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Australian Tours / Re: Coffins Australian Tour - Sept 2010
« on: November 15, 2010, 03:16:08 PM »
Sorry for epic bump, but I meant to show these around from the Melbourne show:


More Ignivomous

Gospel of the Horns

More Gospel of the Horns

Crowd waiting for Coffins

Bungo (guitars/vox)

Tako (bass)

Ryo (well....his hand anyway...drums)

Coffins and Obsidian before heading off to Melbourne Airport.

We've uploaded the 'secret track' at the end of the album as a separate track on our bandcamp site for easier access for those who like their rock a bit.....doomier.

Have a listen? Josh and I have toyed around with putting out an EP of songs all in this vein.

Australian Tours / Re: Coffins Australian Tour - Sept 2010
« on: September 13, 2010, 01:38:57 PM »
Doors 8pm
Laceration Mantra - 8:30 - 900
Vomitor 920 - 950
Cauldron Black Ram - 1010 - 1045
Coffins 1105 - late

Doors 6pm
Whitehorse - 620 - 650
Ignivomous 710 - 740
Clagg 800 - 830
TDEBN 850 - 920
Gospel of the Horns - 940 - 1015
Cauldron Black Ram - 1035 - 1110
Coffins 1130 - late

Doors 8pm
Summonus - 8:30 - 900
Rookwood 920 - 950
Pod People - 1010 - 1045
Coffins 1105 - late

I'll inform the lawyers, cheers for the heads up.

That song is a fictional* story about our singer picking up a really fat disgusting hooker at a truck stop, during sex she defecates on him much to his displeasure.

*so he says.

Queensland / SHELLFIN debut album *FREE* download. Available NOW.
« on: September 01, 2010, 07:09:22 PM »

Download the entire debut album Secondhand Family from SHELLFIN at FREE OF CHARGE[/u]! (but you can donate a little bit if you think its worth it, donate $12+ph and we'll send you a hardcopy of the album!) <---go here, tell your friends! <---go here, tell your friends! <---go here, tell your friends!

SECONDHAND FAMILY is the debut album from Brisbane?s  premier stoner rock band SHELLFIN, ?Channelling the ghosts of genre-establishing legends Kyuss?, Shellfin have laid down 8 tracks which not only pay Homme-age but have intwined enough of their own personality to provide a fresh sound for stoner rock enthusiasts.
The album is distributed nationwide through Aztec and can be purchased from any good JB Hifi. It is available in the digital realm through industry revolutionary ?Pay what you want? methods courtesy of Bandcamp. As an extra incentive for the fan, Shellfin have offered to post out the physical album for every and any donation equalling or greater than $12 + p&h.

The album features the singles Cruzzin, In The Head and a stoner jammed version of The Extent Of It which debuted on the band's first EP 'Stay For Tea'. The band have also created their first video, for the song Cruzzin which is viewable at this address:

Secondhand Family launch show information to follow very soon.

Once again for persistences' sake, to obtain FREE* download of SHELLFIN's debut album, follow these steps:
1.  Go to
2.  Click on Secondhand Family album cover
3.  Click "Buy Now"
4.  Enter the amount you wish to pay for the album, be it $0 or $15 or $100.
5.  Follow the instructions
6.  Hail the almighty riff!

Queensland / Defamer lineup change.
« on: August 16, 2010, 05:30:15 PM »
It is with great regret that we announce the departure of Mitch 'Lanky' Rogers from the Defamer brood.  Mitch is and will always remain one of our closest friends, and we feel nothing but honoured to have shared stages, jam rooms, tour buses and cramped airline seats with such a talented guitarist and amazing dude.  Real life is something of a bitch when it comes to dedicated bands, always in the way and rarely conquerable, but onwards we battle!  Mitch's final shred fest on-stage will be at the crushing BASTARDFEST show on Saturday the 28th of August at the Globe Theatre, Brisbane.  Please get up the front to send off our comrade in style!

But it is with great excitement we announce the addition of Byron Struck to our death metal family.  Having shared stages when Byron was playing in seminal black metal outfit Oracle of the Void, being on tour together and becoming great friends, we're all very excited to so quickly and adequately fill such a overwhelming gap in our fold.

Defamer is nearing completion of their second album as a follow up to 2009's debut offering Chasm of which one track "The Great Rift" can be heard on our myspace and also purchased on a 7" split with Rookwood through Obsidian Records.

Australian Tours / BARONESS side shows Oct/Nov
« on: August 13, 2010, 05:54:29 PM »

Rising from the Savannah swamplands in 2003, BARONESS have exploded onto the musical landscape with a sound built upon a resolute sense of purpose and shaped by hundreds of explosive live shows, which has elevated them from the rest of the metal pack.

Their debut ?Red Album? sat the metal community fairly and squarely on its ass with its sonic vision; colossal riffs and haunting vocals rolling like thunder across epic songs spanning both the intense and the sublime. The album was so impressive Revolver Magazine named it Album of the Year.

Yet, their sophomore release ?The Blue Record?, has truly lifted the bar again. It?s a ferocious album that?s not afraid to be genuinely beautiful and ?truly depicts a band at the peak of their powers.? ? Alternative Press

Touring nationally with Metallica throughout October and November, BARONESS will be playing 3 intimate shows only in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.


SUNDAY 17 OCTOBER    BRISBANE, THE ZOO ? 18+ & Oztix outlets


FRIDAY 19 NOVEMBER   MELBOURNE, GERSHWIN ROOM ? 18+ 132 849, & Oztix outlets

Presented by Metal As Fuck and Soundwave Touring.


Pack the bong, get comfortable and inhale the debut SHELLFIN album, "Secondhand Family"[/i], set to be released nationwide (and internet-wide) September 1st!

Two new tracks are now available for listening now on the SHELLFIN MYSPACE!

After being around for only a few years and supporting the likes of Mondo Generator (USA), Winnebago Deal (UK), Pod People (ACT), Clagg (VIC) and a plethora of local and interstate talent, SHELLFIN bring their grooving stoner rock goodness to the red-eyed masses once more!

With their EP, Stay For Tea, sold out in physical form SHELLFIN have been locked away and hard at work writing and recording their sophomore release. "Secondhand Family" boasts eight tracks of their trademark detuned, groovin' take on the cult genre from the mid nineties. SHELLFIN are happy to announce the track listing as follows:

1. The Extent of It
2. Cruzzin
3. In The Head
4. Short Spew
5. Hedgehog
6. Fleischgeist
7. Whats That Smell?
8. The Intervening Time

Recorded by MKH/Ean Redman (Astriaal, Carbon) and mastered by Jason "PC" Fuller (Bloodduster), "Secondhand Family" will be distributed nationally by Aztec Music on the 1st of September.  On this date the album will also be available online for a fee of which you nominate!  You read correct, pay us a minor fee (even nothing at all, for the cheap bastards out there) and we'll make the album available downloading ease.  Information to follow on how to do that!

For now you can enjoy two new tracks on the SHELLFIN MYSPACE.

To support the two new tracks on the MYSPACE, we've put together a clip of some of our live endeavours to the new track "Cruzzin" which can be viewed here:

Information on a November launch show will be coming soon!

Fans or prospective labels can contact Shellfin at shellfin[at]hotmail[dot]com or through management.
For fans of Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu and Unida.  Hail the almighty riff!

Be sure to add us on any of the below social networking websites to keep up to date with Shellfin happenings and that all important album release date!

Other relevant links:
Album Studio Blog Compilation Vol. 9 (Disc 2, track 7)
Shellfin Management - EP Also available for download for free!

Two more interviews have gone up on the BASTARDFEST site as we inch closer to the gig!

First we have Nathan and Luke from High Plains Drifter talking about selling out and Nathan's mum which you can listen to here:

And then I got to do something I've wanted to get around to for about 5-6 years, I turned the mic around and interviewed Rodney about his running-of, organising and playing at METAL FOR THE BRAIN.  Easily Australia's most successful metal festival that ran from 1991 to 2006, with lineups that read like the who's-who of Australian metal.  Great to hear about such an important piece of our Aussie metal history, have a listen here:

Two more interviews have gone up on the BASTARDFEST site as we inch closer to the gig!

First we have Nathan and Luke from High Plains Drifter talking about selling out and Nathan's mum which you can listen to here:

And then I got to do something I've wanted to get around to for about 5-6 years, I turned the mic around and interviewed Rodney about his running-of, organising and playing at METAL FOR THE BRAIN.  Easily Australia's most successful metal festival that ran from 1991 to 2006, with lineups that read like the who's-who of Australian metal.  Great to hear about such an important piece of our Aussie metal history, have a listen here:

Rodney has uploaded another interview, this time with Brad Wesson of Soundworks Touring who gives a really interesting insight on the goings-on behind big international metal tours.


Rodney of Alchemist/Metal For The Brain fame has organised a couple of amazing shows around the country that he's looking to make into an annual event called BASTARDFEST.  There will be more details to come soon, but heres the basics of it:

Brisbane - Saturday August 28th @ The Globe
Pod People
High Plains Drifter
Support act - TBA (submit your demos at the site to win this spot

Melbourne - Saturday September 4th @ The Corner
Captain Cleanoff
The Kill

Perth - TBA

Rodney is doing a series of interviews with lots of different band members that are appearing on all the lineups, the first of which was with me.  We talk about the state of Aussie metal, the show itself, running a record label and make fun of a few friends.  Goes for about 30 minutes, have a listen here:

General discussion / Rookwood/Defamer 7" unleashed
« on: May 28, 2010, 12:29:49 PM »
Rookwood / Defamer 7" split[/u]
Obsidian Records e-store.

Strengthening a link across the border, NSW's ROOKWOOD and QLD's DEFAMER unleash their first vinyl release upon the metal realms.

The ROOKWOOD track "Anti" extends a vicious fuck you to all scenesters delivered over their trademark black/punk attack. If you liked "You Worship Shit", you can't go past this.
Click here to check out the track on Rookwoods Myspace

The death metal fury of DEFAMER's debut album "Chasm" is harnessed and focused into one track in "The Great Rift". Again recorded live with Ean Redman, this song shows a maturing in song writing and doesn't let up the hate from start to finish.
Click here to check out the track on Defamers Myspace

Only 200 copies of this black vinyl were pressed, get in early while you still can.
Get your copies from the Obsidian Records e-store or direcly from Defamers bigcartel online store.
Alternatively you can email to for trades.

Australian Tours / Re: Coffins Australian Tour - Sept 2010
« on: May 19, 2010, 02:28:27 PM »
Please note that the Friday September 17th show has been moved from Rosies Live to the Brisbane HIFI BAR in West End.  Any tickets purchased for Rosies will be still valid and honoured.

OBSIDIAN RECORDS have been overwhelmed at the response from bands looking to support on this great tour and look forward very much to working with the following bands:

BRISBANE - Friday September 17th @ The HiFi, West End
Cauldron Black Ram (SA)
Laceration Mantra

MELBOURNE - Saturday September 18th @ The Hifi, CBD Doors @ 6pm
Gospel of the Horns
Cauldron Black Ram
The Day Everything Became Nothing

SYDNEY - Sunday September 19th @ The Gaelic
Pod People (ACT)
Rookwood (final ever show)

Tickets are $20 + bf, or $30 on the night.

Get tickets for all three shows from and receive a free tour poster.

Brisbane - , Rockinghorse Records, Moshpit Music
Melbourne ? , Missing Link Records
Sydney -, any moshtix outlets

Australian Tours / Re: Coffins Australian Tour - Sept 2010
« on: April 09, 2010, 01:00:42 PM »
Melbourne ticketing information updated as the Hifi bar does its own ticketing.  Still will be available as of Friday April 23rd.

Australian Tours / Coffins Australian Tour - Sept 2010
« on: April 07, 2010, 05:26:11 AM »
Reinforce the PA, fortify the pillars and steady your bowels.  Obsidian Records is proud to present the monstrous sound that is COFFINS to the Australian metal hordes!

Since 1996 this three piece from the land of the rising sun has put out crushing release after release culminating into 2008's Buried Death, a punishing masterpiece of death doom.  Playing this years Maryland Deathfest after many US tours, COFFINS can't wait to branch out to nearby Australia and unleash hell.

Pre-order your tickets now at (all shows)

Friday the 17th of September - Rosies Live, Brisbane
Saturday the 18th of September - The Hifi, Melbourne
Sunday the 19th of September - The Gaelic, Sydney

Sydney and Brisbane tickets available FRIDAY APRIL 23rd at, 1300 GET TIX (438 849), on your mobile and all moshtix outlets including:
Brisbane ? Rocking Horse Records, Butterbeats, Kill The Music and more
Sydney ? Red Eye Records, Fish Records, Resist Records and more

Melbourne tickets will be available from the Hifi Bar website, and from Polyester Records, Greville Recores and more also on FRIDAY APRIL 23rd.

Bands interesting in supporting can register interest at info
  • obsidianrecords[.]com (remove brackets)
(support this awesome band, invite your friends)

General discussion / Re: Metal/Rock Venues..
« on: March 31, 2010, 07:34:10 PM »
I remember Rosies in Brisbane being pretty spot-on.
8) :thumbup:

General discussion / Re: My stoner rock band.
« on: March 30, 2010, 02:10:53 PM »
Hey all

Since our EP is long since sold out and a few people have expressed interest in hearing it, we've got a couple of our computers constantly seeding some torrents so you should be able to download it nice and quickly.
To get a torrent file, choose it from one of these vendors:

You can also download them individually from our managers website here:


Australian Tours / Re: Paradise Lost with Sirenia "Aus" tour
« on: March 18, 2010, 03:11:20 PM »
Quote from: Just Say Rock
Dear All.
Regrettably, Just Say Rock Productions has had to announce the cancellation of the Paradise Lost and Sirenia tour to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane for April 2010.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused to ticket holders. For a full refund of your ticket, please take it back to your point of purchase.


Just Say Rock Productions Pty Ltd

Australian Tours / Defamer/Human NZ&Aus tour Apr/May.
« on: March 16, 2010, 04:15:34 PM »
All tour info, including songs and videos from each band, can be found here:

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand HUMAN has the unique distinction of being one of the longest serving metal acts in New Zealand history. Now celebrating their 18th year in sonic punishment the four piece group have played hundreds of shows, appeared on live national television (no less than three times) and have released nearly a dozen recordings - all of this achieved with the same do-it-yourself approach that fueled the bands' humble beginnings in a one room inner city bed-sit in March 1992. Human have also had the privilege of sharing stages with some of the world biggest metal acts including Dragonforce, Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse.
The band's latest album 'Cadaver Academy' has managed to capture Human in top form. Twelve tracks of ferocious guitar riffing, blazingly fast drums, guttural bass lines and 4 ranges of death metal vocals all working to great effect. Added to the mix is the bands now infamous tongue in cheek humour on tracks like "Roid Rage," "Centrifugal Skin Removal" and "Anal Devastation" which features samples by none other than Bob Saget

For more information on Human visit the following sites:
Official HUMAN Facebook page

Joining Human are Australian death metal quintet DEFAMER.  Hailing from Brisbane, DEFAMER have had a stellar run in the past year with their debut album "Chasm" selling out (now in second pressing), multiple tours and supporting great names like Cannibal Corpse, Krisiun and Destroyer666/Rotting Christ/MalevolentCreation/DarkFuneral and many more at the first Screamfest.

This tour will mark the release of their first vinyl in the form of a 7" split with Sydney metallers ROOKWOOD and their first journey overseas, showcasing songs from both "Chasm" and unreleased tracks from an upcoming second album.  DEFAMER can't wait to bring their crushing old school death metal sound back to the stage, and to do it in fine company.

For more information on DEFAMER visit the following sites:

with Vixen Execution & Maleclaustrum

APRIL 30th - The Kings Arms, Auckland (NZ) AUCKLAND FACEBOOK EVENT
with Malevolence & Bloodletting

MAY 1st - Bar Medusa, Wellington (NZ) WELLINGTON FACEBOOK EVENT
with Destitude & Deny

MAY 13th - Sandringham Hotel. Sydney (AUS) SYDNEY FACEBOOK EVENT
with Bane Of Isildur & Metal

MAY 14th - Monstrothic / Rosies Live, Brisbane (AUS) BRISBANE FACEBOOK EVENT
with The Dead, Aeternitas & The Fevered

MAY 15th - The Arthouse, Melbourne (AUS) MELBOURNE FACEBOOK EVENT
with The Day Everything Became Nothing, Ignivomous & Orpheus

The Frontline / Re: The Problem with Perth Metal
« on: October 12, 2009, 12:56:56 PM »
Public metal forums for local scenes will always get this crap from gr1mmo's and elitists.  We get it on brismetal, metalshop is all trolls (all-be-it funny ones), has similar arguments, has tiffs over it and it's even worse for the biiiig forums like JJJ's and Ultimatemetal etc etc (even if they're not local per-se)

You'll never justify your point to them, and their stance will never make sense to those who do come to local aussie shows and enjoy them.

I'm not sure how old this forum is, but brismetal just " ::)" at these guys and continues on as normal, tends to be only the young'uns that get to worked up over them these days.  They're not worth the time/internet space.

Queensland / Re: Club Phoenix
« on: September 25, 2009, 12:25:19 PM »
Haha, you're a bit late.  The club is now called Rosies Live, we have 5-7 live metal bands every Friday night.

Australian Tours / METAL MONTH (Screamfest Sideshows)
« on: August 21, 2009, 12:35:48 AM »
Just Say Rock are proud to announce METAL MONTH sponsored by the inaugural Screamfest Festival Australia. Due to overwhelming popular demand and an exceptional response to the recent Screamfest festival announcement, Just Say Rock will be bringing a selection of the finest acts to venues around Australia. In addition to the premier two day event being held in Sydney over New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, METAL MONTH will see select bands performing in other capital cities.

Starting in Melbourne on Sunday the 3rd of January and finishing up in Perth on the 8th, a variety of the world's most revered metal acts will tour the country. A range of heavy metal genres will be showcased by an exciting array of some of the world's leading international artists including Cynic, Dark Funeral, Destruction, Edguy, Ensiferum, Rotting Christ, Sonata Arctica and Spawn of Possession. Additional support will come from Australia's finest in Black Majesty, Vanishing Point and Synperium.

You asked for it, Australia and Just Say Rock have listened ? get ready for the greatest summer of Metal this country has ever seen!!

Tickets for all Metal Month shows are priced at $66.60 plus GST and shipping costs.
*Spawn Of Possession Hobart shows priced differently and not on sale yet.

Don't want to go home straight after the gig? Would you rather keep on rocking into the night? Well join us at our Melbourne after show parties! Each night we have a limited number of after show passes on offer.

When buying your ticket on line via the Just Say Rock webstore you can choose to pay an extra ten dollars to come along to the after show party, but be quick ? numbers are strictly limited to 100 tickets per night. After show party tickets are only available at Just Say Rock.

If you are planning to attend shows in Melbourne why not purchase our METAL MONTH 4-SHOW DEAL. By buying tickets to all four Melbourne shows, you will receive a METAL MONTH value pack, valued at over $200. The pack includes a T-Shirt, posters signed by the bands, entry to all four after show parties and a $30 drink card, that can be used over the four nights at Jane's Bar located inside the Billboard venue.


Sunday 3rd Jan ? Billboard The Venue

Monday 4th Jan ? Billboard The Venue

Tuesday 5th Jan ? Hi-Fi Billboard The Venue

Wednesday 6th Jan ? Billboard The Venue

Sunday 3rd Jan ? Hi Fi Brisbane

Tuesday 5th Jan ? Hi-Fi Brisbane

Tuesday 5th Jan ? Fowlers Live (All Ages)

PERTH [/u]
Thursday 7th Jan ? Capitol

Friday 8th Jan ? Capitol

*HOBART [/u]
Friday 8th Jan ? Brisbane Hotel (Under 18)

Saturday 9th Jan ? Brisbane Hotel (Over 18)

*Shows not on sale yet

Exclusive pre-sale tickets available NOW only from[/u]

General discussion / Re: District 9 - may contain spoilers
« on: August 18, 2009, 12:39:02 PM »
I thought it was amazing.  Mech-fuckin-warrior!

Australian Tours / Re: SCREAMFEST 2009 - NYE metal festival, Sydney.
« on: August 07, 2009, 08:27:35 PM »
Quote from: Just Say Rock
Just Say Rock has completely sold out of its ticket allocation for Screamfest Australia! We cannot thank the many people already on board supporting this event. At around $10 per band, it represents great value, what's more; we do not need to pay for the cost of going overseas to be part of such an event!
Anyone now interested in obtaining a ticket for Screamfest Australia, they are ONLY available from Ticketek
 Patrons wanting to look into accommodation and travel packages with rooms starting at $85.00 per night (when sharing with a mate), get in touch with Jo Robertson from Harvey World Travel Braeside. She can assist with competitive priced flights, coaches for return trips from Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide, transfers from hotel to venue and return, and for those wanting to continue partying afterwards, an all inclusive Heavy Metal boat cruise for the 2nd of Jan, which is likely to have some of the bands on board!
For further info, details and prices contact Jo Robertson at Harvey World Travel Braeside either by phone on 03 9587 3633 or click the link below and send her an email.

Harvey World Travel (Braeside)
1/32 Jarrah Drive
Braeside, Victoria. 3195

Phone: 61 3 9587 3633
Fax: 61 3 9587 2082

Be part of history in the making, see in the New Year in style, come in and scream the house down!
Tickets on sale now ONLY through Ticketek!


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