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We are very stoked to announce TWO new release from Robotic Empire
this time around, both existing within the "awesome rock" end of the
sonic spectrum.

Starting the party is our first ever Kickstarter-funded (
) release, the debut album from TILTS! Self recorded by the band over
3 sessions, the whole thing was pro mixed, pro mastered and then we
begged n' pleaded for the general public to pay for the pressing of
this beast. Thankfully a little (necessary) prideswallowing has
yielded the vinyl existence of probably the most catchy ass rock album
we've ever been a part of! There's 12 songs on this thing and not a
single one sucks. We're talkin QOTSA, VAN HALEN, CHEAP TRICK kinda
vibes... and ALL KILLER / NO FILLER material.

We ran an edition of 500 copies of this bad boy, all on translucent
yellow vinyl. This comes in a black & white outer sleeve with art by
Tom Huck (who's also done stuff for THE ROOTS!), full color printed
innersleeve (with a painstakingly awesome photo-collage) and a
high-quality digital download of the whole shebang! This is the real
deal holyfield. It turned out boss and we're VERY pumped to present it
to you today.

* TILTS debut is available now in the Robotic Empire - Online Store (
* Preview some choice TILTS audio cuts via Bandcamp ( )
* Watch the audio/video medley promo thang we did for the Kickstarter
(it's tight) ( )

p.s. we should probably mention somewhere that TILTS also contains a
member of TORCHE and RIDDLE OF STEEL... there, we said it.

Next on deck is the fan-freakin-tastic sophomore album from NYC's
ANCIENT SKY, our first time working with them directly on a release
but almost every member has some level of history with the label
and MENEGUAR (who sadly, we just barely never got to work with). This
time we've joined forces to help with the digital download of their
masterful new effort, T.R.I.P.S., as well as the physical cassette
tape edition of this banger.

Expanding beyond prior endeavours, ANCIENT SKY is a fully realised
and well versed psychedelic rock band that tastefully journeys yet
still bringith thy heavy jams. Nods towards DEAD MEADOW, THE BLACK
HEART PROCESSION and OM territory may be unintentional, but the
calibre and quality of these tunes brings those (current)
contemporaries to mind, not to discount the heavy influence of
"enhanced" music from generations past. Thankfully ANCIENT SKY do not
fall down the meandering pitfalls some modern psych bands can find
themselves in, and in fact T.R.I.P.S. is downright catchy at times!

The T.R.I.P.S. album was also self-recorded to 2" tape and truly
sounds excellent. The band has self-released the 12" vinyl edition on
their Loud Baby Sounds imprint, which we thankfully now have copies of
along with the cassette and their debut LP on The Perpetual Motion
Machine. Tape edition limited to 100 copies.

* ANCIENT SKY stuff galore is available now in the Robotic Empire -
Online Store (
* Preview some choice ANCIENT SKY material via Bandcamp ( )
* (Legally) download T.R.I.P.S. via iTunes ( )/etc.

In addition to the new Robo-wares, we've gotten in a decent pile of
great new items including the House of Low Culture from Taiga Records,
Karp documentary DVD, rad cassettes from Baldy Longhair Records and
some classic restocks including the repress of Nadja?s Corrasion on
CD.  Check the full list below:

NEW ITEMS:* Aidan Baker - Closure Axioms CD (Miskatonic Soundl
ab) $7.99
* Ancient Sky - T.R.I.P.S. 12" (Loud Baby Sounds) $11.99
* Ancient Sky - T.R.I.P.S. Cassette (Robotic Empire) $4.99
* Ancre - Nacre - CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12" (Adagio830) $11.99
* Crazy & The Brains - Don't Need No Snacks Cassette (Baldy Longhair)
* Dead - Thundaaaaaah 12" (Wantage USA) $11.99
* Disconnects, The - Are Healthy Cassette (Baldy Longhair) $6.99
* Drainland / Enabler - Split 7" (Halo Of Flies) $4.99
* Flechette - Self-Titled 12" (Sound Era) $9.99
* Highgate - Self-Titled 12" (Vendetta) $11.99
* House of Low Culture - Poisoned Soil 2x12" (Taiga) $24.99
* Karp - Kill All Redneck Pricks: A Documentary About A Band Called
Karp DVD (Wantage USA) $19.99
* Ketha - 2nd Sight CD (Instant Classic) $7.99
* Kids Of Zoo - Debut 12" (Adagio830) $11.99
* Little Gold - Weird Freedom 12" (Loud Baby Sounds) $11.99
* Priapus / Old Painless - Split - COLORED VINYL 7" (Self Released)
* Psychic Teens - Teen - WHITE COLORED VINYL 12" (Golden Voyage)
* Radical Dads - Mega Rama 12" (Loud Baby Sounds) $11.99
* St. Sunday - Nightingalesong Cassette (Baldy Longhair) $6.99
* Through Thorn & Brier - Good Grief Cassette (Baldy Longhair) $6.99
* Tilts - Self-Titled - YELLOW COLORED VINYL 12" (Robotic Empire)

* Alcest - Souvenirs D'Un Autre Monde 12" (Hyperrealist) $14.99
* Ancient Sky - Self-Titled - CLEAR WITH PINK HAZE COLORED VINYL 12"
(The Perpetual Motion Machine) $10.99
* Ancient Sky - Self-Titled - WHITE COLORED VINYL 12" (The Perpetual
Motion Machine) $10.99
* Catalyst, The - Swallow Your Teeth 12" (The Perpetual Motion
Machine) $10.99
* Chino Horde - Discography 2x12" (Adagio) $24.99
* East of the Wall - The Apologist 2x12" (Antithetic) $19.99
* Highgate - Shrines To The Warhead 12" (Vendetta) $11.99
* Indian Summer - Hidden Arithmetic 12" (Adagio830) $14.99
* Kayo Dot - Coyote 12" (Taiga) $14.99
* Litany For The Whale - Dolores - WHITE COLORED VINYL 12" (The
Perpetual Motion Machine) $9.99
* Millions Of Them - Failures 12" (Adagio) $11.99
* Nadja - Corrasion CD (Foreshadow) $9.99

Well that?s? all for now as we close out the month of February.
Here?s hoping you?ll find some new tunes to check out as the
winter months come to a close.  Peace!

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