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DEATH VOMIT from the Flames of Hate tour2010
« on: December 31, 2010, 06:32:18 AM »
In September 2010 Australia was hit by a true force of destruction. Death Vomit, Indonesia?s most brutal death metal band, swept onto our shores for their debut nation wide tour, taking Australia by storm.

The fearsome threesome that is Death Vomit - a raw, unrelenting typhoon of death arisen from central Java - have been savagely pelting out their masochistic music across Indonesia, dominating the entire extreme metal scene since their emergence over a decade ago and spreading their bestial, malevolent sound of destruction across a nation where extreme metal is their second religion, and where mediocrity is not acceptable. In a nation flooded with metal bands, only the strongest survive. Having been pitted against many internationally acclaimed bands in Indonesia and abroad, Death Vomit have always remained triumphant.

Consisting of Sofian Hadi (guitar, vocals), Oki Haribowo (bass, vocals) and Roy Agus (drums), Death Vomit?s music embodies a deep seeded hatred as fierce and as violent as the scorching fires of hell! Together with Roy?s furious drumming frenzy, Sofian?s demoniac, raging growls and hellish attack on the guitar, and the dark, morbid and heavy pounding of Oki?s bass Death Vomit is nothing less than the most barbaric and ruthless band to emanate from Indonesia. It?s as if they crawled out of the bowels of hell itself, ready to enforce their reign of terror on earth.

Death Vomit?s most notorious album ?The Prophecy? is a blatant demonstration of the  unrestrained, murderous nature of their sound. From  the first chord of the the first song all hell breaks loose - it is a barbarous march towards armageddon, no relief from beginning to end! There is no mercy in their approach. Death Vomit?s ?Flames of Hate? live show captured on DVD is further testament to their no bullshit approach to metal, proving that their ability is not confided to the studio but transcends onto the stage with even more power and vulgarity than can be captured on a recording.

As Australia found out in September, there is no way to prepare oneself for the onslaught that is Death Vomit. All across the country Death Vomit hammered the stage with such shocking obscenity that jaws were left scraping the floor, a trail of complete and utter annihilation left in their wake! Death Vomit disregard the balderdash of so called ?technical? and ?melodic? metal - cutting through the bullshit that is so prevalent in today?s music scene. Above all, Death Vomit?s visit to Australia was a rude awakening to all the skeptics and xenophobes of our country who immediately disregard anything that exists outside of the west. Death vomit busted open this derogatory attitude showing us all that the western world does not always rule supreme - much humble pie was eaten after their onslaught. 

 2011 will see the much anticipated return of Death Vomit to Australia, bigger, better and more brutal than before, with a new album under their belt. Stay tuned for updates on their return at