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Equipment for sale / Few things for Sale :)
« on: February 16, 2012, 10:29:16 PM »
Hey guys,

As the title states, I've got a few things for sale....

1) Fender FM65R Guitar amp; $125 ono

Easy to use, has great fender cleans and fairly good gain for a small amp.  65 Watts.
In great condition. but missing one knob (Will try to source one asap)  No rips or tears in tolex or mesh.

2) Rocktron Silver Dragon distortion pedal; $110 ono

Tube distortion pedal.  Excellent condition and is a sturdy and reliable pedal.  Great for smaller amps that lack gain.
Bought new from the states about 2 years ago - Hardly used.  Comes with generic adaptor as the US one didn't work.  No box or manual though...

3) Cry Baby Wah pedal; $65 ono

In fair condition.  Front and sides are in not bad nick and the bottom is a bit scratched up...

Works well when it is working.  Sometimes works other times it doesn't...  Would be an easy fix for someone with the know-how.  Sadly, I don't have the time and I need the money.

4) Ibanez RG170 - $200 ono

Jewwl Blue with floating bridge.  Great condition with no damage - GREAT starter guitar.  Rosewood body with Basswood body.

Thanks guys,  Hit me up with some offers - Will discount for multiple purchases.  Will sort pictures asap.  $400 for the lot.



Hey guys,

The time has come for me to get rid of my Ibanez RGT42FM.  Just looking for a bit of a change...

It's in very good condition - Few small marks and a little tarnishing on the hardware/bridge due to finish.  It's an awesome looking axe!  Neck thru with Red flamed maple top.

Most probably needs a new set of strings and a set-up.

Has an SD 59' in the bridge and standard INF in the neck.  With an Edge Trem.

Looking to SWAP/ SWAP + CASH for a high end FIXED bridge guitar.  Preferably a Schecter or Jackson - Possibly a Dean? - Not really interested in another Ibanez/ESP.

Anything worth a mention I'd be really keen on.  Also keen on USA/Jap Jackson's or high end Schecters.  Something like a Schecter C-1 Plus or a DKMGT Jackson would be my ideal swaps.

Keen even for outright cash your way if you have something worth mentioning.  

Will Sell this for $475 FIRM, $500 with a 'fitted' hard-case FIRM.  Retailed at almost $1,700 new + JB + Case.  This is a bargain for what it is.  

It's a wicked guitar, but I'm just after a change...

0415 252 380


Hey all,

Just hoping to clear a few things out of the house that I'm no longer using.

Laney VH100R half stack - $900

An amazing amp, but I play death metal so I bought myself a 6505 and a Framus V30 cab as I felt it was a better fit for me.

Cleans are bell-like and it does a great rock tone - Can do death metal, but lacks slighlty.  With effects and a screamer it would slay!  Comes with matching 4x12

Almost $4K new - Mine is a little worn and has a fair share of nicks in the tolex.  Was just retubed and it cost me $200.  I haven't played it since...  Went out and bout my 6505 the next week with my tax return ;)  Sounds amazing, just looks a worn.

Fender FM65R - $125

Great little 65W SS amp - Great upgrade for a beginner or intermediate guitarist.  2 channels, and in great condition.  One knob is missing, but overall very clean.

Rocktron Silver Dragon - $100

An amazingly savage tube pedal that will make any amp scream.  Bought from the US 2 years ago.   Come with an adaptor.  Hasn't been used for over a year...  Has a wide range of tones.

Ibanez RG170 - $200

As new condition - still with plastic over cavity covers.  Missing volume and tone knobs, but as new apart from that.  Dark blue and dot inlays.  Will try and source knobs for a interested buyers...

Marshall MS2 - $40

portable belt amp - Battery or mains power.  Great for bedroom practice.

Thanks guys - photos are on the way.

Any questions, just let me know.



Hey guys,

I urgently need to hire a left handed electric guitar for next Saturday.  Preferably from Thursday to Saturday.

Are there any companies that lend out guitars?  Anywhere at all?

Any suggestions would be great. 

Cheers guys,


Sound Advice / Interface for my PC - Need some help/advice please...
« on: February 28, 2010, 10:27:44 PM »
Hey all,

I'm planning on getting an interface to use with my computer to track ideas and riffs, but I'd also like to be able to record fairly polished finished songs...

Problem is that I don't really know what I need out of an interface.  There's so many brands and so many models, I really don't know what to pursue...

I want to be able to record guitar parts, say a rythym and a lead, bass parts and to use it for some acoustic ideas.  I was planning on doing strings/drums/others as programmed instruments.  It doesn't have to be the best in the world, but I'd like it to do the job pretty well...

I guess I have about $200 - $300 to throw at it, and since I have no firwire port, it will have to be usb.  Not really keen on getting a firewire card put in unless its significantly better...

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?  Not really concerned with software at the moment, but are most programs compatible with most interfaces?

Cheers everyone,


Ask Ormsby / Good cab to pair with a 6505...
« on: January 02, 2010, 10:10:49 PM »
Hey guys,

Sorry if this has been asked before...

I'm after a little advice regarding what cab to pair with my 6505...  Ideally I want a cab with V30's in it, but I just don't have $2K + to throw at a Mesa/Engl/Framus/etc... 

My question is, what speakers will go best with it?  I have had a 6505 cab with the sheffield 1200's and it honestly sounded like crap.  I have an old cab with HH premier 80's in it, but they're not that flash either...Not really a fan of 'celestion desigened' or 'custom celestions...'

I'm on the lookout for 2nd hand cabs at the moment, and since no V30 cabs are popping up, I need an alternative speaker option.

If nothing else pops up, the choice will be out of the Randall V30, the Framus Dragon V30, or something like a Marshall 1960A... (The cheaper V30 cabs are the Randall 4x12CV for $1,400 and the Framus Dragon Cab for $1,499 rrp, and the marshall is ~$1,500)

Any one of these seem better than the rest?

Thanks everyone!


Equipment for sale / Guitars, Amps, Cab, Guitar body - Heaps for sale!
« on: November 11, 2009, 02:49:01 PM »

Gotta fund the new rig,so I have heaps for sale.  If you're interested in any EOI's, just PM me and we can have a talk.


Ibanez RGT42FM - Red Flamed maple, neck thru, SD JB, As new - $650with hardcase
Ibanez RG170 - Just before the DX series - As new - Great beginner Guitar!  Jewel Blue - $175with soft case
Ibanez 1985 Roadstar - Orangey/red colour - EOI at the moment - Good condition but a few small dings here and there.
Eden Quilted Maple guitar body - routed for HSS, clear coated natural, body not loaded - Brand new - $60 SOLD

Randall G2 100SC - 100W 2x12 SS combo - sounds great for the price! As new - $300
Laney VH100R Half stack - Listing ends tonight - Lots of questions but no bites... $1,200

Peavey 5150 Slant 4x12 cab - Pretty good condition - $300 (Way better than a no name cab...)

Will accept trades for;

Peavey 6505 Head
V30 Cabs
Jackson DK2/DKMGT etc - Mid to high end

Thanks guys - TXT on 0415 252 380 or PM. Perth, SOR.


Apologies for the lack of pictures - Here are some stockies of the items for sale.  If you'd like I can email you pics.

Hey All,

Contemplating buying a Framus Cobra cab to go with my new 6505.  Thankfully the Brown Grill/mesh/covering over the speakers is a bit of a mess and needs replacing.

Really just need some plain black mesh to replace the brown stuff.

Anyone know where I can get some?  And how much I would be looking at for the job?  Does anyone do the whole job, installation and all?

Found some instructions on the net and it seems like its not too difficult.



Equipment for sale / Laney VH100R Half Stack - Going CHEAP!
« on: October 28, 2009, 03:56:59 PM »
Hey Guys,

My Laney VH100R half stack is up for sale.

VH100RPower RMS 100 Watts
Inputs Hi & Lo Jacks
Channels 2: each with footswitchable gain
Equalisation Independent Bass, Middle & Treble for both channels
Master Presence Control Yes
Bright Switch Yes: on clean channel
Switchable Resonance Yes
Preamp Valves Premium ECC83
Output Valves Premium EL34
Switchable valve bias (5881 EL34) Yes
Class A/B
Reverb Yes- With independent levels on each channel
Line Out Yes
Line In Yes
Footswitch FS4 (Included)
Speaker connections Connections for 1 x 16 ohm, 2 x 16 ohm, 1 x 8 Ohm, 2 x 8 ohm
FX Loop(s) Channel A, Channel B, Channel A + B, Global Insert/Side Chain with Return level
Weight 27.5 Kg
Dimensions Width 678 x Height 272 x Depth 288

I am selling the head and cab together to fund a Peavey 6505 Head for my band.  I have heard heaps of other amps, but I have never played anything that I have liked as much as the 6505.  Call me crazy, but as muso's I'm sure you understand that when you find a good tone - That's the one for you.

Amp head was serviced, retubed and biased by Jim willis of Bue glow amps - NOT EVEN TWO WEEKS AGO!  Brand new JJ's in the power section and JJ and tungsol in the Preamp.  ALL 10 WERE CHANGED!  Cost me $240 to have it done...  Has 6l6's in it now.

This amp is so versatile it's not funny.  It is a beatiful amp with a great variety of tones, but since I primarily play death metal, it seems to lack slighty, and seems a little bright for my tastes.  Does great opeth-eque tones (We all know why...)  I just really have my mind set on a 6505 again... :(

The cab has HH permier 80 speakers in it - It was the model before they put celestions in.

So my loss is your gain.  This half stack retails at $2,599 on bmusic, and the cab for $899.  That's almost $3,500!

I'm asking for $1,500 ono for the half stack.  Prefer not to split at the present, but hit me up if you're interested in one or the other.

The amp is in above fair cosmetic condition.  Nothing worng with the actual amp or speakers in the cab.  No tears in any mesh on head or cab, but there are a few nicks here and there on the tolex.  I polished the faceplate, and have sorted most of the little nicks out here and there.  No rips or large tears.  Back of cab is worse than the front.  Few rusty bolts, but no biggy.

I hate when people bullshit you with stuff they're trying to sell and it's nothing like what you think when you get there...  Will put pics up later.  Anything else just ask.

I have had some interested elsewhere, so If you are interested, just PM me or TXT on 0415 252 380.  I am frequently at work, uni etc, so please use TXT if you wish to communicate with me by phone.

Thanks guys,


EDIT:  Interested in Trades;

Jackson Guitars
Any V30 or quality 4x12's
EMG pickups (pref 81's/85's)
Effetcs Pedals
Original 6505 Head

Hey Guys,

Just got a few quick questions.  I am a bit of a knoob with my current rig as I haven't had it very long, and I've never had any pedals before  :P

Ok, Just quickly my rig is as follows. 

Laney VH100R/Quad
Ibanez TS9 Tubescreamer (Cheers Johnny :) )
ISP Noise decimator
Couple of different guitars

1) In regards to using my 2 pedals, would I be better off putting them through the input jack, (Like amp > Pedals > Guitar) Or would I be better off putting them through the FX loop?

2) With the FX loop, should the volume be pretty much right up, or does it not matter?  And it should go 'send > TS9 > ISP > Return', right?  I've heard the gate should be last in the chain.

3) I don't want to power the pedals with batteries, and I don't want to use an adaptor for each.  I rang kosmic and they said they had an adaptor for multiple pedals.

So to get this straight - Is it 9V adaptor > Pedal adaptor > Daisy chain cables between pedals?

Since I have no adaptor and don't really fancy spending $50-$75 on a boss one, would I be alright with a Dick Smith/Ebay 9V Adaptor?

Forgive my basic questions, but I know some of you have heaps of guitar/rig/stage experience so I appreciate your help.



Hey Guys,

You may have seen that recently, I was looking for a Jackson.  Well I have 2 prospective guitars that I have an interest in.

So this is the guitar I was hoping to trade/sell for one.  Looks like it will have to be an outright sale this time.

The Ibanez RGT42FM is a Neck Through Body guitar with a 5 piece maple and walnut neck and a mahogany body. It has a bookmatched flame maple veneer top and a dark red transparent finish. The neck is an Ibanez Wizard 2 with 24 jumbo frets and a bound rosewood fretboard. It also has two passive Ibanez Infinity humbuckers with one volume control, one tone control, and five-way switching. The guitar has an Ibanez Edge-Pro 2 double-locking tremolo, the tuners are standard Ibanez tuners.

Please note that the bridge pickup is now a JB.  Guitar is in beautiful condition - Almost as new.

Comes with a 'Strat Shaped' Hard case - Not specifically for this guitar, but is a very good fit.

The guitar Retails at over $1,695 + $100 for the case and $100 for the JB.  A Total of close on $1,900!

As I have my eyes on othe guitars, I'd like to get the money I need to pay them straight away, so I am asking $800.  I feel this is very fair as It is still under half the RRP...

Link to a stock photo =

I am not sure exactly how to put up an actual pic of the guitar so if anyone can help, that would be great!

Thanks everyone,


Equipment for sale / WTB: JACKSON!
« on: August 21, 2009, 09:11:10 AM »
Hey Guys,

As the title Suggests, I'm after a Jackson Guitar.  Mentioned below are some of the specs I'd like...

I would like either a Dinky, RR or King V Shape - Not overly keen on Warrior/Kelly Shapes.
Colour doesn't really matter.
Would prefer a fixed bridge, but possibly interested in an FR.
Would like one in as close to new condish as possible.
Prefer actives but again, not overly fussed.
Would like Shark Fin inlays as well.
Don't care if it doesn't have a case, unless it's a V or RR that won't fit in a standard one.
Please no Starter models/Beginner Spec, but also not $5 K

I have an Ibanez RGT42FM for Trade/+ cash your way/+cash my way depending on agreement with seller.  If not interested, it will be put up for sale separately.  Retails at over $1,695 without a case.  May come with hard-case depending.

So if you have any jacksons, fire away :)



Equipment for sale / EOI: Schecter C-1 Plus for sale ***SOLD***
« on: August 06, 2009, 09:14:06 PM »
Here is a very reluctant EOI for one of my guitars. 

I have owned this for about 4 months and have not really played it...  I use my Warlock and my RGT for practice etc...

It is a beautiful guitar and it will be a real shame to see her go, but I have too many guitars and no gig amps, so she's up for sale...

Here are the specs from

Construction: Set Neck

Body: Mahogany / Flame Maple (Black Cherry Colour)

Neck: Maple

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Scale: 24 in.

Inlays: Vector

Hardware: Chrome

Bridge: Tune-o-matic

Tuners: Grover

Binding: Creme: Body & Neck

Frets: 24 Jumbo

Electronics: Duncan Design

This is NOT THE guitar I am selling, but is exactly the same.  Unsure of any damage, but I will take it out shortly and have a look.  Comes with a Soft Case.

Asking for $600 ono as she retails at well over $1K.  Open to realistic offers.

PM or post :)



Hey all,

I'm planning on buying a new half-stack in the near future.  I have a lonely old 5150 Cab that is sitting around at home without a head, not getting any use...

Was just wondering if anyone has a Cheap Randall head that they would be willing to sell?  I've seen them for $300 in the past but nothing is for sale when you're looking for it :)  (The cab is 16ohms, so it must be 16ohms or switchable please)

So, surely someone has one they are willing to part with.  Even if it is not a randall...Anything will be considered.

PM or post whatever you have please!


Dan  :headbang:

Ask Ormsby / Buying Used Tube Amps - Advice?
« on: August 05, 2009, 09:37:03 PM »
Hey all,

I am in need of an amp that will be used for gigs hopefully in the near future, so I have been doing the rounds searching for a Tube amp.

As money isn't overly abundant at the present, I have decided that 2nd hand will most probably be the way to go.

I am after some advice from the veterans on the site about what to look for when buying a second hand tube amp.  I don't want to spend a substantial quantity of money only to find I have bought a dud.

I am currently looking at a head/cab combo being sold second hand.  If I give you some details, can anyone please tell me what to look for, what to ask, what to check?

Is it a Laney VH100R with the matching cab.  (I have not tried it out yet, but does anyone know if this is an appropriate amp for technical metal?)

Seller said it was made in the mid ninties and has been serviced regularly.  Has been gigged with buy has not been used for a while as he does not gig anymore. Tubes were changed a year ago and has been played about 5 times since then.

Is there a shop I can take it to for the once over?  Do you do this sort of thing Perry?  Hopefully trying it out on the weekend...

Thanks for the help everyone,

Dan  :headbang:

Equipment for sale / Holden VP II SS For Sale
« on: June 16, 2009, 02:26:59 PM »
Hi Guys,

My mother has asked me to help her sell her 1993/94 VP II SS.

It is Anthracite (Charcoal Grey) and is in fantastic condition.


Anthracite - Original Paint
165kw 5L V8 Engine.
220,xxx Kms
1 owner from new - Logs and history
Original Rims/Spoiler/Body kit
Upgraded Exhaust
Female owner from new
Beautifully mainitaned
Runs extremely well
A truly beautiful car

Asking $8,500 for it. Completely Original and stock.

Pics will come as well as engine details and numbers. PM me for any more information. Car is located in Perth, WA.

Thanks guys,


General discussion / Anyone heard of NECRO? (Death Rap!?!?)
« on: June 05, 2009, 11:11:44 PM »
Hey guys,

Heard about a "Death Rapper" who goes by the name Necro.  He's apparently in Aus doing a tour, and I believe he was arrested recently for punching someone...

I don't know if any of you have heard of him/his music, but it's hip-hop/rap/with lyrics styled towards death/mutilation etc...?  (Maybe not as brutal as Cannibal, but pretty graphic for Rap.)

Apparently grew up listening to Metallica/Megadeth and numerous hip-hop artists.  He even has a Necro shirt with the cover from Death's classic album, "Leprosy"  (Bout half-way down the page...

Just wondering if you had heard of him?  Thoughts?  Seems like a funny mix of genres to me...

Equipment for sale / WTB: Cheap CAB 4x12 **FOUND**
« on: May 18, 2009, 09:06:21 PM »
Hey all,

Possibly chasing a cab - Ideally a 4x12.  Anyone selling something like a Randall cab for around $400?

Not in a huge hurry to get one, but am interested to see what is availalble.

Preferably Black, 4x12, black speaker covering, in good condition etc...



Hey guys,

I have a bunch of stuff sitting around the house that I?d like to sell?  I have no camera at the present, but can get pics up shortly if requested.  Everything is priced to go, as I don?t want to spend ages trying to sell everything?

All items are located SOR, Perth.

I will post, but at the buyers expense.

Sonor Double Kick Drum pedals.  $150

600 Series I think... Great Condition.  Chain Drive and comes with their own bag.  Never used as I don?t have a kit at the moment.

Fusion 120W 2 way 4? Car speakers - $20

Brand New in Box ? Opened to be inspected.  Got these with my Pioneer head unit from my old car.

Padded Guitar bag - $30

Great Condition ? is not used as I have a hard case?

Dunlop Fabric Capo - $10

Bought a Steel spring capo so this is not needed.

Ibanez GIO RG170 - $250

My First Guitar.  Loving looked after and brilliant condition.  As new.  Jewel Blue with Dot inlays, comes with padded case/picks etc...

Guitar Body ? Fully routed for H/H.  Quilted Maple Top and clear coated. - $75

Bought for a project that never happened.  Looks the goods!  "Strat style"  RG Shape.   Unsure what bridge is routed for...

First in, first Served...



Hey Guys,

Hows it going?  Well, as the title states, I'm looking to join/start/jam with like minded people who are/want to play old school Death metal.

I guess in the vein of old Obituary, Dying Fetus, Old Suffocation etc...Stuff you can really mosh to - Chunky riffs and blasting drums...  Still want to include technical elements if possible.

Seriously sick of every new band I hear of being metalcore or wank-metal.  There's not enough death metal at the moment.

I'm 22, have my own transport, Sold my gig amp recently, but have good guitars and will get a gig amp when needed.  SOR location.

Any interest?  Post away :)



Equipment for sale / WTB: OLD TYRES - Yes that's right... TYRES...
« on: March 30, 2009, 10:36:18 PM »
Hey Everyone,

Yes;  I'm chasing some Tyres.  Any Car/Tractor/4WD/Truck tyres will do.  I am not going to use them as tyres, so any condition is fine.  They can be bald, ripped, punctured, ruined or whatever.  No need for rims.

Does anyone know where I can get any?  Or does anyone have any they can sell or give to me?

PREFERABLY LARGER TYRES.  If they are too small, they are no good to me...

Also, while I'm here - is anyone looking to sell any excercise equipment?  Dumb bells/Barbells/Skipping ropes/Fit balls/Resistance bands?  Please only in good working order.

Please post or PM me with any info.  In case you are wondering, the Tyres are for my PT business.

Cheers guys,


Ask Ormsby / How do I 'tighten' up my Peavey 6505+?
« on: October 10, 2008, 01:46:52 PM »
Hey guys,

Bought a 6505+ head and cab recently.  Was going to sell it, but no-one seems interested, so I may keep it...

(I used to own a 6505 standard before this.)

The problem is, that the + model's distortion is shit compared with the 6505...Palm mutes are not short and choppy like I like them.  The cleans are light years ahead, but the distortion is just shit...I play lots of tech death, and when the distortion isn't tight, it makes your playing sounds rubbish...The 6505 was just in a league of it's own compared to this...

It's rubbish at low volume and at high...

Does it sound like the tubes??  Guy I bought it off didn't tell me how old they were, so they could be years old for all I know...I don't want to replace them if they're still good...(Got it off ebay)

Is it the cab then?  I've never used an XXX cab before...My last cab was an ibanez with V30's in it...(I think they have Peavey speakers in them)

Any input would be muchly appreciated...(btw, Perry, what's the going rate for a good set of tubes these days?  Preamp and power tubes please...)



Hey guys,

Looking at possibly selling my Peavey 6505+ and XXX Cab.  Could do with the money at the moment.

Box retails for $1,495 and the head for $2,995 - A total RRP of $4,490

I'll consider letting them both go for- $2,500.

Package includes;

Peavey 6505+ head
XXX 4x12 slant cab
Peavey footswitch
Speaker cable
Instrument cable

All in very good condition.  Usual small sctratches and nicks on the head and cab - Nothing major..l.

Like I said, I'm still unsure now as I really love the amp, but finances...I'd like to see if there is any interest before I commit to sell.

Interested?  Then PM me or Post..



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