.  Ideally we want up to 40 people in rags and makeup and to shoot what we need we would probably need to book them for the arvo and the early evening.  You WILL get made up to look ghastly, bloody and likely end up quite dirty, but that's metal.  The place we will be shooting is in an old place near Morley.  Details are still sketchy, the producer is onto that.

Before anyone asks, we have spent what we can spare on the vid and can't afford to be paying for your time, but we will put on a feed and a few blocks. 

We probably have a dozen confirmed already, and I reckon I could dig up some more with a few calls.  But we need more, people who will show up and not fuck us around.  If you are willing, able and a bit crazy please call myself or one of the Neverborners, or drop me a message here or on our Neverborn Facebook page.


Western Australia / NYE
« on: November 26, 2010, 02:13:09 PM »
NYE is coming up. 

Anyone planning anything worthy?

Western Australia / Ups and Downs of Metal.
« on: October 03, 2010, 03:28:35 PM »
This is just a quick note to beat the rumour mill. 

After one of our best weeks since formation comes some less cheerful news.  We announce that as of today Michael Vulin is no longer a member of Neverborn.  The reasons for this are not for the WF open forum and I won't discuss them here. 

In the duration between this seperation and the aquisition of a new drummer, the awesome Dan Grainger is filling in for us in all fields, and we are pleased beyond all measure about this.  We will be holding auditions soon if we find the need, details will be forthcoming.

Michael drummed for us for close to 5 years.  In that time he became a good drummer and we expect to hear big things about him in the future. It is a traumatic thing for Neverborn to see him go, some of the guys are taking it hard, but as a great man once said to me: "If you wanted a life without problems you should have been born better looking." 
Neverborn endures. 


Jez from Neverborn.

The Frontline / Jez's Manifesto
« on: June 29, 2010, 09:56:54 AM »
Oh, I'm about to rant.  It will be my last for awhile so I don't give a fuck if you read it or not.

Today I read the posts by Mark D and Grim and realised that they are intending to fuck off from WF because they are tired of the stupid posts and retarded arguments, and I can't say I blame them.  Daz used to keep this shit in check but he is too busy to moderate WF as often as he used to and it is sliding into shit.  You all must have seen it happening.  That link someone posted to a thread from 2006 showed me just how many good people have left and never returned, and why is that?  The ladies are almost gone now, there used to be piles of them but they can't be bothered with the shit and have gone away.

 Too many fuckwits are creating accounts just to cause shit and contribute nothing, they are ruining the site.  I mean, look at the shit we have had to stomach just in the last few months!  I'm as guilty of biting back, but if I ignore them they claim victory and I hate to back down.  So what, ignore them as they ruin the site we have loved for a decade?  There is no winning this fight.   I hate reading badly written posts with no topic, no sense, so punctuation and no fucking point at all, but it seems that every tool with only the shittiest grip on the English Language can just wander in and mouth off whenever he wants.
I hate the way that it has become "cool" for this gaggle of young Black Metal kids to come in here are bag any band that is not "
True" and nobody stands up and tells them to fuck off, or even just has the backs of the other bands.  WF has been a port we all can meet up at no matter what kind of metal we listen to, but the coherance is breaking down and these troll shitheads are generating much the negative vibe.   

I hate the fact that only yesterday another WFer messaged me to say he was threatened by yet another troll hiding behind a false name.  This sort of shit is so commonplace now that you all just ignore it, but it isn't right.  I will stand toe to toe with anyone if I have to, but this internet shit is just gutless.  Threatening people and their families and acting this way online is fucked, and defending this behaviour by explaining it away as being "BlackMetal" is just pathetic.  It needs to be clamped down on before other WF members start buying guns and sorting this shit out on the streets.

The reason I wanted to do reviews is so I am at least contributing to this site instead of just using it as a place to get annoyed.  Reviewing old material was intended to create a link between the different genres and an interest in the older bands of the Perth scene, and to give some of the oldschool WFers a reason to come back and hang around again.  But it has been a failure in that even THAT topic has arguments in it, and the old guard come back to see nothing but retarded posts, shitty trolls and bitchfights that never end because the Trolls won't let them.  Why would they stay?

I can't be fucked with all the work involved in doing reviews when all I am doing is entertaining the endless conga line of fucktards that have infested this site over the last year.  I wonder how people like Rowland cope with the amount of work he does for the tiny amount of return and respect given him, fuck it all.

I'm checking out for a couple of months.  Someone let me know when it is worth coming back.


General discussion / Sasquatch sighting.
« on: June 23, 2010, 06:24:34 PM »
I could swear that I saw the 'squatch in Morley Galleria this arvo.  It was too quick to be 100% sure, but if it wasn't him there there is an unlucky bloke out there who looks just like him.

Have any of you seen the 'squatch around town, or am I just cracking up?

Western Australia / Warning.
« on: June 03, 2010, 12:34:59 AM »
I wanted to warn you all about a possibly dangerous person in the Metal Scene.

On Western Front he calls himself "Sedaal" and on Facebook "Russell Lowe".   Tonight he got hyped up on whatever and decided to start some shit on facebook, apparently it is all based on something said on Western Front a month back or something, not long before he got banned for being a dick.  Whatever the excuse, he messaged me about 15 times with his usual pointless insults, but I couldn't be fucked with him and his crap so I told him to fuck himself and that I would be a bad dude to try to antagonise, and to avoid an escalation I blocked him, but he decided that that wasn't good enough, harrassing my wife on her facebook account and hounding me by other means.  

As if that wasn't enough, he went as far as to threaten my wife and kids with violence.  

At first I was angry and wanted to take steps to protect my family, but after I asked around on Facebook and elsewhere it has come to light that he has done this many times before to other people, mainly the girls.  It seems that he has made a lot of enemies in this same way, provoking an argument and antagonising the situation until he can threaten people with violence, and that he is obsessed with knives and takes a lot of acid, a very unsafe combination.  Much of this is hearsay of course, but I can tell you now that I have known some unstable people and he reminds me of them big time.  One of them was my best mate at school, and he just snapped one day and is doing life for murder.  

It has also come out that he is very aggressive to women and at least one restraining order has been put on him by one of our own metal ladies.  Apparently he likes to threaten people and not just a few, intimidating and abusing women is something he is known for.  From what I am being told he suffers from delusions also, and believes he is evil and does these things to prove it.  He loves the attention he gets from his behavior and I don't want to encourage him here, but it is possible that he not well and I would advise you all to have nothing to do with him.

This is NOT a joke, I am genuinely appalled by his comments and the things I am hearing from others and I think it is the right thing to do to warn you all, especially the ladies.  What you choose to do with this information is up to you, but my lady has decided to talk to the cops tomorrow.

Suggestions / Logos
« on: May 12, 2010, 09:29:52 AM »
I had a thought - not a very well thought out thought mind you - that we could use a decent Band Logos Bank to make it easier to create posters and the like.  The other thing is that it could be fun to offer other users the option to redesign the Logos of other bands their own way, either seriously or as a joke. 

The Frontline / The Great things about Perth Metal.
« on: May 01, 2010, 08:40:27 PM »
I got a bit bored tonight and decided to read the post by the dude who wrote the opening post of "the Problem with Perth Metal".  I had forgotten what he had said and was a bit suprised to read it all again and see the spew of black hate that came out of him.  I figured that if HE can write a manifesto, then so can I.  

                                             Perth Metal

The Perth Metal scene may be small and insignificant to those who look at it from the outside, but to us it is a great thing.  It isn't large, comprising of probably not much more than 60 bands, and most don't have a huge following, but that is the norm for most of the World's metal scenes.  I am told that if you compare Perth to other places, we actually stack up really well in fact, that wherever you go it is the same small tight Metal scenes.  Y'know, that underground sub-culture thing is just fine with me, but it seems to me that metal in this city and this country is less frowned upon than elsewhere.  I suspect that the big hardrock bands in Australia's past have created an acceptance of heavier music that smooths the transition for many from that form to metal, it isn't unusual to see dudes in Angels or ACDC shirts headbanging next to the guys in Cradle of Filth shirts.  Its all juat different shades of black after all.

The topic slighting our scene mentioned that we are not a subculture, just a parody, a cliche, a joke.  Not so.  What exactly IS a metal subculture supposed to look like anyway?  I see it as being a group of very different people from very different backgrounds united by a fascination of the darker aspects of life, a refusal to accept the faults of society without questioning, a love of metal in all its energy and inglory, and a wish to be hanging with other people who feel the same way.  Is it a subculture in the strictest sense?  Who gives a fuck!!  We are able to come together because we all FEEL the metal, and damn it but it is a good feeling to me, a feeling of superiority over the masses who listen to the music that they are told to.  

We are the proud few!!  We don't need a cocktail of illegal poisons to make OUR music mean something, give us a beer and point us at the wall of flying hair and we have our drug of choice right there.  So what if some of us are into other music, or other lifestyles, we take anyone who hears the Metal and understands, even if it is just for a short while.  I get a buzz from watching a couple of metro queers taken by the Metal and banging their product-coated heads down the front with the metal rabble, tomorrow their necks will cane and they will feel like they got mugged, but for a bit they understood.  We don't know these guys, but we know each other and due to the years we have shared the metal, we know each other pretty fucking well. The working class despair that spawned the roots of Metal may be long gone, but its spirit lives on in the music and in every one of us who hears and believes.  No, maybe we aren't a true subculture, all sitting in dark candlelit rooms drinking blood and listening to Dark Throne, but I don't see that that lessens us in any way.  The world has changed and Metal is not as much of a lifestyle choice as it once was, these days it is more about the music itself rather than the feeling of rebellion and isolation from the world.  We are accepted now, Metalheads don't have to sequester outselves away any more, we are here and we are shameless.   In Iran a headbanger may have to hide himself away, but here in Perth we are loud and proud.

Our bands in this small scene are a wonder.  There is a diversity here that is astonishing.  If you want a European Melodic Death flavour there is Vesper's Descent, Red Descending, Pathogen and more.  Not heavy enough for you?  Maybe the Brutal Deathmetal Stylings of Grotesque, Nails of Imposition, AH or DFC is your thing.  Prefer it black?  Ok, Wardaemonic, Uncreation, Naetu, Bereavement and Mhorgl are just a few of the bands in the city that might appeal to you.  Too black, want something a bit less evil sounding?  Try Khariot, Malignant Monster or Wrath of Fenhir to name just a few.  Still too black?  The Ascent, Ides of March, Empires Laid Waste, Arch Rival or Archaic might be what you had in mind.  Want it more symphonic or melodic and less angry?  Voyager, Noctis, Trident Winter, Claim the Throne, Lacrymae and Advent Sorrow can help you there.  Want it more hardcore or commercial?  Dyscord, Fool the World, Pale as Ashes, Chaos Divine, Desolate and more are there to entertain you.  Thrashy or oldschool stuff your thing?  Enforce, Psychonaut, Arkarion, Sins of the Father, Dethlehem, Shrapnel and GF are a few of that genre.  Prefer heavy progressive, industrial or just generally fucked up?  Nexus, Neverborn, Combined Deathtoll, Cuntscape and UTI are there to help.  There are more, and more and more.  And more.

We have it all here, we can provide no matter what you want.  Bands come and go, new sounds are being worked on every second.  There is an adage that springs to mind to do with Perth Metal:  "if you can't find a metal band in Perth that is your thing, wait five minutes."

Here in Perth we are isolated from the world at large by vast distance, you only have to fly across the country to realise exactly how far from the rest of the world we are.  For a long time we didn't get Metal bands touring here and so we turned inwards and created our own metal.  We have been accused of being trend driven and trying to sound like bands who are on the other side of the world.  In some cases that is true, there are a lot of bands who seem to follow that doctrine, but they do it because that is the music that reaches them, not for the promise of success.  Hey, we all know that success from Perth is hard beyond measure, we don't do it because of that.  

There is a complaint that we don't sound "Aussie", that we sound American, European or whatever.  Maybe that is true, because other than having Aboriginal instruments in the mix I can't think what exactly you DO make it sound more Australian.  Look, I love being Aussie and I am constantly comparing everything we do to the rest of the world, and I think that we DO have an aussie flavour.  The thing that I believe defines us as Aussie sounding is so minor that it is almost unnoticable.  It is that rap and hiphop never got a hold of our metal over here, that we rejected those influences, have prospered in our segregation from Euro and yank pop music and consistently gotten heavier throughout the years while other countries lost their way in the machinery of the music biz.  We have been largely ignored by the world around us and we have learned to find our own way, and it is only in the last few years that the world has started coming to us and us to them.  We are an independant metal scene and we should be proud.

Since the early 90s when I staggered into this scene, times have changed so much I barely recognise Perth Metal at all.  Times are changing and they are gonna change a lot more, the transition seems to be excellerating.  As technology reaches the point where distance is irrelevant and we become more of a global society, we will lose more of our own unique identity.  But we will always have our roots here in Perth Metal, and I can think of worse ways to live.


I welcome debate on this and I expect that there will be some vastly different viewpoints.

General discussion / My Heroes!
« on: April 23, 2010, 05:24:02 PM »
I am sure many of you are already aware of this, but the boys who created South Park, Parker and Stone have been threatened with death threats by Moslem nutball fuckwits again.  In their controversial 200th and 201st episodes they take the piss out of everything they can, and religion is targetted too as usual.  The religious figureheads are given a bit of stick, with Buddah doing lines of coke and Jesus downloading porn, but it is the fact that Parker and Stone have refused to be cowed by terrorist threats and have insisted on holding Mohammed up to ridicule too that is causing Islamic extremists to wet their sandy undies.  

Although Comedy Central defied their wishes and censored both the image and the name of Mohammed right out of the show, that isn't enough for these Moslem crackpot fundamentalist fuckheads, and one group has posted pictures of a murdered filmmaker who criticised Islam, and even went so far as to post the home addresses of Parker and Stone in the hope that one of their retarded zealots wants to kill them in exchange for Martyrdom.  

The whole policy of South Park is to hold EVERYTHING up to ridicule.  No celebrity, no government and no relgion is immuned to their twisted humour and they hold to the concept of "rights to free speech" to the point of risking their lives.  They challenge the concept that Islam is the only religion that has placed itself above ridicule, and insist that it is unfair that anyone should back down from saying and doing whatever they want about whoever and whatever they choose just because one group likes to kill people who do it.  

These guys are smart, funny and in my opinion fucking heroes.  It shows balls to do what they have done while the rest of the world hides in fear.  Everyone should have so much guts, and if we all spoke out like they do these terrorist asspuppets would learn that their threats are just piss in the wind.   So I want to go on the record here:

Fuck you Mohammed and fuck all you Moslem psycho shitbirds.  GO South Park!!

CD Trade & Merchandise / Local Bands.
« on: April 03, 2010, 08:04:46 AM »
This CD reviewing lark has been such a chuckle that I am planning to keep on with it, planning to eventually to create my own reviews site dedicated to Perth metal.  I have a lot of ideas on how to make this site really cool, but I will keep the details quiet for now. 

My own collection of local stuff is starting to look a bit thin, a lot of my CDs and tapes of local stuff have just vanished.  I was most ticked off when I went to review Plague's "Higher Moral Ground" this morning and found it also was gone.  That makes about a dozen CDs missing now.  I am starting to regenerate the collection a bit as bands have been sending me copies of their albums, but I am running short of albums I want to review.  I need more.  A lot more. 

Anyone with old local albums they are willing to part with or new CD's gathering dust, let me know what you want for them and I will arrange to get them off you.  Price is negotiable.  If you just want a review done and want the CD/tape back, that's cool too.   Any era of Perth Metal is wanted, just as long as it is metal, not hard rock or pop.

WARNING!!  I'm sure that everyone who has been reading my reviews on WF is aware that I am reviewing honestly and without bias.  Don't send me recordings if all you want is a bunch of fluffy drivel, If there is something about it that is not flash I will say so.  If it is really terrible I may not review it at all to save you from embarrassment, I have a few CD's like that right now I just can't bring myself to post reviews of.

WA Gigs / Last minute gig tonight at Rocket Womb.
« on: April 01, 2010, 11:15:50 AM »
We Neverborners have been asked to play the Rocket Room tonight on very very short notice, because some band dropped out.  Hey, why not, we were gonna be reheasing tonight anyway, might as well get paid.   :)

The only other band that is playing tonight that we have played with is Pale as Ashes, but there is also "Desol;ate" and "Laws of Attraction". I think we are going onstage about 9, but the details are sketchy at best. 

Being a public holiday tomorrow I would imagine that a few of you could use a drink, so if you feel like coming down tonight, we could use the company.  Otherwise it is gonna be just us and a room full of chicks.   ;D

Western Australia / History of Perth Metal.
« on: March 08, 2010, 06:46:14 PM »
I think that we need an ongoing album reviews section on WF.  There should be a team of two or three people of which one person is allocated to each release, and every new album that comes out locally should be reviewed by one of us.

I volunteer to be one of the reviewers, and would like to have volunteers to be the second.  It should be someone with a good understanding of metal of all genres.

I want to do more than just review the latest albums, I would like to start delving back through the years to the early extreme metal bands from this city.  I have about 40 local albums and a few tapes too, and yet I need more, so if anyone wants to be reviewed, let me know how I am to get a copy of the album.  I am happy to pay, in fact it is preferable to avoid a sense of obligation to review with false kindness.  I am most interested in getting hold of material from bands from the bad old days.

With Daz's permission, I would like to do a review of a band at random every night and post it up here on WF.  

Any comments would be appreciated.

Index of reviews

Vespers Descent:  "Reality Disfunction" (2007)
Grotesque: "Museum of Human Disease" (2007)

The Frontline / Decline?
« on: January 28, 2010, 08:13:20 AM »
After our launch I was talking to Daz and the guys about what the problem was, why we didn't get the 350 through the door that we had hoped for.  As usual Daz offered intelligent answers and as usual Big Mac just gibbered a bunch of nonsense.  But something he said stuck with me.  He said:

"Look at the scene recently, man.  Nobody much is coming to local gigs at the moment.  12 Months ago there was a thriving scene, but the bigger bands, the exciting ones to watch have gone into recession a bit.  Voyager have gone quiet, Malignant Monster have had months of silence while Cain was away, Grotesque has had to rebuild after Taz, WE have been quieter than usual while prepping for the CD launch, Wardaemonic have been awol, Psychonaut have gonna underground to record.... " he had a longer list but I forget the details.  He went on:
"With these bands silent or close to, and no new band emerging to grab the scene and shake it out of its como, the second tier bands are doing more gigs and though they are trying, they just don't know how to put on a really great show.  So people aren't showing up because they don't care enough."

Maybe there is some truth in what he is saying.  In amongst the bands stepping up, there are those who are ready to be bigger bands.  Claim the Throne and Lacrymae are two such bands and good on them, but their sounds are unusual and are targetted at rather obsure musical demographics, even within the already obscure metal scene.  Music like Viking-inspired Ale drinkin' music and opera metal are going to be an acquired taste no matter what, no offence intended of course.  It is like we are spoiled for choice in this state and fighting for the same circle of punters.  But I have a another theory.  The state of world music is undergoing a metamorphisis, as record companies are no longer making millions off CD sales and so are sending their labelled bands in a constant touring loop around the world.  Bands who would never tour Perth have been here, and the more that come chasing our bucks, the more WILL come.  So the local gigs are up against the international gigs in the same venues, and the polished professionalism of these bands is making the gap between the bands that much wider.

I would like to hear some other opinions on this.

I have seen the scene rise and fall over the years, there have been times when the local metal scene has been largely ignored and times when it is busy as hell, but right now I believe we are at a crossroads.  If local bands are going to compete in this new metal environment they are going to have to step up on a massive scale, or they will fall by the wayside.  

I have ideas as to what we can do to revitalise our beloved Metal scene, but nothing concrete.  That is a job for higher mammals than me.  I would like to hear the thought of some of them.    

CD Trade & Merchandise / Want old Lego
« on: November 18, 2009, 08:31:54 PM »
Alright, get it over with. 
Finished laughing?  NO?  I can wait.

Done?  Cool.

A coupla months back I started building my kids a Lego city in my workshop.  I used the Lego I had as a tacka - about 20kg of the stuff -  and the secondhand bits I have picked up at swapmeets and new over the last couple of years.  This city is getting BIG, but now I have started, I really don't want to stop.  It is no longer about the kids anymore, I'm now doing it for me.  Sheeeeeeiiiit, nobody told me how addictive it is.  I dunno if it the construction, early onset of senility or the escape from stress that I am enjoying most, but I don't want to stop.  I am however running low on useful pieces and I want to keep on building, and ebay is just too fucking slow.

If you have some old lego you don't have any personal attachment to or you just want to rip off your little brother, get back to me.  I don't care about particular models, series', instructions or consistency, it just has to be genuine lego (not that megablocks crap) and not dog chewed and/or melted out of shape.  I don't know much about pricing, but I will do my best to pay a fair price for it, either by kilo or set.

You may now berate me unmercifully, not that it will diminish my enjoyment for a second.   ;D


General discussion / Boy, this sux
« on: November 17, 2009, 11:52:55 PM »
Firstly, I hate cats.  We had a cat back 10 years ago and it was a shitty little thing with no redeeming features and only came around to feed, shit and then fuck off again.  It wanted nothing to do with us, spent all night fighting and costing us vet bills and generally being an asshole, and when it died I was pleased as punch, my only regret is that I didn't off the prick myself.

 However!  My kids have gone all gay on me and want a kitten for a Christmas present.  I'd rather get them a weasle or a badger or a vulture or a lemur or something cool, but kids, y'know?  Ever since the topic came up, my lady has gotten all gooey about the idea too, which pretty much means that we are committed to this fresh hell.

From my experience, kittens turn into cats, and cats live for 12 years - assuming my dogs get along with them - and so the cat we end up with better not suck this time.  If I am gonna buy a kitten for my little sawn-off savages, it has to be one that wants to be around my kids and my lady, not a half-wild bird-killing litterbox with legs.  It won't be the kids who end up feeding the thing.  

 I figure that there would have to be at least a few cat-lovers amongst the more gay WFers among you, and so it would be swell all just to pieces if one of you could answer for me a few appropriately stupid questions.

1. What breeds are the most likely to be good housepets?
2. How much should I pay for one?
3. how do you know what you are getting?
4. where do you get one?
5. is this idea is stupid as I think?
6. Have I just have a really shitty cat in the past or are they all like that?

This sux.

General discussion / Book for trolls.
« on: October 11, 2009, 09:07:52 AM »
No, this is not a book about Nihilist.    :)

I was at a swapmeet this morning and I found a really cool and sisister looking leather bound book called "Encyclopedia Magica" and I thought it was some sort of book of arcane spells and shit.  I don't believe in that shit but I thought it would be a hell nice addition to my collection, and possibly inspiration for lyrics writing.  I bought it without thinking about it much, and when I got home and starting thumbing through it I realised it was not cool at all, but some sort of extensive guide to magic powers in some sort of role playing game, probably Dungeons and Dragons.  Which I believe in even less.

Anyway, I have no interest in it except as something to hit the dogs with, so If one of you geekly types have an interest, it is yours as long as you promise to never mention it again.   

Musician Connection / Project.
« on: July 23, 2009, 08:54:13 PM »

Neverbjork was founded by myself and a subhumanoid by the name of Mick.  When his mother passed away and in the chaos that followed couldn't provide the level of dedication he wanted, so he left the band. Now he is back writing very nasty material in his home studio and I am quite chuffed about laying in the keys to this project.   It is very different, more speedmetal orientated and looks to be as different from the norm as Neverbogle was.   

Anyway, being as this is just a project at the moment and making the transition to a live thing is something not yet considered, we are trying to decide whether to do the bass ourselves or look around for someone who wants to join us.  Come to think of it, that's what I said about my current band....

When Mick and I sit down to record, shit happens fast.  We don't jam, we create and record at the same time, normally we lay down a song from scratch in an arvo, vocals come later.  It is recording in this way that the larger part of the neverblack's first two albums was written and can be the seed of some very different songs. Thus if someone wants to join us in this, they have to be able to hear a passage and just feel what belongs there, virtuosos and classical musicians are of no use to us, we want a METALHEAD. 

That's all.  If you are interested let me know.


General discussion / TV Shows.
« on: July 13, 2009, 07:26:20 PM »
My lady and I have a routine that every night that we are both home we watch a TV show together, not a piece of shit but a show with something good about it.  We are running out of good shows to watch.  Currently we have got complete - or up to date - series' of the following shows on DIVX:

Absolutely Fabulous, Alias, American Dad, Black Books, Band of Brothers, the Brak Show, Blackadder, Bottom, Californication, Curb your Enthusiasm, Carnivale, Dead like Me, the Dead Zone, Deadwood, Dexter, Dilbert, Entourage, Family Guy, Futurama, Firefly, Heroes, the Goodies (seriously incomplete), Invader Zim, Men Behaving Badly, the Mighty Boosh, Metalocalypse, My name is Earl, NCIS, Oblongs, Red Dwarf, Ren and Stimpy, Rome, Scrubs, the Shield, Seinfeld, Shameless, Sons of Anarchy, South Park, Squidbillies, Star Wars - the clone wars, 24, Supernatural, the Simpsons (up to season 14 only), the Sopranos, Terminator - the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Tintin, True Blood, the Wire,Weeds (edit), X-files, the Young ones,  heaps and heaps more.

And then there's the shit that I avoid watching with her, stuff like One Tree Hill, Sex and the City, Melrose Place, 21 Jump Street, Summer Heights High, Kath and Kim, the OC and lots of either girly or agonisingly cringeful stuff..

HBO is bringing out some good looking shows in the coming year, in particular "Pacific" looks like a corker, but in the meantime I am wondering have any of you heard about any shows she and I should be checking out?  

Equipment for sale / Soundcardy thing
« on: June 11, 2009, 10:27:08 PM »
I have been using Logic Audio Platinum to record the pre-production tracks for Neverborn for years but it is just getting too outdated and glitchy.  I recently switched to Cubase sx3 and that seems better but I have a horrid latency problem and it would appear to be my soundcard that is the misfiring cylinder. 

I need something better than the onboard soundcard incorperated into the motherboard, or a USB interface soundcardy sort of thing.  If I have my facts right, I don't need anything super-flash, as long as it has ASIO capability and full duplex mode, and I am not fussy on the number of midi and audio inputs and outputs.   I have my eye on a Presonus Audiobox and they are only $350 or so, but it is unnecessarily good and I am trying to cheap out here.

Has anyone got a reasonable soundcard they wanna part with, and if so, how much you want for it?   


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