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Stop The Violence 5 Festival - Bunbury
16.06.2018 15.00 h
Burlington Hotel - Bunbury
WA Events


WE'VE EXPANDED!!! We've joined forces with Pighead productions to bring you a BIGGER festival. This time around STOP THE VIOLENCE FESTIVAL WILL BE RUN IN 2!!!!!! LOCATIONS!!! On 2 different days! 


The First will be Saturday the 9th of June at the Boston and the 2nd will be on Sat 16th June at The Indi Bar in Bunbury (Our usual location also formerly known as the Eliot St bar.)


Appearing at BOTH the Boston and the Indi bar are none other than:


DEADSPACE!: Their Atmospheric blend of metal will leave you deeply entranced! Always a brilliant stage show and a band that you don't want to miss!


Icarus Lives: This female fronted melodic metal band is always exciting to see live! From the colours swirling in Front woman Sara's hair to the contrast of her vocals against Taviri's. It will also Keep bass player Chris's record intact for only band member to play every GMM show so far! 


Septik Piggery: These Grinding MadMen are always very Entertaining, Disturbing and Intense All in Equal Meassures and Now With...Piggy Joinig them on Bass, its 3 times the Fun. Septik Piggery will also be using these 2 shows as their send off to Tour Japan With Black N Roll Nutjobs...Taake!!!


BANYON: From little beginnings, this band just keep getting bigger and better every time they hit the stage! We welcome back to Stop the Violence, the ever increasing in MIGHT of BANYON! Now with Remus taking over vocal duties, This band a certainly A force to be reckoned with and are Not to be missed Live!!!




Appearing SATURDAY the 9th at the BOSTON only are:


MEDUSA'S GAZE: This is a very special and at the same time sad for us, as we love this band so much! This is to be their last performance so make sure you come along and see them, before you wish you had've had the chance and didn't!!!


AVISCERUS: Joining The Global Metal Machine Family for the very first time...We welcome the very Extreme sounds of These underground Local Legends!!!


AGNESIS: Bring their Progressive edge to...Stop the violence 5 are None other than Agnesis...who are also promoting their stunning, Debut Album!!!


KIMURA: These Lads are fast becoming Fvourite suns of GMM With their intesity and insanely Arse kicking Live shows...Kimura are Not to be Missed Peeps!!!


SEPTILLION: Bringing their brand of Pure Australian Black Metal back To...Stop the Violence are The Legendary...Septillion. With their vicious assault of the sences, There is None more cold than These South West Maniacs!!!


DYING DEGREE: After an Absoloutly Mind Blowing Performance at...Headbang For Bonnie 2...it was A no brainer to add this insanely fun Hardcore/Punk/Metal Band to the Bill!!!


STEM CELL: Making their live debut, this power trio hits The Boston stage with an aggressive blend of heavy metal. Driven by a monster rhythm section and thought-provoking themes, Stem Cell will leave your mind blown and neck broken


Appearing on SATURAY the 16TH at INDI BAR only are:


DEPRAVITY: Headlining this night and making their GMM debut are and bringing their mix of metal mayhem are none other than these guys!


HFHFM: It is a Great pleasure to welcome this Intense Power Violence Band to the fold...They have been great supporters For this cause right from the very start...So joi in the Maddness with FHFHM As they shout...STOP THE FUCKEN VIOLENCE NOW!!!


TARTARUS: Another band that are popping their...Stop the violence bubbles on this very Show in Bunbury are Margeret river Bruisers...Tartarus!!! These Guys Come Highly recommended and will certainly...Bring The Noise!!!


WITCHCLIFF: This Sludge/Doom Band From Bunbury are bloody Crazy and A force Not to be messed with on the Live circuit...This 3 peice Have a style all of there own and Certainly must not be missed Peeps!!!


CRASH RAT: Hell Yes, I have been Trying To get The stars to align for a little while Now When it comes to this next Band and as everybody knows that I am Dirty on A little bit of Glam Rock....And in my eyes, None do it better than...CRASHRAT!!!


UNRAVEL: This up and coming Extreme Metal Band from Perth Have been all over my radar lately and when I witnessed them live in the Flesh for the very first time at...Slayfest earlier in the year, I was blown away and contacted them the very next day to play this show...Catch them in Bunbury!!!


SCYATIC: I am super stoked to have the Good times Party/Punk/Metal Darlings...Scyatic back on the Bill. All of my shows need a bloody good helping of Punk to be dished up with the Metals and None do it better than these South West Maniacs!! 


BEAUTIFUL CARTEL: Opening up the Bunbury Leg of this Show is None other than...Beautiful Cartel, Playing a one off Heavy Set for...Stop the Violence 5. Beautiful Cartel is The Brain Child Glen Herbert Who of course is the Lead actor in up and coming West Aussie Feature Fil...ANTICIPATION. So get down Here early guys for this Stunning Performance!!!


once again we will be raising money to go to helping victims of Domestic Violence and the one punch attacks. So please make sure you come along and support a GREAT cause!


Burlington Hotel
51 Victoria street
Western Australia
Country: au


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