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Saturday July 24th at The Civic Hotel, 981 Beaufort St Inglewood WA 6052

Vespers Descent


Celebrating 30 years since Iron Maiden's debut LP, "The Beast" Paul Dianno returns to our shores to perform Iron Maiden in its entirety for the first time plus tracks off the follow up, Killers.

Sunday 27th of June

With support from Lacrymae and Baby Jane

Tickets $40 from Moshtix

Limited VIP Meet and Greet tickets available

Western Australia / What's new, Lacrymae?
« on: April 21, 2010, 01:05:46 AM »
"What you kids been up to?"

In February we welcomed Simone Dow of Voyager and Noctis fame into the band. She played her first official show with us at The Rocket Room on April 1st. We're stoked having Lil' Shred on board and are looking forward to collaborating with her on the next album.

We have scored one of the two Paul Di'Anno support slots at the Amplifier on June 27th. This tour is the 30th Anniversary of the Iron Maiden LP and so Di'Anno will be playing the entire album plus a few tracks from Killers. This is our first international support so we're all pretty darn excited.

In November we will be playing shows in Melbourne and Sydney in order to promote our EP The Hallowed Design to the east-coasters. Details to come!

If you have the internet, check out some online reviews of The Hallowed Design.

Don't have a copy yet? Read the reviews then get it from here:
or from our resident nice guy:

We are currently writing new material and are hoping to debut a new song at our next show, which at this stage is with The Beast, Paul Di'Anno.
Hope to see you there!

In sunshine,
Josh  :headbang:

LACRYMAE "The Hallowed Design" EP Launch at The Amplifier Bar - Friday December 18th

Also featuring;  

Red Descending
Advent Sorrow

$12 Entry

Cya there.  :headbang:

Musician Connection / Finger/Pick Bass Players: Advice
« on: June 20, 2009, 09:48:32 PM »
I've recently started using a pick in some sections of my songs and I was wondering if anyone has any good advice about swapping between fingers and a pick and back to fingers.

I've tried holding the pick between my pinky and ring finger when playing fingers but that can get awkward for faster playing. I've also tried just holding the pick between my teeth but it's difficult getting the pick back into my hand fast enough.

Any advice?

Western Australia / Lacrymae News
« on: April 09, 2009, 07:19:31 AM »

G'day Front.

Just thought we would let you know what is happening in the Lacrymae camp at the moment.

We are heavily stuck into the recording of our debut album to be titled The Hallowed Design. The Hallowed Design is melodic, harmonic and heavy as fuck, with moments of beauty paralled with abhorrent mayhem. It will feature songs you will be familiar with, as well as a few surprises. We are hoping it will be ready for launching by October. It is already sounding fucking massive and we can't wait for the release.

We were lucky enough to score a video interview with West Coast Music Shack and we want to say a big thankyou to Soda Lee, Donna and everyone else involved with WCMS as the video is great and we really appreciate the support. Watch the interview and some live footage here at

Our latest show at The Amplifier for the Trident Winter re-launch was reviewed so if you would like to give that a read it is in our blogs on our myspace page

Agostino recently spoke to Chris Martin from Space Ship News about all things Lacrymae. Find the interview here at


Josh, Lacrymae.

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