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Aurora Australis Records - Stock Update - 15 July 2009
« on: July 13, 2009, 01:36:05 PM »

CrystalMoors ? Antiqvam Exqvirite Matremv
Black / Pagan / Folk Metal from Cantabria, Spain.. CD $20

Grivf ? Yggdrasil
Funeral Folk Metal band Grivf's second album "Yggdrasil" contains distinct Black Metal influences in the vein of ?Gebrechlichkeit?-era Burzum and Wyrd highlighting this atmospheric release. CD $20

Helfahrt - Sturmgewalt
Blackened Pagan Metal from Germany. CD $20

Kampfar - Self-titled MCD
Pagan Black Metal, Norway. Debut cult release from Kampfar. MCD $15

Karpathia ? Urheimat: Volanie Havranov
Fast paced Black Metal from Slovakia that perpetuates the primordial spirit of their ancestral homeland. Debut full-length. CD $20

LIK - Ma Ljuset Aldrig Na Oss Mer
Swedish Black Metal. Dark folk influences in the vein of Isengard. CD $20

Orlog ? Elysion
German Pagan Black Metal. Second album by Orlog following their excellent debut "Reinigende Feuer". CD $20

Slechtvalk ? At the Dawn of War
Melodic Black Metal, Netherlands. CD $20

Storm ? Nordavind
Experimental project with Fenriz (Darkthrone), Kari Ruesl?tten (ex,The third and the mortal) and Satyr (Satyricon). Traditional Norwegian folk songs performed in an eccentric, unconventional Folk-Metal style. CD $20

Yggdrasil ? Vederg?llning
Fast paced Folk Metal from Sweden. CD $20