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Western Front Awards '08/'09 Nominations now open

Ok, so we're at the start of a new year and therefore it's time once again for the voting for the Western Front Awards (WA) for 2008.
This stage is just the nomination period, and then from that will be created a voting form to select from the top nominees.

Head over to the forum to lodge your submissions on this thread.

IMPORTANT - Grave Perth show change of venue!


The gig has been moved due to reasons out of the control of the promoters.
The new venue is now:

331 Bulwer St, Nth Perth
(08)9328 6166

Doors 8pm.

Anyone who purchased tix thru Moshtix - your tickets will still be valid.
Tickets will also be available at the door.

Please tell anyone you know who is going the change of venue details.

Apologies from Bleed Records & Soundworks Touring for any inconvenience.

Iron Maiden vs Black Sabbath!

They are two of the pioneers of metal and this Friday will see them set head to head at the Rocket Room. Wrathchild will be playing a bunch of Maiden tunes and Sabotage will be doing a full set of Sabbath numbers so if you like either of them, or you're a true metal head and know where your roots come from then get on down this Friday the 14th of November and check out the show.

Not only that, but there will be another line up of metal bands following the show into the early hours, with Double Dragon doing a show to follow up their support of The Haunted this week. And the best part is you get to see both shows for the one low price! It is set to be a great night for sure, so I'll see you down there.

Get scraped

"The Mighty" Scrape (known to most as Cunt Scrape) will be making their debut on stage appearance this week on November 7 at the Amplifier Bar in Perth, and November 8 for an all age show at Leederville HQ skate park. If you've heard (or seen) their album "Thrush Bang Mania" you'd know what to expect, if not the name should give you an idea... porn-driven, tongue-in-cheek grind from the depraved mind of Glenn Dyson (Choke/ex-Pathogen). The on stage manifestation of the band features members from Choke, Maximum Perversion, The Furor and will be a sight to see I'm sure.

Also not to be forgotten is Vanha's XXIVth birthday celebration gig on the 8th at the Castle featuring Mhorgl, Nails of Imposition, Morden and Sabotage (doing a set of faithful renditions of Black Sabbath songs) which will also be a top night. 


What a crazy month it has been and is for metal, with Carcass doing an awesome show last week, Down having just been, Meshuggah about to play and a lot more to come - Dragonforce, Pig Destroyer, Slipknot and Machine Head. And that is just the internation acts.. there has been plenty of top local gear going and more to look forward to - this weekend alone has Claim The Throne doing their album/book launch and then Malignant Monster doing a merch launch the following day.

Good times for metal in Australia, and next month and the future only holds more. Be sure to always check out the gig guide for upcoming events.