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Equipment for sale / Various Pedals for Sale !!!
« on: June 14, 2014, 12:41:40 AM »
Got a few spare pedals lying round , snap up a deal and stomp a cunt for way less than normal  :headbang:

Metal Zone MT2 - $ 90
Noise Suppressor NS-2 $ 90
Metal Core ML-2 $ 90

Tremolo $ 90


Pitch Black Tuner $50

email me if your interested

Cheers Cunt

1996 Gibson Nighthawk Deluxe ST-3 signed by LAMB OF GOD

Killer guitar for rock/blues/slide

Signed by Lamb of God band members John Campbell, Mark Morton and Willie Adler <br/> <br/>Non-reissue 1996 Gibson Nighthawk ST3 in figured&#x2F;flamed Translucent Amber. <br/>Traditional Gibson Mahogany Back & Neck <br/>1&#x2F;4&quot; Maple Cap Figured&#x2F;Flamed (see the beautiful striping) <br/>M-Series Mini Humbucking Neck Pickup, NSX Single Coil Middle Pickup, M-Series Slanted Bridge Humbucker <br/>All gold hardware (knobs, pickups, screws, jack plate, and tuners) <br/>25.5&quot; scale (same as Fenders, longer than the standard 24.75&quot; standard Gibson scale) <br/>1.625&quot; Nut Width with a Narrow Round Taper to the neck profile <br/>Parallelogram Inlays (like the Southern Jumbo) <br/>String-Thru Body Special Design Bridge <br/>Special Molded Hardshell Case <br/> <br/>Case is in perfect condition, no leather or stitching damage.
$1300 negotiable , msg me if ya keen to know more

Sins Of The Father

Album Review

Drum Media Issue #224

After several years spent supporting Perth metal
heavyweights at local gigs , the quality of Sins Of The Father's
debut is unlikely to suprise anyone who had already seen them
live. However, for anyone new to the band, it's seriously encouraging
to know that the heavier end of Perth's musical landscape is still
a vibrant breeding ground for musically proficient and memorable
metal acts.

Sins Of The Father pull no punches with their first offering - it's basically
a riff slideshow from start to finish. Usually this wouldn't fair to well for newer
bands who's compositional skills are yet to mature, but Sins Of The Father
pretty much nail the tactic of throwing thick, bottom heavy guitars in your face
until you just can't stop banging your head. Not only do the riffs carry the force
of a semi-trailer, they're also consistently laced with a crunchy groove, creating
a great intersection between melody and brutality. Even the longer number such
as Choke, manages to hold the listener's for the entirety of its seven minute
duration, effortlessly flowing from one crushing guitar line to the next . However,
even though it's a winning formula for the first few tracks, the songs inevitably begin
to sound alike past the half way mark you can hear the band flirt with epic
melodies at the beginning of Black Cat, and some atmospheric harmonies during
the latter half of The Ocean Bares Only Sorrow, but it doesn't take long for them to
return to safer territory. if expounded, these brief interludes would have added a
much needed does of variety to the band's sound which, although it is undeniably
solid at the best of times, runs the risk of burning itself out to soon .

Jackson Best

« on: November 16, 2009, 07:39:59 PM »
Hey cunts  :eyebrows:  just put up some new tunes on the myspace today there not exactly new songs but they now have jacks vocals on there so have a listen !

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