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Extreme Agression (Official Launch) - guest DJs Andrew Haug, Dysie & Daz
11.05.2012 11.58 h
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EXTREME AGGRESSION: Official Launch Party

The Rocket Room proudly presents Extreme Aggression, Perth’s premier rock and metal club. Held every Friday, from midnight ‘til late, and hosted by DJ CAIN, Extreme Aggression will cater to all your hard and heavy needs. 


The official launch show will be held on FRIDAY, MAY 11th and feature the following special guest DJs:

ANDREW HAUG: Ex- JJJ Racket Host

One of the most prominent figures in the Australian rock / metal scene, Andrew is best known as the presenter of the Triple J metal show Full Metal Racket (formerly 3 Hours of Power and currently The Racket). A passionate and dedicated headbanger as well as heavy music guru, Andrew hosted triple J’s weekly metal program since 2001 and recently marked an end to his 10 year reign when he left the station in December. Andrew still has his finger on the pulse of the Australian and international metal scene, and is now pouring more passion than ever into his band, Contrive, who have been busy touring overseas promoting their newest release, The Internal Dialogue, which was mixed by modern metal genius, Devin Townsend.


DJ DYSIE: Soundworks Touring/Prime Cuts Music

A local metal stalwart who has been heavily involved with the development of the WA metal scene since his beginnings with notorious Perth miscreants, Choke, in the mid 90s. Since then, he has toured nationally and overseas with numerous high-profile Australian acts and is currently committed solely to the viking-esque, folk-metal outfit, Claim The Throne. Dysie founded his successful independent record label Prime Cuts Music back in 2002 which has released a plethora of albums from many of Australia’s most outstanding metal bands. His largest commitment is to Soundworks Touring who have established themselves internationally since 2005 and have given the Aussie metal scene a complete overhaul in the process.


DJ DAZ: Western Front Online

Darren Ray is the webmaster and driving force behind WA’s online metal home base, Western Front. Founded in 1996, wf.com.au has played an undeniably significant role in the local metal scene. Besides being the introductory factor for many of us which showed us the way to our first local metal show, WF has been a solid support and promotional hub for an endless string of Aussie bands. Besides his commitment to the site, Daz has been a long serving member of the scene who has also become increasingly active as a band manager and promoter over the last decade, hosting the prestigious Western Front Awards night annually.


“The idea behind Extreme Aggression is to bring together all enthusiasts of heavy music under one banner. It represents the genuine attitude, aggression and larger-than-life character that makes rock and metal so exciting. This is something that I feel is greatly lacking in music these days, in an age where trends, fashion and pretentious shit seem to be taking more precedence than ever. It’s like the spirit of rock and heavy metal has been kind of lost in translation. So many people today just seem to be missing the whole fucking point!”

-Cain Cressall (aka DJ Cain)