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8 May 2002 admin 0

    BIOGRAPHY Members: Vocals: Nik Carpenter Drums: John Sankey Guitar: Brett Noordin Guitar: Mark Walpole Bass: Leighton Kearns   Assembly line Devolved was initially formed in late 1996 by John Sankey and Brett Noordin, who [ Read more ]


5 April 2002 admin 0

    BIOGRAPHY Created –                                       3059 vella – screeches and bass                  69228712 the theo – drums and foodstuffs            879669 mr.d – guitars and screams                  5226841435   Some collective influences- Black Sabbath, Zeppelin, Purple, Celtic Frost, King [ Read more ]

Chuck Schuldiner tribute

15 December 2001 admin 0

Chuck Schuldiner The Fragile Art of Existence Chuck Schuldiner, a pioneering force in death metal and grindcore as the vocalist and guitarist for Death, died after a lengthy battle with a brain tumor. The seminal metal [ Read more ]

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7 August 2001 admin 0

BIOGRAPHY Culprits (Described as in above photo from left to right and as in their cd insert)Crossdressin’ Wesson – Fat frequencies and frilly funtimesSpicy Dysie – Vocal mayhem, guitars, chainsaw and Axis Gold cardholderSteamy G – [ Read more ]

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1 January 2001 admin 0

In the lead up to CHOKE’s final farewell fuck off gig SOD and Sly managed to get an interview from the men behind the mayhem and pose some interesting and moronic questions. (I blame Louise personally) [ Read more ]