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There's a theory that Mozart can calm negative behaviours in children with ADHD and such disorders, I've been told there are some schools in Perth that use Mozart with the students that have behavioural problems. It's a pretty interesting concept.

"the mozart effect" not bad name for a band or album or song, actually might be bit corny for a band name, anyways was a good read, cheers for the info mate

WA Gigs / Re: Vespers Descent & The Ascent December 10
« on: November 24, 2010, 09:41:00 PM »
Gig should be called "Ups and Downs" or something....  :P
LOL good call!!

Western Australia / Re: For the record
« on: November 24, 2010, 09:36:15 PM »
More like Coongee AMIRITE?

oh its not too bad aye but yeah this makes its reputation are bit more filthy

Western Australia / Re: For the record
« on: November 24, 2010, 09:34:35 PM »
is this about that home invasion in coogee a couple of weeks ago??? its cos aboriginals are on drugs when they do this its prob the only reason they do do it, ppl rob houses and bash ppl cos they need money for drugs, remember that old italian couple in tuart hill that got bashed in a home invasion earlier this year or something, the aboriginals who were convicted said they were off their heads on something

Western Australia / Re: For the record
« on: November 24, 2010, 09:30:24 PM »
is this about that home invasion in coogee a couple of weeks ago???

yeah well done rowland
"THE gig promoter for the local scene" this is true and doin a great job mate

sweet, thanks mate

any tickets left??
my mate was looking to go

his name is nathan


yo, sorry man, my mate wants to come with now as well
any tickets left for him??

his name is nathan

thanks mate

yo, you prob dont knwo me but can you please put me down for one ticket, i'll pick it up on the night

my name is julian

can ya drink on the bus???

cheers mate


filmed and edited by Mr. Trevor Owen (Grotesque) from MCM Film and Design

enjoy :headbang:

hey dyson
fuckin hell looks like i wont be getting paid til tuesday or possibly monday and i wont be able to find time between then and gig to get a ticket from stores
so i was wondering if ya could help by telling me how much tix on the door will be??

thanks mate

Western Australia / Re: Western Front Awards '09/'10 - NOMINATIONS
« on: April 01, 2010, 03:02:31 AM »
- Best Local Band
1. Voyager
2. Noctis (these guys and gal have come so far, great to see them sticking with it)
3. Lacrymae

- Best Local Release
1. I am the reVolution (Voyager)
2. The Hallowed Design (Lacrymae)
3. Ale Tales (Claim The Throne)

- Best Local Guitarist
1. Teague (Lacrymae)
2. Jarrod (Malignant Monster, ex-?? (recent) Pathogen)
3. Lynton (Gallows For Grace, Malignant Monster, Entrails Eradicated)

- Best Local Drummer
1. Ben Mazzarol (Noctis, Vespers Descent, Chaos Divine)
2. Tyron Bayliss (Lacrymae)
3. Martin Donnelly (Advent Sorrow)

- Best Local Bassist
1. Alex Canion (Voyager, Noctis)
2. James "Lord Jim" Parker  (Claim The Throne, Arterial Hemorrhage)
3. Josh Williams (Gallows For Grace)

- Best Local Vocalist
1. Ago & Frankie (Lacrymae)
2. Bleak (Gallows For Grace, DFC)
3. Danny (Voyager)

- Best Local Keyboardist
1. Agostino (Lacrymae)
2. Tom (Advent Sorrow)
3. Danny (Voyager)

If bands had more money and time we could have a "Best Local Video" award but im sure Red Descending would be competing against themselves for that although either way "cabba" would prevail victorious cos i'd vote for "Set Sail on Ale" in a second.....keen to know what peoples thoughts are on that????

and why isnt there a "Best Live Band" award (stage presence, sound, etc.)???

yeah has anyone noticed lately that amps dont advertise their door prices for local or international acts
its like aidan said he didnt put the door price on the flyer cos there was two gigs so it might be confusing
but i think its an amps thing so they can suck you in to coming and then chargin you this harsh door fee
i seen rocket room flyers and hydey flyers always have door prices on them
the lord/voyager show few weeks back at amps didnt have door prices on it
i dunno, im pretty sceptical about it so now i usually can be bothered ringing up the venues and asking for answers if thats what it takes
anyways was a good night :headbang:

WA Gigs / Re: Pull Me Under... and tear me to shreds. Dec 12
« on: November 19, 2009, 06:01:16 AM »
lets hope its lookin like this in there

and ya got these guys tearing it up at the front

im not joking people :headbang:

i cant attend cos i got i got band commitments playin the lamb of god after party at the rocket room
well i hope everyone else does the right thing and shows up for two of perths best bands delivering the best melodies in lacrymae and voyager
good luck

« on: October 15, 2009, 09:48:41 AM »
that flyer is epic as fuck :headbang:

WA Gigs / Re: 17th October - Intense Metal Fornication Party!
« on: October 15, 2009, 09:45:51 AM »
it could have been called "bands with two word band names that start with the letter A party" but a couple of buttholes had to ruin it  :laugh:
just kidding
should be a good night
a giant eagle told me blake might be doin some vocals for one of the bands :headbang:

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