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Hi all.
I have some CDs and DVDs to go on Ebay and I thought I would post them here first, then start Ebaying in a week or 2.
I work in the Perth CBD so I am happy to meet up for those in Perth, otherwise add $2.50 on for postage.
All the items are in excellent nick.
If you are interested shoot me an email:
I am happy to do a deal for multiple purchases.

CD?s (ALL $10)
Morbid Angel ; Covenant
Carcass ; Heartwork (Special Reissue with bonus DVD)
Acacia Strain ; continent
Carpathian ; isolation
Unleashed ; hammer battalion
Isis ; In the absence of truth
Isis ; Oceanic
Isis ; Panoptican
At the Gates ; Slaughter of the Soul (2002 reissue with 6 bonus tracks)
Dream theatre ; Octovarian
Dream Theater ; Falling Into Infinity
Dream Theater ;Train of Thought
Dream Theater ; A Change of Seasons
Illdisposed ; 1800 Vindication
Opeth ; Ghost reveries
Edge of Sanity ; purgatory afterglow
Symphony X ; the Odyssey
Airbourne ; Runnin Wild
Amon Amarth ; Fate of Norns
Benighted ; Icon
Five Finger death Punch ; Way of the Fist
Queensryche ; Operation Mindcrime
Testament ; The Very Best of
Underoath ; Lost in the Sound of Separation

DVD?s (ALL $12)
Isis ; Clearing the eye DVD
Unearth ; Alive From The Apocalypse DVD
Kataklysm ; Live In Deutschland
Megadeth ; Arsenal of Megadeth

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