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Dethlahem at Motorvation '09
17.01.2009 - 18.01.2009 10.00 h
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Dethlahem Playing at Motorvation 23 - Perth Motorplex, Anketell Road, Kwinana

Motorvation 23 is set to rock this coming weekend and quite literally too.
Once again and in association with our good friends at Sounds Xplosive, those bad boys of the local hard rock scene, Dethlahem, will be pumping out the dBs in their very own and distinctively metal fashion.

You can see Dethlahem performing live at the Sounds Xplosive Topside Arena, just beside the main public entrance to Motorvation 23.

Sounds Xplosive will once again be running the Motorvation Sound-Off dB Drag Racing Competition and we have it on good authority, that Sounds Xplosive dB master, Michael Fragomeni, will be out to break his current 171 deciBel Australian Sound Pressure Level Record.
That figure stands of course with the infamous 40,000 Watt Sounds Xplosive Wheelbarrow.
Sounds Xplosive will have several other award winning cars on display Topside, along with plenty of giveaways and freebies.

But back to Dethlahem, whose major 'concert' set for the weekend will be on the Saturday night.
Incidentally, Dethlahem is made up of vocalist Mick Sparks, along with axe grinders (that's metal speak for guitar players just in case you didn't know ?) Eric Karu (Rhythm), Brad Lewis (Lead) and Jaff on Bass. Not forgetting drummer Dave Carey, playing on his new, massive and just recently custom painted drum kit.
Dave, along with Eric, are the band's founding figures from all of 12 years ago.
And while most of us refer to Dethlahem as a metal band, they are heavy rockers and will be playing a mix of cover tunes as well as their own compositions.
In fact, the band have been in the recording studio again and will release their third album consisting of totally original works, later this year.

So, after a day of perusing hot cars, hot girls, breathing in copious amounts of burning rubber particles and looking at even more hot girls, why not head Topside on the Saturday evening and check out one of Australia?s best local bands.
There?s nothing quite like spending a Saturday night just banging away, now is there ?

For more info:
http://motorplex.com.au & http://soundsxplosive.com.au/dethlahem