Australian Metal Awards 2009 Update

After months of Judging and deliberation and with over 4,000 votes from the general public the Association for the Australian Heavy Metal are pleased to announce the finalists for each category of the 2009 Australian Metal Awards – read on more below for the full list of finalists.

The winners will be announced on the 7th of November at the 2009 Australian Metal Awards Show which will be held at the Forum (Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, NSW). Tickets are available through


Best Metal Fan/ Web/ Magazine:
Blunt Magazine

Most Popular Merch:
Ne Obliviscaris

Best Album Cover:
Aeon of Horus – The Embodiment of Darkness and Light
Psycroptic – (Ob)Servant
Buried In Verona – Circle the Dead

Best Band Name:
Five Star Prison Cell
Buried in Verona

Best Film Clip:
Psycroptic – “Initiate”
Vanishing Point – “Surrender”,
Five Star Prison Cell – “Deloris”

Best Producer / Recording Engineer:
Reggie Bowman (Scream Louder Studios) – Self Titled Dreadnaught
Jarrad Hearman (Sing Sing Studios) – “Avalon” Chaos Divine
Sammy Giacotto (Peak Time Productions) – “The Unseen” Eyefear

Best Drummer:
Dave Hayley – Psycroptic,
Ben Mazzarol – Chaos Divine
David Horgan – Ouroboros

Best Bass Player:
Michael Conti – Ouroboros,
Cameron Grant – Psycroptic
Michael Kruit – Chaos Divine

Best Regional Band:
Aeon of Horus
3 Faces West

Best Youth Band:
3 Faces West
Beneath Dying Skies

Best Export:
Mortal Sin

Best Live Band:
Five Star Prison Cell

Best Guitarist:
Stu Marshall – Pain Division
Ryan Felton – Chaos Divine
Jimmy Lardner-Brown – Killrazer

Best Vocalist:
Lord Tim – Lord
Dave Anderton – Chaos Divine
Evgeny Linnik – Ouroboros

Best Keyboard Player:
Sammy Giaccotto – Eyefear
Chris Stevenson – The Eternal
Adam Agius – Alchemist

Best New Band:
Death Audio
3 Faces West

Song of the Year:
“Gloom with a view” – A Secret Death
“Dig” – Frankenbok
“Refuse the Sickness” – Chaos Divine

Best Unsigned Band:
Eye of the Enemy
Aventine Hill

Best Album:
“Avalon” – Chaos Divine
“(Ob)Servant” – Psycroptic
“Truths of the Blood” – Black Asylum

Overall Best Band 2009:
Chaos Divine