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General discussion / Heavy Metal and the remix album
« on: October 08, 2010, 12:26:10 AM »
Reading the 'electronic music' thread got me thinking.. :hmm:

Arguably popularised by Fear Factory in the 90's, the concept of a 'remix' album for some metal/rock bands became an exciting step into uncharted waters. Bands as diverse as Avulsed (cybergore), Godflesh, The Mark Of Cain and Melvins have all had remix albums/eps with varying results.

Due to oversaturation, and the fact the 'Remanufacture' couldnt really live up to the hype placed upon it, nowadays 'remix' is pretty much blanket term for any song sped up with the lead guitars taken out and the real drums replaced by a dance beat. Any no name can become a 'dj' with cheap recording/daw software.

So, is a 'remix' album for a metal band still relevent? Are there any bands that you think would/could sound great via remix? I know Emperor had an excellent remix of track by Ulver (i think). Locally Infected have had a song given a remix. I think maybe Red Descending, Neverborn and Chaos Divine could have some cool sounds from a decent remix. Has it crossed any of the bands on this forums minds at one point in time.

Thoughts?  :err:

Sound Advice / Amp Transport
« on: August 01, 2010, 03:43:05 AM »
Ok so my girlfriend plays guitar in a band and uses a VOX AC30. Not a bad amp, but weighs about 22 kilos though, so its bloody heavy to carry around.

Casters (Wheels) arent really gonna be able to hold the weight, and several music shops have advised us against drilling into it ( i dont really fancy destroying it).

I was wondering if anybody could either recommend a cheap 'road case' or has anybody had luck making their own...

International / Slayer - World Painted Blood
« on: November 21, 2009, 03:52:14 AM »
So, new Slayer album has been released............ to not too much fanfare.  Apart from a buzz around a sneak of (admittedly awesome) track 'Psycopathy Red' a few months ago this has seemingly slipped under the radar.

Any thoughts? Ive only listened to it once, a few great tracks, few fillers and a dvd with a short film if you get the 'special edition'.

General discussion / Working night shift - fatigue
« on: October 08, 2009, 11:31:24 PM »
As some of you know, I work away (like a few others on this site) and part of that work involves nightshift. 12 and a half hour shifts.

Ive been doing this for about 5 years and 'afternoon' shifts at my previous job for about 3 years. Ultimately Im coming to the realisation that its becoming harder and harder to stay awake. Sleeping during the day in the heat is just difficult, Ive had a few close calls and it scared the shit out of me.

Now while the site is trying to encourage people to stop if they are fatigued, and if it gets to the point I will stop, but the industry being what it is people cant resist a 'toughen up princess' if you do that. But im not working away to be a hero, i wanna make some $$ and stay alive.

Just wondering if any of you guys and girls have any methods for combating fatigue. Id like to try and avoid just chugging coffee or Red Bull (there are guys at site that seriously cant go a shift without 3 cans minimum  ???). I always try and get about 7-8 hours, exercise when I can and try and eat decently. Ive heard some 'homegrown' remedies, but they vary in effectiveness (eat lots of green apples etc).

International / Pestilence - Spheres
« on: October 05, 2009, 04:53:30 PM »
Ive read a few reviews and articles on this release. All sorts of stories about how the once mighty thrash sounds have been ditched for jazz breaks and synths etc.

Ive heard a few tracks and, although its a touch weaker than the earlier stuff, its doesnt seem *too* bad, might have caused a few eyebrow raises and 'what the fuck?"s on release.

Any of you guys have this, is it worth a shot?

General discussion / Global Metal
« on: September 09, 2009, 05:58:48 PM »
A review of sorts, I guess.

Picked this up on dvd the other day and before watching was wondering why it didnt get the 'acclaim' that "Metal:A Headbangers Journey" seemed to get. A documentary on metal bands/culture from all over the world should be great. Well...its kinda not that great.

Its billed on the front as the 'Follow up to Metal:...." and throughout the doco it seems like Sam Dunn had a bunch of footage leftover from the first movie and tried to pad it out with a few more interviews. Its almost like hes doing pieces for 'getaway' or some travel show. Show footage of plane taking off, cut to street shot, show historical landmark, cut to random fans then interview/live clips.

Some if its great and fascinating for sure, but a fair amount of it seems a bit wasted. He travels to Brazil and interviews Max Cavalera, Sigh from Japan get the briefest of interviews and places like Finland dont even get a mention (where a lot of metal is almost top 10 in the music charts).

Anyone else have thoughts on this, i dunno, I appreciate what he tried to do and dont wanna be too negative but its only 'ok'. Thoughts?

The Frontline / Covers
« on: July 26, 2009, 04:05:20 PM »
Ooh controversy  :hmm:

Theres been a lot of talk about Perth metal bands doing covers/tributes and posts in the 'Musicians Wanted' section about starting cover bands etc. This is all fine, its nothing new and allows bands to play their favourite songs live. Its also a good, fun way to get some randoms into the music. For example, guy/girl who doesnt know much of the local scene rocks up to a gig, band x plays a cover and the person recognises it and in a roundabout way gets more into the band (and hopefully the original material). I think Red Descending did this at their cd launch?

Take 'Sabotage' for example. Awesome Black Sabbath tribute band, lots of fun and great musicians and stage presence. Sabotage has played about 3/4 times (?), never overshadowing MDVs main band Psychonaut. This is the ideal balance for this kind of thing. Even Sabotages BEST set is trumped by Psychonauts worst. People should remember Psychonauts original material and gigs more than Sabotage.

Mhorgl are known for throwing many covers into their sets and even did a set entirely of covers (an Xmas gig i think) yet people like them more for the original material.

Deathlahem are a great local band, around for ages (Whitesands!), that havent played much due to lineup shuffles and work/family commitments. Yet people seem to ALWAYS remember the 'Skeletons Of Society' Slayer gig more than any Deathlahem song, gig or release. This is a bit of a shame as Deathlahems original material is pretty damn awesome.

Im not saying all Perth Metal bands should stop doing them, as I said its a great/fun thing and for many people, perhaps, the only chance of seeing a particular song being played live. But the original material should always be the priority, or we may as well watch Airbag at the Newport.

Discuss: Thoughts?

WA Gigs / BARIKEN (Jpn) Australian Tour Perth shows!
« on: July 25, 2009, 03:51:10 PM »

Japanese 2 piece grind/noise/punkers are coming to Perth!

The band are playing 3 shows in Perth (including an all ages) before heading over east to promote their split cd with Perth band Bamodi.

So if you're into stuff thats a little 'left of center' and are pissed off that Melt Banana arent coming to Perth, check out a show or two!

Heres a description from the Bamodi bassist who saw them live in Japan

" I saw Bariken at the UFO Club in July 2007. There were two skinny guys making the most beautiful racket I heard in a long time. They were unstoppable machine churning out short and sharp punkish songs, yelling and screaming, occasionaly jumping in the audience to continue their madness like there's no tomorrow.
I managed to talk to them somehow and got their demo. I played it at home, it sounded unreal"

Heres a video

General discussion / Detroit Metal City
« on: June 14, 2009, 07:41:28 PM »
Detroit Metal City is a Japanese movie/anime/comic. I recently saw the movie, its pretty damn funny.

In a nutshell: Negishi moves from country Japan to Tokyo with dreams of becoming a 'pop' musician. Ultimately no-one likes his pop music and he ends up becoming the guitarist/vocalist for 'Detroit Metal City'. Under the stage name if 'Johannes Krauser II' DMC become the hottest band in the Japanese independent scene challenging (and defeating) punk bands, rappers etc.

Krauser is played up to be a demon king from hell and the fans eat it up, all the while Negishi hates the band/fans/music and still tries to forge ahead playing 'Swedish Pop Music' to impress a high school girlfriend. But hes so damn good as a guitarist/performer in DMC and no-one gives a shit about his pop music that he cant leave.

In the meantime 'black metal emperor' Jack Ill Dark (played by GENE SIMMONS) is going on a retirement tour and wants to crush DMC. His main song is 'Fuckingham Palace'  :rofl:

Its pretty silly, and has a lot of quirky Japanese style humour, but its a fun movie. If you can get over the music being called 'death metal' (which its not) in the film you might wanna check it out. There are 'plans for a hollywood remake'.

The big DMC single 'Satsugai' (translated as Murder') has fucking hilarious lyrics :laugh:

Iam a terrorist from hell
I raped my mom yesterday
I will carve my dad up tomorrow
I am a terrorist straight out of hell

I don't have a mom or dad
It's because I killed them
I have neither friends or lovers
It's because I killed them

Kill kill kill your close ones
Kill kill kill everything kill

Murder it's murder
Murder it's murder
Paint your memories in blood
Murder it's murder
Murder it's murder
Paint your future in blood

Kill kill kill your close ones
Kill kill kill everything kill

I have support from hell
This morning my brothers disappeared
I destroyed my relatives
I am a terrorist straight out of hell

I have neither brothers nor relatives
It's because I killed them
I don't worship and gods
It's because I killed them

Kill kill kill your close ones
Kill kill kill everything kill

General discussion / Music Finder
« on: May 07, 2009, 09:04:20 PM »
So I'm probably a little late here, but what happened to Music Finder? Last I heard it was only opening weekends (due to other work commitments) and now....nothing without so much of a 'last hurrah'.

Is it gone for good or temporarily out of action? Its a fucking shame because it used to do so much for local metal.

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