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General discussion / Vrag - Black Metal / Punk - new demo
« on: April 23, 2014, 09:44:08 PM »
Hails, after 4 years in silence, Vrag release a new demo "Cynicism & Hate", which can be heard here:

Track listing:

1. Invisible Chains of Infernal Command 03:50
2. Alcoholocaustic Carcinogenocide 02:43
3. Cynicism & Hate 04:12
4. Cold Air 03:40
5. Madman 01:29
6. Inverse Horizon 04:34
7. Species of One 02:57

Tasmania / Recrucifying the Bastard Festival - 2014
« on: March 13, 2014, 07:07:28 PM »
Recrucifying the Bastard Black Metal Festival 2014

Hails and thank you for your support. A brief introduction of everyone on the line-up is in order. Please note that the line-ups are different between the cities. Tamerlan, Salvation and Host will be joining us for Melbourne only, whilst Vrag and Supremacy will only perform in Hobart and Launceston.

Tamerlan (Sydney, NSW) blend eastern elements with western symphonic Black Metal and this will be their second performance in the city of Melbourne.

Host (Sydney, NSW) deliver a wall of sound that has to be witnessed live to be fully appreciated. Expect a menacing power electronics performance that is equal measure ambiance, decibels and theatrics.

Mardraum (Melbourne, VIC) perform traditional evil Black Metal and are sure to offer a blood-curdling performance which will include works from their upcoming album.

Salvation (Melbourne, VIC) will offer a short, but devastating vision of raw and extreme Black Metal from the very depths of the underground. A debut performance that is not to be missed.

Der Nacht (Launceston, TAS) play relentless traditional black metal and will be delivering their first performance interstate.

Supremacy (Sydney, NSW), who at this stage may be joining us for the Tasmanian dates deliver a blistering Black Metal attack and these will be their debut performances.

Vrag (Hobart, TAS) have reformed to (we are hoping) continue to disgust and appal with a blend of Punk Rock and Black Metal. These will be the first performances in approximately four years.

Support the Underground!

Melbourne - Friday April 18, 2014 - Central Club
$10 entry - doors @ 7pm
- - Tamerlan (NSW) | Salvation | Host (NSW) | Mardraum | Der Nacht (TAS)

Hobart - Saturday April 19, 2014 - The Polish Club
$10 entry - doors @ 8:30pm
- - - Mardraum | Vrag | Der Nacht | Supremacy

Launceston - Sunday April 20, 2014 - The Pav (The Lazy Butterfly)
- - - Mardraum | Vrag | Der Nacht | Supremacy

General discussion / Procession of Black Doom zine - update
« on: November 07, 2011, 04:08:30 PM »
Greetings. Some people have been asking me to put up reviews I have done for Issue 5 and here they finally are (with a few more thrown in as a bonus):

Issue 6 is still happening but is delayed as I'm working on a book (link below), which is consuming all of my free time. For those that have sent me material for review - thank you. I'll publish them as I'm compiling the zine, so that there is no further delay.

General discussion / Mandagot Rehearsal videos
« on: June 28, 2011, 05:20:23 AM »
Here's a couple of mandagot reh. videos. Enjoy. Or not.

New South Wales / Mandagot - "Lies, Lust and Trickery" demo out now
« on: April 19, 2011, 08:16:36 AM »
New punk/BM from Sydney. Please follow this link if interested.


General discussion / Procession of Black Doom zine issue 5 - out now
« on: November 25, 2010, 03:12:48 PM »

Postage Prices in AU$ for a single copy (please let me know if you want more than one):

$6 - Australia
$10 - Asia & NZ
$12 - Europe and the Americas

paypal available at

In Australia, the zine is now available in the following stores:

Le Cabinet Des Curiosities 97 Enmore Rd Enmore, Sydney

Repressed Records 1/ 356 King St Newtown, Sydney

Red Eye Records Shp 1/ 66 King St Sydney City

Utopia Records Lower Ground Floor 511 Kent St Sydney City (around the corner from the Medina Hotel heading towards Darling Harbour - I had trouble finding it myself)

Beatdisc Records Shp 11/ 181 Church St Parramatta, Sydney

And if this isn't anywhere near you, go into your local indie store and ask them why it isn't available and then give them my contact. Seriously, I will deal with anyone who isn't JB Hi-Fi that can be bothered with the underground.

Issue 4 featuring interviews with Drowning the Light, Oracle of the Void, Paroxysmal Descent, Belzebuth, Futility, Nevetherym, Forbidden Citadel of Spirits, Vorkuta(Hun), Snowfall(Can) and Myrrdin(UK), has been reprinted in a limited capacity, so if you want to catch up with that one, I will have copies for you. So will some of the stores.

I am beginning work on Issue 6 and as is my custom would like to release it in time for some big event such as the Armageddon festival in February, but time inevitably will tell.

Bands that are in issue 5, reading this, I shall contact you separately via e-mail. I need your postal addresses so I can send you copies.

For those of you, who have been following the Anon vs Scientology issue, as I know many of you fervently have, you will know that a inquiry has been approved by the senate. The gist of it is that there should be a Public Benefit Test for charities seeking tax exemption, similar to the one in the UK. Scientology did not pass this test in the UK and is currently claiming to be a South Australian charity, effectively dodging the tax bill in the UK.

Now before you post anything in response, please note that it is a federal offence to attempt to prevent somebody from submitting to a senate inquiry, so before you go "you're a fag for caring about this shit" stop and, don't.

Here's a running list of accepted submissions.

Very interesting stuff in there. Notice how some Christian groups have already chimed in. This test will affect them and they are concerned that having done very little charitable work, their tax exemption will be taken away. Rightly so as well. A personal anecdote: A former colleague belonged to a small congregation of protestant or pentecostal Christians (don't remember which). The way they did things was that they obliged members to contribute a 10% tithe to the church (somewhere in the bible it says that you must). With this money they hired premises and basically did whatever the fuck they wanted without support from any large established church. My colleague said that whilst he liked the group, it's where he met his wife, etc...he objected to the tithe requirement due to a lack of transparency on the part of the management as to what was being done with their cash. In fact he stopped paying it and was placed in not-so-good standing with the church because of that. Now, a group such as that is entitled to tax exemption, based in part on a Supreme Court ruling from 1983, related to Scientology, that a fairly loose requirement of a confession to a belief in a deity qualifies you as a religion and therefore tax exemption. The court refused to review it on the basis that it will be tantamount to reviewing the freedom of speech and association. A giant backlog of complaints against scientology and others with the DPP remains unaddressed. So yeah. The public benefit test may cause these people to loose their tax exemption, which is why you, the taxpayer may wish to look into this further. This could be very big news in August when the results are due in.

Meanwhile, if you wish to make a submission, the deadline is June 18 and here's the "how to and where":

General discussion / Autokannon - new tracks
« on: February 10, 2010, 03:08:04 PM »
Autokannon is a thrash/black/speed band from Sydney NSW. Just recorded some tracks at my place, so check them out.

Quote from: Exciter
Noisy, out of tune Death/Black/Thrash hybrid band of mine. Finally released some new tracks which will appear on our new release which should hopefully be finished shortly.

General discussion / Procession of Black Doom Issue 4 - out now
« on: August 08, 2009, 08:02:54 PM »
This is our biggest issue yet at 60A4 pages + A3 poster. Interviews with Drowning the Light, Oracle of the Void, Paroxysmal Descent, Belzebuth, Futility, Nevetherym, Forbidden Citadel of Spirits, Vorkuta(Hun), Snowfall(Can) and Myrrdin(UK). There are 55 reviews, an article on nuclear accidents, a report on the Hole in the Sky festival in Bergen, Norway and a chat with Tony Mulhearn of Cruciform fame where we talk of many things metal old and new.

AU$6/NZ$7/US$7/EU4 (in your area, please contact me for further details)

PayPal available to, or well-hidden cash to PO Box 35 Enmore NSW 2042, Australia.

New South Wales / Valkayrie's Reign - Saturday September 5, Sando
« on: August 04, 2009, 01:19:41 AM »

General discussion / Procession of Black Doom Issue 4 - out soon
« on: July 03, 2009, 06:09:49 PM »

Just a quick note that Procession of Black Doom Zine Issue 4 will be out in 2-3 weeks. There are interviews with Oracle of the Void, Drowning the Light, Paroxysmal Descent, Belzebuth, Futility, Nevetherym, Vorkuta (Hun), Snowfall (Can) and Myrddin (UK). There is an article on nuclear disasters as well as Myrk?s overview of the Hole In the Sky annual metal festival in Bergren and about 60 reviews. This will be our biggest issue yet ? 60 A4 pages with an A3 poster inset.

See you in Issue 5!

General discussion / Vrag - recording an album
« on: May 21, 2009, 02:02:57 AM »

This a message from Vrag to our fans, who we know are legion. After 2 years in the abyss, we are once again whole with Borevit (guitar) and Exciter (drums) stepping up to the challenge of being in this most hated band. After a 5 date tour in early April that took us from Sydney to Hobart with no loss of life or limb supporting the great Anno Domini Mortus (NZ), we have embarked on a full-length recording. This is being done in my home studio and is progressing quite well, now 6 tracks in and about 40% complete. Expect a blending of the most heinous strains of Black Metal into what we know will be a dark, dynamic, angry album with no pretence towards progressivism and spit-polish or any of that shit that?s supposed to get you endorsements, educated nods, and ?rave? reviews. Black Metal being the last bastion of Rock ?n Roll, where it is still dangerous and hated by squares, expect from us nothing less but a relentless work of bitter loathing and cold cynicism.

As we do not expect this disk to see the light of day for some time, things in the underground tending to move somewhat slower than the speed of thought nor do we have immediate plans to desecrate the stage, I offer to you a demo recording that we have put out in September 2008. The original was limited to 50 tapes, but here at Vrag, we feel it deserves another airing. ?Dead to Christ by Sabbat?s Dawn? documents our performances around this time and was recorded in a toilet using Neanderthal technology. You have been warned. Enjoy!

In the Cold Light of Pride and Solitude
-Vrag Moj
May 20, 2009.

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