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The Frontline / Re: Transformers and Starwars crossover/mashup story. 2
« Last post by Nosaj on April 24, 2021, 10:21:43 PM »
As Han solo settles  into his new life as Autobot Skyfire and gets used to his new body. The resistance prepares to evacuate the base. The Autobots remain on guard and keep watch as many resistance ships leave the planet. Outside the base, members of the resistance are frantically trying to get all the munitions loaded onto ships. But the firstorder fleet comes out of hyperspace just above the planet.  In the bridge of the main destroyer. Captain Peavey" We caught them in the middle of their evacuation." Hux" I have orders from supreme leader snoke himself. This is where we wipe out the resistance as well as the autobots. Tell captain Canady to prime his dread naught and incenerate their base, destroy their transports and obliterate their fleet." Out in space a large dreadnaught ship appears with a large laser cannon attatched to it's under belly. Followed by a much larger decepticon ship. Cyclonus" It seems the first order have a ship with a very destructive cannon mounted under neath." Galvatron" So the first order plan to wipe out the resistance and the autobots and rob my of my chance to destroy Prime. We attack now." Scourge" Wait. A small Xwing is approaching." Galvatron" Hmm. He must be planning to stop the dread naught. Good. That means we can save our energy for the Autobots and any of the other resistance rebels still down on the planet." Tripple changers Blitzwing and Astrotrain are looking forward to the impending assault on the autobots. Blitzwing" Finally we get to destroy the Autobots and their sympathisers after so many years." Astrotrain" Yes and this time try not to walk into any traps." Blitzwing" What do you mean?" Astrotrain" The trap on Lord Chumleys property. When you insisted on rescuing that girl, after Optimus Prime left her. He knew it was a trap and lets not forget our attempt at taking over as decepticons leaders, it was a fiasco." Blitzwing" I was doing alright until the constructicons wrecked my scoreboard and formed Devastator." Astrotrain" The constructicons formed Devastator because YOU screwed them over by promising them a partnership in leading the decepticons if they built YOUR maze. then instead of keeping your end of the bargain you insult them." Blitzwing" Well it was YOU that caused the entire city to be flooded. When one of your trains hit a water main, freeing Megatron and starscream in the process. Yes a substandard army of trains to help you carry energon cubes." Astrotrain" Alright lets just drop it. We have Autobots to crush and judging by the first order ships nearby we are not alone." Blitzwing" No. Theres two of us." Astrotrain" Blitzwing you are funnier than the energon shortage on cybertron." Blitzwing" But thats not funny." Astrotrain" Exactly."   
Back on the the destroyer.  Captain Peavey" A much larger ship has also come out of hyperspace, but it's not of the first order or resistance. It must be the Decepticons." Hux" Don't be ridiculous. The Decepticons have been in hiding  and without their leader for years."   As Hux speaks all the decepticon forces leave their ship and descend towards the resistance and autobot base.  Hux and Peavy become busy dealing with Poe Dameron to notice. Poe gets his Xwing charged and then speeds across the dread naught taking out the surface cannons. This will allow the bombers to strike and give the resistance time to escape. An first order officer notices the decepticons descending on the planet below and alerts Hux. Peavey" So it IS the decepticons. Good, hopefully they destroy the Autobots." Hux" The Autobots? Our main concern is the resistance." Peavey" Yes. But the autobot Wheeljack  stole my designs for a new time machine." Hux" A time machine?" Peavy" Yes. A time machine, but you wouldn't think it was by looking at it."
Back at the Autobot and Resistance base. All the resistance is now in space, withthe Autobots remaining on the planet. Wreckgar a junkion is watching the monitors when he see's the Decepticons descending to their base. Wreckgar" Crips..It's the gasman." Wreckgar begins shouting to the other autobots. Wreckgar" GASMAN  GASMAN GASMAN."  Ultramagnus looks to Optimus Prime. Ultramagnus" Whats he yabbering about?" Optimus Prime" The decepticons are arriving and all the resistance have left. It's time to do battle Autobots." Hotrod looks toward a fancy and strange looking lavatory near Wheeljacks workshop. Hotrod" What about Wheeljacks invention?" Bumblebee" What about it? It's just a time traveling toilet that doesn't even work." Ultramagnus" You mean the Turdis?" Hotrod" yes. I mean if the decepticons get a hold of it.." Bumblebee" Yeah but it doesn't work."  Ultramagnus" The Constructicons could make it work."   Bumblebee bursts into fits of laughter. Bumblebee" Haha. Can You imagine the constructicons repairing a time traveling toilet?" Bumblebee has a mental image of the constructicons repairing the turdis. Scrapper" This should almost do it." Longhaul" I can't believe we are repairing a toilet used by flesh creatures." Hook" It is not a mere toilet. It is a time traveling machine." Galvatron" Silence...I WANT THIS TURDIS WORKING NOW!"  Bumblebee" that is funny." Optimusprime" No it's not Bumblebee. We cannot allow the decepticons to gain any device that will have an advantage over us even if it is a time traveling...........toilet. And being a time machine, there's no telling what Galvatron will do if he gets the Turdis working. We will have to destroy it."
The Frontline / Re: Transformers and Starwars crossover/mashup story. 2
« Last post by Nosaj on April 24, 2021, 09:45:02 PM »
Slingshot navigates the depth's of the oscillator while evading falling debris, he finally gets a fix on Han Solo's falling body. Slingshot" Found him. Gotta be careful." Slingshot transforms into robot mode as he gets closer to Han and grabs hold of his body. Slingshot*suprised*" There's still life in him. But it's slipping rapidly. I'd better contact the others and get outta here quick." Slingshot transforms into plane mode with Han lying back in the cockpit. Slingshot contacts Air raid. Slingshot" Air raid. I got him and now leaving the Oscillator." Air raid" You better hurry, it's caving in rather rapidly. How is Han?" Slingshot" He's alive. But barely, he's unconcious at the moment." Air raid" We'd better contact Silverbolt." Slingshot and Air raid make contact with Silver bolt who is fighting alongside Poe's squadron and the other Aerialbots. Silverbolt" I hear You loud and clear Slingshot and Air raid. Whats the problem?" Air raid" Slingshot has just rescued Han and he has been critically injured." Silverbolt" What? Any idea what happened?" Air raid" No. We just found him falling into the depths of the Oscillator." Slingshot"I was lucky to get him out of their in one peice. But we better get Han back to base, his condition isn't good at all." Silverbolt" I'll contact Optimus Prime and report this to him. Maybe Leia can use the force to keep Han alive until we can get back." Slingshot" Good idea."  Silverbolt attempts to contact Optimus Prime at the resistance base. Back at the resistance base. Admiral Ackbar" The Oscillator's been damaged but it's still functional." Officer Tabala Zo" Admiral, their weapon will fire in two minutes." Leia is grief stricken over Han, when Optimus Prime receives a message from Silverbolt. Prime" What is it Silverbolt?" Silverbolt" Prime. Han solo has been severly injured. Slingshot and Air raid have just rescued him and are now on the way back to base." Prime" Good grief. Leia did sense something like that. At least he is still alive. What about Finn and Chewie?" Silverbolt" Air raid say's he saw Chewie, Finn and some young girl leave the oscillator structure, just before Slingshot went after Han.  Han's only just hanging on too Prime." Leia" The girl must be Rey. Silverbolt, I'll use the force to keep him alive until You and the Aerialbots get back to base. But I wont be able to hold out for long." Optimus Prime" Silverbolt. You and the aerialbots will get back to base with Han now. Poe and his team of fighters can take care of the Starkiller base from here on."  Silverbolt" Copy that Prime."
 From a distance in the forest the oscillator is ablaze and fractured from the explosives. Then Rey and Finn appear, coming over rising, running into a bare-tree snowy forest. Finn" The Falcon's this way." Finn and Rey, overcome with emotion, race through the snowy forest -- until Finn slows and stops. Rey stops too, both out of breath. They look at each other. They both know:  they can't run. Kylo Ren moves through the trees -- until he stops. Takes out the saber, ignites it. A still figure amidst the gusts of wind and snow. The Aerial bots fly overhead as they ascend to the sky and prepare for the jump to hyperspace. Skydive see's Finn and Rey facing Kyloren. Skydive" Finn and that girl are in trouble we got to help them." Silverbolt" No, this looks like one of those jedi  battles we can't get involved in.  Besides we gotta get Han back to base. Leia is keeping him alive. But she can't hold out for long." Fireflight" What about the decepticons and the stunticons? They're getting away." Silverbolt" Forget the decepticons. We'll worry about them later." With that the Aerialbots jump into lightspeed for D'Qar.  As the Aerial bots disappear. The Decepticons and Stunticons are flying towards the sky at almost nothing. Galvatron*displeased*" Well? Where is Astrotrain?" But just then a massive ship apears out of lightspeed several yards in front of them. The ship is a hybrid of a first order Star destroyer and a Decepticon ship. A door opens and the bottom of the ship and Astrotrain comes flying out towards Galvatron and co. He transforms into shuttle mode. Galvatron*to Cyclonus*" What is Astrotrain doing in that flying junk pile? They havn't formed an alliance with the First Order have they?" Cyclonus" You pose a good question my lord." Astrotrain collects the decepticons and stunticons and heads back to the decepticon destroyer ship.  All the decepticons are reunited. But Galvatron is less than impressed with the ship they built. Galvatron" What is this pile of junk, the rest of You decepticons are flying in? You better not have formed an alliance with the first order without my approval."  Soundwave" We have no alliance with the first order." Blitzwing *chimes in*" Astrotrain didn't have enough energy to carry all the decepticons to the Starkiller base. So I proposed that the constructicons build a Starship similar to the First order ships, but with some decepticon touches." Galvatron" I see. Well I must say You have done a remarkable job." Scrapper" You should see the base on Mustafar. It is something special." Soundwave punches up an image of the mustafar base on the monitor. Galvatron" Very good Scrapper. You decepticons have done well." Cyclonus" What are Your plans now mighty Galvatron?" Galvatron" Obliterate the Autobots of course." Scourge" What about the first order and the resistance?" Galvatron" I do not care about those puny flesh creatures." Cyclonus" The Starkiller base is going to blow any minute. But I assume the First Order will jump to light speed for D'qar and try and wipe out the resistance and possibly the Autobots." Galvatron" Then we wait for the first order to move to lightspeed for the resistance/autobot base. Optimus Prime will no doubt make sure the Resistance is safely evacuated. This will keep the first order busy. Then we will attack the Autobots before they know whats happened."  Scourge" Unless that Wookie and the flesh creatures warn the autobots." Galvatron" I'm sure Kylo Ren would finish them off before they have that chance."
Back in the forest and Kyloren is facing off Finn and Rey. Finn holds Lukes lightsabre and Rey holds a storm trooper blaster. Kyloren" We're not done yet." Rey" You're a monster."  Kyloren" I'ts just us now. Han Solo can't save You." After a beat, Rey moves forward with the blaster and fires at Kylo Ren. Kyloren uses the force to stop Rey in her tracks, remove her blaster and send her flying into a tree. She is dazed and hurt. Finn runs up to her to make sure she is alright. But the sound of Kylo's light sabre causes him to turn around. Kylo Ren" Traitor." Finn reacts by tunring on Lukes Lightsabre. Kyloren is shocked. Kyloren" That light sabre. It belongs to me." Finn" Come get it." And the 2 begin a light sabre duel. Kyoren is hampered by his wound inflicted by chewie. But he eventualy defeats Finn and knocks him unconcious. The light sabre flies out of his hand. Kyloren uses the force to recall the light sabre. But it's Rey who gets the light sabre. It isn't long before they engage in a sabre duel. Kyloren is shocked by her raw innate skill. Meanwhile Poe Dameron and his team have seen the explosion in the oscillator. YoloZiff" Theres a brand new hole in the oscillator." Poe" Red four! Red six! cover us." Lt.Bastian" I'm on it." Poe" Everyone else hit that target hard. Give it everything You got." Poe and two more xwing fighters go into the trench leading to the oscillator. As they approach one xwing is hit. Poe" All teams- I'm going in. Pull up and cover me." Niv Lek" Copy that. Good luck Poe." The trailing X-wings peel off as Poe's black fighter darts into the fiery breach.
Inside Starkiller base control room. The sun is almost completely gone. Starkiller technician" Weapon at full capacity in 30 seconds." Hux" Prepare to fire." Outside at the starkiller oscillator.Poe's X-wing weaves through the breach. A pursuing tie fighter does not clear the gap, leaving Poe to circle the interior of the unguarded structure, firing volley after volley of torpedoes. The remaining X-Wings -- including Poe's -- blast the place --and the structure begins to crater, deep underground EXPLOSIONS!
In the forest Rey and Kyloren are in a furious light sabre battle. Rey seems to be over powering Kyloren. But Kylo finds his strength and pushed Rey back into the forest. Suddenly the ground gives way behind her and she is fighting on the edge of a brand new cliff.  Kyloren" You need a teacher. I can show you the ways of the force." Rey" The force."  Rey closes her eys for a moment. When she opens them. She is focused and pounds back. Rey continually attacks Kyloren with speed and fury. Kylo is knocke dto the ground repeatedly and his light sabre is knocked out of his hand. Inflicting a scar on the side of his face. Rey could kill him with one vicious strike. But she stops,realizing she stands on the edge of the darkside. The planet shakes and splits. A gully forms. In the control room everyone prepares to evacuate as the entire base continues to crumble. Hux is standing before Snoke. Hux" The fuel cells have ruptured. The collapse of the planet has begun." Snoke" Leave the base at once and come with me to Kyloren. It is time to complete his training." Back in the forest Rey turns and runs to Finn who is lying near death on the ground. She holds him almost in tears as the planet falls apart around them. Then the falcon appears with Chewie at the controls. He roars to them. Moments later Rey and Finn are on the falcon and they blast of into space as the planet crumbles behind them followed by the resistance xwing fighters lead by Poe. They all enter lightspeed and head for home.
At the resistance base on D'qar. The falcon has landed among the other resistance ships. Poe is there watching as Chewie scuttles down the ramp carrying an unconscious Finn. Medical personel meet them and usher them inside. Rey walks down the ramp and for the first time see's Leia and Optimus Prime. C3PO, BB8, Hot rod and Bumblebee are with them. Rey is sad for Leia. The two women embrace. Rey" I can't believe Han is gone. I'm so sorry." Leia" He is gone yet. But he is in a very critical condition."  C3PO" And we wont know how bad it is until he wakes up. If he wakes up." Bumblebee" The medics are doing all they can 3PO." Optimus Prime looks to Leia and Rey. Rey turns from Leia and looks to Optimus Prime and the other Autobots. Prime" You must be Rey." Rey*nods*" Yes." Prime" I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots who are in a symbiant alliance with the Resistance." Rey becomes aquainted with Leia and the Autobots as they make their way into the resistance base. Inside Chewbacca (unaware the Aerial bots have rescued Han) and a few others are sitting quietly mourning their losses. As BB8 aproaches R2D2. The long dormant droid suddenly stirs. C3PO" R2D2 You've come back? You found what? How dare You call me that."  3PO swats R2. 3PO" find master Luke how? Come R2 we must tell the others at once." Leia stands at the computer heartbroken. C3PO" Excuse me General Leia. But R2D2 may contain some much needed good news." Leia" Tell me." Rey stands with Leia, Poe, C3PO, BB8, Optimus Prime,the Autobots  and a handfull of  resistance officers. R2 suddenly projects a large navigational map with a specific chunk missing. BB8 beeps. Poe" Alright buddy." Poe gets the data device out of the computer and puts it into BB8. BB8 projects his map and shrinks it down to fit into R2D2's map. Everyone is amazed. C3PO" The map. It's complete." Leia*hand on here heart* " Luke". Everyone cheers. C3PO leans on R2. C3PO" Oh my dear friend. How I've missed you."
A new day in the resistance base. Both Finn and Han are unconsious in ICU. Their fates uncertain. Rey sits near them.  Deeply worried but sensing Finn has  a much higher chance of survival then Han. But knowing Han would have truly been gone if it weren't for the Aerialbots. Rey says her goodbye to Han and then kisses Finn. Rey* to Finn*" Well see each other again. I believe that."
Outside the base. Chewie is doing last minute checks on the Falcon. Rey stands with Leia. Rey" Theres something I need to tell Optimus Prime before I leave with Chewie." Leia" I can tell him. What is it?" Rey" On the starkiller base. We came across the Decepticons and their leader Galvatron, they are on their way here now along with the first order" Leia*alarmed*" I must tell Prime at once. Have they teamed with the first order?" Rey" I don't know. Galvatron allowed us to destroy the oscillator. But thats because he wanted to destroy Prime himself." Leia" I'll speak to Prime about this. You better get going and find Luke and may the force be with you."  This fills Rey up. she smiles graciously. Rey then head for the  falcon and goes inside.  Soon they fly  of into space  and blast into light speed. The next generation of Jedi begins her journey.   The falcon comes out of light speed and enters the atmosphere of Ahch-to. They eventually land on an island. Rey begins her hike up the mountain with Chewie and R2 watching at the bottom near the falcon. Rey finally arrives at a clearing and see's a man in a cloak and hood withhis back to her. the man slowly turns to Rey and pulls back his hood.  It is Luke skywalker. He is much older now with grey hair and a beard. Rey pulls Lukes lightsabre out of her pack and hands it to him. Luke looks on amazed and conflicted. The promise of an adventure just beginning.
Back at the Resistance and Autobot base on Dqar. Bumblebee and C3PO are watching over Han and Finn while Optimus Prime, Ultramagnus and Leia discuss their next move.  C3PO" Well Rey, Chewbacca and R2 are on their way to  find master Luke." Bumblebee" R2 would be very happy to see Luke I imagine and Chewie."  Just then  Han Solo starts to regain consiousness. But is still in a bad way.  C3PO" Oh my. Solo is waking up." Han" 3PO? Bumblebee? Where am I?" Bumblebee" You're at the resistance base on Dqar." Han" Last thing I remember was being peirced by Bens light sabre. Then falling into the pit below me." Bumblebee" Yeah. Slingshot rescued You. Leia used the force to keep You alive." Han tries to get up but can't. Han" I can't move my legs." First aid from the protectobots(who has become the new autobot medic after the death of Ratchet) and a medical officer walk into the ICU. Medic" You sustained alot of damage Solo. That lightsabre narrowly missed your heart. But it severed  your spinal column from the chest down. You will never walk again." Han is devastated and so is Leia as she enters the ICU with Optimus Prime, Ultramagnus and Preceptor. First aid" Well not as normal human anyway." Bumblebee*bewildered*" What do you mean?" Leia" I know what he means." Prime" So do I." Han" You mean a cybernetic reconstruction like Vader?" Leia, the medic and the autobots nod. C3PO" I must say princes Leia. That kind of proceedure will take too long and we simply don't have time." Ultramagnus" He's right, what with the imminent attack of the first order as well as the decepticons. I can't believe he's back." Prime" Galvatron would have been found sooner or later. But right now we have to find a solution for Han." Preceptor" There might be another option." Bumblebee" Not the Transformable Xwings." Han" The what?"  Leia has a concerned look on her face. Prime" It was one of Wheeljack, Preceptor and Ratchets experiments. They intended to boost our Autobot forces by modifying a couple of Xwing fighters, so they can transform into robots like us. They were perfect too. Only problem is we forgot that we were too far from cybertron to access vector sigma. The super computer that gave us all life." Bumblebee" And even if we could. The key was destroyed when Megatron used Vecta sigma to create the Stunticons."
Han" Interesting. So whats the plan?" Preceptor" Using a mind transfer machine. We can put Your mind and spirit into the central processor of the transformable xwing." Firstaid" You would basically become a transformer." Ultramagnus" Thats if it works." Leia" what if it doesn't." Firstaid" We could lose Han forever."  Bumblebee" So in otherwords dead." Han" Snoke and Ben think I'm dead and if Snoke realises I'm alive. He will kill Ben. I'll do it." Leia is uneasy about the idea. Leia" I don't like this." Prime" Are You sure about this Han? It's very risky like Firstaid said. We could lose you forever." Han" Optimus. I have been tortured on a scan grid by Vader. Frozen in carbonite. Imprisoned by Jabba the hutt and now impaled by a lightsabre. How bad could it be?" Prime" You have a good point Han. Very well get to it Preceptor and first aid."  Bumblebee, Leia and C3PO wheel Hans bed into another larger room where the Transformable Xwings  are. FirstAid and Bumblebee put a dome like helmet over Han Solos head and connect it to a large computer like device. Preceptor takes another cable from the device and hooks it into the CPU socket of the  Transformable Xwing. Prime" How is it going?" Preceptor" Everything is in readiness." Firstaid and Preceptor make a few vital adjustments on the computer. Everyone in the room crosses their finger and hope for the best as Preceptor prepares to throw the switch. Han" If this fails. It's been truly great knowing everyone of You." Preceptor" Counting down from 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1." Preceptor pulls the switch. The machine comes to life, sending Han Solo's entire consciousness and life force into the cpu of the Transformable Xwing. Moments later and the process is complete. Hans body is completely lifeless. Leia watches over in tears. The autobots are anxious. Preceptor" It is finished." He unhooks the xwing and Hans body from the machine.
For a while there is uncertainty as the Transformable Xwing is motionless. But all of a sudden life. The CPU begins to boot up as Hans life force begins to flow into every circuit of the Xwing. Leia and the Autobots watch on with a mix of excitement and dread. Then a robotic voice booms from the Xwing. Han" Woa. This feels different." Everyone sighs with relief. Bumblebee" You alright in there Han?" Han" As good as I can be. It's one hell of an adjustment. Instead of having a fast ship like the Falcon. I feel like I am the falcon." C3PO" The xwings are quite fast Solo." Prime" Thats only half of it. Try and transform." After a few seconds the rear of the Xwing extends and then splits in 2 like legs. Han then stands up as the cockpit moves down to his chest, the wings fold back, arms emerge out of the sides of the rear cockpit. Finally a head emerges. A gun appears in Hans hand. Leia and the Autobots are speechless. Ultramagnus puts the autobot symbol on Hans chest" It worked. Solo. You are now an Autobot."  Bumblebee" Now You just need a new name." Han" Very true. Bens life is in danger if Snoke knows I live on as an Autobot." Prime" It'll have to be something that describes your powers or personality." Han" Well I've always been a great pilot." Leia" And good with a blaster." C3PO" Master Luke once described your attack on the 1st death star as like Fire coming from the Sky." Han" Fire from the sky?" Everyone gives strange looks. Bumblebee" How about Skyfire?" Han" Skyfire. Hey I like that." Prime" Very well. Han. As an Autobot You shall now be known as Skyfire."

The Frontline / Re: Transformers and Starwars crossover/mashup story. 2
« Last post by Nosaj on April 24, 2021, 09:43:57 PM »
While the Aerialbots are guarding the falcon and watching for Decepticons. Han, Finn and Chewie are making progress along the epic snowscape and cross the terrain. Walkers appear on the horizon. Han, Finn and Chewie take cover behind a base structure. Chewie carries a black duffel  of explosives.  Finn" The flooding tunnels are over that ridge. We'll get in that way." Han" What was your job when you were based here?"  Finn" Sanitation." Han" Sanitation? Then how do you know how to disable the shields?"  Finn" I don't. I'm just here to get Rey."  Han" People and the Autobots are counting on us! The galaxy is counting on us--!"  Finn" Solo, we'll figure it out! We'll use the Force!"  Han" That's not how the Force works--!" Chewie MOANTALKS. Han (CONT'D) "Oh really, you're cold?"  Finn" Come on!" They follow Finn on the snowy hike. On the horizon, the laser siphon is shooting into the sky. Slowly sucking the sun dry. It is visable to both the Aerialbots and Decepticons.
Inside Starkiller base control room. Technicians at work, the SUN SUCKING seen in the window behind them. General Hux" Report."  First order officer" Weapon charged in fifteen minutes,sir." The decepticons are watching the lazer siphon sucking the sun dry. Cyclonus" It appears these flesh creatures use the energy of the sun to power their weapon." Galvatron" Bah. We could have comeup with something like that." Galvatron see's an airduct a few feet away. Galvatron" Ah there's our entrance right there. Lets go." The Decepticons and stunticons enter the airduct and make their way into starkiller base. In the 4th corridor of starkiller base.  A STORMTROOPER waits to board a Transport Compartment. The door WHOOSHES open -- HAN, FINN and CHEWIE are there! Stormtrooper FN-9330" Hey!" He fumbles for his blaster but Chewie shoots first. WIDE  ANGLE of the corridor as the Trooper flies back, dead. Chewie drags him out of sight. Han and Finn peer around a corner, wary. Han" The longer we're here, less luck we're going to have. The shields?" Finn" I have an idea about that." Han and Chewie follow Finn.
Captain Phasma heads down a corridor, distant Stormtroopers. Suddenly Phasma is t-boned hard and fast and shoved into narrow cross corridor. Chewbacca has his arms around Captain Phasma and she is forced to face Finn who is holding a blaster on her. Finn" Remember me?" Phasma" FN-2187."  Finn" Not anymore. The name's Finn, and I'm in charge. I'm in charge now, Phasma. I'm in charge."   Han" Bring it down. Bring it down." Finn"  Follow me.*smiles*"
In the atrium area of starkiller base. Rey holds onto her blaster as she peers around the corner. She moves along a very long walkway making her way to a large hanger reavealing hundreds of tie fighters. Her plan is clear. To steal a ship to escape. But there is a group of storm troopers and guards in conversation. As she tries to think of what to do next another group of storm troopers are heading her way. Her mind races and she runs across the walk way and climbs down a ladder. Her fingertips disappearing over the edge just as the Troopers approach and continue.  Rey holds on carefully as the guards walk off, not seeing her over the edge, a death drop below her. But then she sees something and has a brainstorm. She strenuously cross-climbs to an invisible service hatch , which She opens, and climbs INSIDE THE WALL, closing the hatch behind her.
In the control access point of starkiller base. Phasma sits infront of a work station. Finn,Han and Chewie have blasters aimed. Phasma reluctantly works the controls. Finn" You want me to blast theat bucket of Your head? Lower the sheilds." Phasma" You're making a big mistake." Finn" Do it." Chewie MOAN/TALKS. Phasma hits a few more buttons -- the controls BEEP-CLICK. "SHIELDS DISABLE INITIATE". Eyes on the workstation.  Finn" (cont'd) Solo, if this works, we're not going to have a lot of time to find Rey."  Han" Don't worry kid, we won't leave here without her." The controls BEEP-CLICK. "SHIELDS DISABLED".  Captain Phasma"(to Finn, cruel) You can't be so stupid as to think this will be easy. My troops will storm this block and kill you all." Finn" I disagree. What do we do with her?"   Han"  Is there a garbage chute? Trash compactor?" Finn" Yeah, there is..."
Back at the resistance base. An alert, officers are at their consoles. Officer" General the shields are down." C3PO" Thank the maker." Leia" Han did it. Send them in." Admiral Statura" Give Poe full authorization to attack." Rear Admiral Gulch" Black Leader, go to sub-lights. On your call." Poe"           Roger, base -- red squad, blue squad,take my lead.
At starkiller base a squadron of resistance fighters led by Poe Dameron  jump out of light speed. They are soon joined by the Aerial bots and begin their attack. Air raid" Finally we're gunna get some action."   Poe" Nice of You guys to join us. we'll need all the help we can get to destroy that oscillator." Slingshot" We were getting bored anyway wating around anyway." Silverbolt" We also have to keep an eye out for any decepticons." Nein numb mutters something. Poe" The decepticons are the least of our worries...I hope."    The aerial bots and the resistance fighters begin their bombing runs on the oscillator. Poe"Almost in range! Hit the target dead center, as many runs as we can get!" The oscillator is hit sending shockwaves through the base. It isn't long before General Hux sends a squadron of tie fighters. Soon the resistance fighters and Aerialbots are fighting the tie fighters.
In the junction area of starkiller base. Han,Finn and Chewie have found and reunited with Rey. As they proceed to leave the base for the falcon. Kylo Ren and several storm troopers are investigating another disturbance at the same hanger Rey was hiding in. It turns out to be Galvatron and the decepticons. Galvatron looks upon Kyloren with rage. Galvatron" It's Vader. Destroy him." Galvatron aims his arm mounted cannon and fires. Only for Kyloren to stop galvatrons laser blast, step out of the way and release it again, hitting part of the hanger wall. Kyloren" I am not Vader. But I am his grandson Kyloren." Galvatron" His grandson eh?" Cyclonus" He must be the son of those flesh creatures Han Solo and Princess Leia. Who we encounted on Endor" Galvatron" Yes that would make sense." Kyloren" Leader Snoke would be delighted to have You decepticons join us in defeating the resistance." Galvatron" Lordvader and Emperor Palpatine had a similar proposition and they tried to enslave us. I would sooner vapourise you and your forces on the spot. Than team up with you. Besides, my goal is to destroy the autobots." Kyloren" The Autobots have a strong alliance with the resistance. If You joined forces with the first order.  We could wipe out both the resistance AND the autobots." Cyclonus" I don't trust him, mighty Galvatron or this snoke." Galvatron" Me neither. I shall have to think about this proposition. Decepeticons and Stunticons we leave this base. You will know of my decision son enough Kyloren." Kyloren" Very well Galvatron."

Back on Mustafar after receiving news that Galvatron has been found and revived. The constructicons along with  all the other decepticons not only repair the energy mining facility, but expand on it, creating a decepticon fortress. Soundwave makes contact with Galvatron. Galvatron" Report Soundwave." Soundwave" Mining facility has been repaired and has been extended into a powerful fortress." Galvatron" Excellent Soundwave. We are on Starkiller base. The first order is preparing to launch their assault on the resistance base. Optimus Prime and the Autobots are also at the resistance base. Once I know the location of the resistance base. You and all the other decepticons are to joins us. Then we will wipe out the Autobots once and for all." Soundwave" Affirmative." The communication ends. Astrotrain looks to Soundwave. Astrotrain" Thats too many decepticons for me to carry around the galaxy." Blitzwing" Then why don't we just build a starship like the first order have." Scrapper" We will get on it right away. The good thing about all this lava. Not only is it an unlimited source of energy. But it contains so many useful minerals and materials." The constructicons and the decepticons being building a decepticon version of a first order star destroyer." Back on Starkiller base it's chaos with tie fighters and xwings blasting one another. Poe's fighter nearly collides with a close passing tiefighter. Snap" I got one begind me see it?" Jess" Yeah. I'm on it."   A heavy cannon emplacement launches a missile that shreds an X-wing fighter. Jess" Furillo's been hit!"  Snap"Watch out for ground fire!"  The X-wings and Aerial bots roar across the sky, blasting and dodging the tie fighters and missiles. On the ground. Han, Finn, Rey and Chewie, run out, into the snow, stopping, eyes on the sky, watching the lop-sided battle. The 4 heros turn to each other. Han" They're in trouble. We can't leave. (to Finn, re: Chewie) My friend here has a bag full of explosives. Let's use 'em."
Back at the resistance base.   A Resistance Technician turns to Leia. Kaydel Ko Connix" General, are you seeing this?" Vober Dand" Two more X-wings down. That's half our fleet destroyed." Bumblebee" This doesn't look good and no word from the Aerial bots either." C3PO" And their weapon will be fully charged in 10 minutes! It would take a miracle to save us now." Optimus Prime" Han and Chewie can do it. I just hope they all get back safely." Leia" So do I Prime." Hotrod" At least there's no decepticon activity...yet."
Back on Starkiller base. Han,Finn, Chewie and Rey are at the door of the oscillator structure. But just as they enter, Galvatron, his decepticon troops and the stunticons land directly in their path. Finn" I got a bad feeling about this." Chewbacca roars. Rey" Who are those things?" Han" They are the decepticons. We had a run in with 5 of them earlier." Galvatron" Miserable flesh creatures. Prepare to be vapourised." As Galvatron aims his cannon at Han solo an his friends. Cyclonus interupts. Cyclonus" Mighty Galvatron. It's the rebellion general Han solo and his wookie sidekick Chewbacca." Galvatron*snaps*" Are You sure? and who are they other two?" Cyclonus" My scanners indicate the female is a lowly scavenger  from a junk planet and the male is a former storm trooper." Galvatron" I see. (to Han) If You truly are the rebellion general Hansolo. Then You will know where Optimus Prime and the Autobots are." Han" I have no idea what You are talking about." Galvatron" Don't give me that. You are Primes beloved pet. You know exactly where he is." Han" Hey. I'm no one's  pet." Galvatron *chuckles*" It is Han Solo. Now kindly tell me where Prime is so I can obliterate him." Finn*wispers to Rey*" I think Galvatron has a few screws loose." Rey' You're not wrong." Han" I'll never betray the Autobots." Scourge" He wont have to. I have hacked into the mainframe systems of Starkiller base and they are set to destroy the planet D'Qar with their weapon." Galvatron" The resistance base must be there. Which also means the autobots and prime." Finn" Not if we get into the oscillator and set up our explosives." Galvatron" Decepticons.  Stand back and Let  Solo and his friends get on with their mission." Rey,Finn,Chewie and Han look on in suprise. Rey" Why are You helping us?" Galvatron looks down to Rey with a evil glare. Galvatron" Because I should be the one who rips the life spark out of Optimus Prime. NOT the first order."  Rey, Finn, Chewie and Han enter the complex and it's not long before Han and Chewie begin planting the charges  all around various parts of the oscillator structure. Galvatron makes contact with Soundwave on mustafar. Galvatron" Change of plans Soundwave. The resistance are going to destroy Starkiller base You and all the Decepticons board Astrotrain and come to Starkiller base immediately. " Soundwave" Affirmative."

Cyclonus" Kyloren ask's us to join him and the first order tohelp wipe out the resistance and the autobots. Only for the first order to rob us of the chance to terminate Optimus prime. They insult us might Galvatron."  Galvatron" Yes, I think we should pay this Snoke a visit." Scourge" But how do we find him in time?" Gavlatron" We find Kyloren. Then HE will take us to Snoke. We'll follow the same path as Han solo and his friends. " Galvatron and the decepticons go back into the Oscillator to follow Han.  Meanwhile Han and Chewie are planting charges while evading detection from passing storm troopers. Kyloren enters the Oscillator which is a colossal cylindrical structure, consisting of dark corridores and catwalks. Kylo Ren comes to a stop, scans the catwalks and senses something. He motions the Stormtrooper squad upwards. Kylo" Find them."  They rush past him. Kylo Ren turns slowly, and heads down. The Stormtroopers move up the ramp, weapons ready, checking carefully where blind corners intersect from the perimeter. They come round to the next higher level and pass Chewie who is hidding in the shadows of the grillwork. Once they're gone, he plants another charge. Outside the Starkiller base near the oscillator structure. A Snowspeeder comes to a stop outside the structure. Finn and Rey stop for a moment, look to the sky: The sun is nearly gone.
Inside the oscillator structure it is now dark. Han finishes setting a charge and is about to move on when he hears something and conceals himself behind a wide, vertical support. He peaks around the edge and his whole demeanor changes. Kylo Ren appears and stops at the railing, looking down into the filter.  Han looks at his son with a tortured storm of feelings. Kylo ren he resumes his hunt. He heads directly toward where Han is hiding! Kylo Ren has an increasing sense of Hans presence  as he moves closer. He comes to where Han was hiding -- but Han is nowhere to be seen. From his hiding place in a narrow, power chamber in the wall. Han watches his son pass only a few feet in front of him.  Han shifts his position  in the tight compartment, so he can watch Ren's progress. Kylo Ren turns onto a  flat bridge that bisects the open space. Unaware of his father, Kylo Ren walks purposefully across to the opposite side. Han watches his son walk off -- the CLANK- CLANK of Kylo Ren's boots receding. This is Han's opportunity to escape but Leia's words echo through his mind. He makes a decision and moves out, to the edge of the catwalk. He calls out, strongly: Han" Ben!" The name echos as Kylo Ren stops, far across the vast catwalk. He turns. Kyloren" Han Solo. I've been waiting for this day for a long time. Finn and Rey make their way into the space, opening a hatch that allows a beam of precious sunlight to stream down like a spotlight on Han and his son. Finn and Rey get to a railing and look down. They can see and hear Han and Kylo Ren on the catwalk below. Finn and Rey are soon followed by the Galvatron and the decepticons who land on a railing opposite Rey and Finn. Scourge" There he is. Now he can take us to Snoke. But what is Solo doing there?" Cyclonus"It appears that  Han Solo is trying to turn his son back to the good side." Galvatron" Hmm. This could work to our advantage." Cyclonus"With Kyloren back to the light side,it could weaken the first order." Galvatron" Exactly. Lets observe." The decepticons go quiet and watch the drama unfold between father and son.
Han" Take that mask of You don't need it." Kyloren" What do you think you'll see if I do." Han" The face of my son." Han moves towards Kylo.  Kyloren removes his mask. Han is jolted-seeing the face of his son as  a man for the first time. Kyloren" Your son is gone. He was weak and foolish, like his father. So I destroyed him." Han" That's what Snoke wants you to believe but it's not true. My son is alive." Several levels below them, Chewie comes to the rail to watch. Kyloren"  No. The supreme leader is wise."  Up above, Finn,Chewie and Rey watch. The decepticons also watch on in anticipation. While storm troopers dot the perimetre of the structure.  Han sternly moves closer. Han" Snoke is using you for your power. When he gets what he wants, he'll crush you -- you know it's true." Kyloren" It's too late." Han" No it's not. Leave here with me. Come home. We miss you." For the first time, Kylo Ren seems truly conflicted. Tears flood his stoic eyes... Kyloren" I'm being torn apart. I want to be free of this pain. " The interior of the structure gets darker. Han takes one step toward his son, but stops himself. Kylorren" I know what I have to do, but I don't know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me?" Han hears his son's voice again, pained and vulnerable. Han" Yes. Anything." Kylo Ren unholsters his lightsaber and slowly extends it to Han, within a foot of Han's chest. Han almost can't believe it. The moment seems to last forever. The decepticons watch gleefully. Cyclonus" With Kyloren turning to the lightside, the first order will collapse." Galvatron" Yes and then it's just the Autobots we have to worry about."  Just then, the last beam of sunlight streaming through the open hatch vanishes. Han actually smiles -- and reaches out for the dark weapon --but with the light now gone, KYLO REN'S EYES FILL WITH DARKNESS, HE IGNITES THE LIGHTSABER -- THE FIERY BLADE SHOOTS OUT, RIGHT THROUGH HAN'S CHEST AND BACK! Kyloren" Thankyou." Above finn and Rey gasp and scream. Finn" Solo." Rey" No, no."  Han's last moment is looking into his son's face. Han's knees buckle. The blade tilts down with him... until Kyloren extinguishes it and Han holds onto the catwalk -- his life slipping away. Finally Han falls back, off the catwalk, into the depths of the structure. None of the Decepticons kow what to make of this development.  Galvatron looks on with astonishment at Kyloren.  Galvatron" Bah. So much for Han Solo." Scourge" Should we go after Kyloren now?" Galvatron" Negative. That furball Chewbacca is about to set of those bombs they planted. This whole base is as good as gone. Decepticons to the air. Astrotrain should be here by now." The decepticons take to the air.
At the resistance base. Leia feels the wicked deed instantly and falls into her chair. Devastated. Back in the oscillator structure. Kyloren is weakend by his wicked act. Himself horrified. His shock is broken only when Chewie cries out in agony and fires on him. Hitting him inthe side. Kyloren falls back stunned. Stormtroopers fire at chewie, who is forced to retreat down a corridor, where he holds the explosive remote -- he pushes the button.  First one, then two, then four, then  six explosions rock the structure -- catwalks fall as the walls cave in. Kylo Ren sees Rey and Finn, watching the explosions in shock -- then they see Kyloren who recognizes them both, with astonishment. He rises to his full height and heads for them with long strides. Stormtroopers begin to blast away at Rey and Finn. Crazed, Rey fires back as blasts hit around her. Finn wraps an arm around her and drags/carries her out of sight. 
But unknown to Rey,Finn, Chewie, Kyloren and the Decepticons.  Aerialbots Air raid and Sling shot  are flying just over the exploding oscillator structure. Air raid" Slingshot. I'm picking up a life form thats falling to the bottom of this structure." Sling shot" Ha, it's probably a storm trooper."  Air raid extends his scanner range. Air raid" No. It's, it's Han Solo." Sling shot" What? is he alive?" Air raid" I can't tell." Slingshot" Well we better go after him. Dead or not we can't just leave him here. I'm going after him." Air raid" I'll cover you. But first we must contact Silverbolt."  Sling shot dives down into the depths of the oscillator structure to find Han's body. Air raid covers him.

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Kyloren and the storm troopers are searching for Rey as she looks for a ship to escape. Kylo ren concludes Rey is testing out her force powers and she'll become more dangerous.   Rey moves down a long glossy hall. taking cover in an alcove. Holding onto the storm troopers blaster tight.
The Millenium Falcon screams past flying at light speed.  With the Aerialbots following behind.  Finn "How are we getting in?" Han "Their shields have a fractional refresh rate. Keeps anything traveling slower than lightspeed from getting through. Finn is suddenly filled with dread." Finn" We're gonna make our landing approach at lightspeed?!" Chewie, thinking it's crazy too, roars as if to say: HELL YES WE ARE! Han" Alright, Chewie, get ready." Chewie GROANS: he's ready. Han studies the PANEL INDICATORS. Han (CONT'D)" And Now! Chewie and Han hit switces. The Falcon's ENVIRONMENT SHIFTS INSTANTLY FROM LIGHTSPEED TO PLANET ATMOSPHERE -- it's suddenly FLYING 100 FEET ABOVE THE SNOWY, ROCKY GROUND, HEADED FOR A THICK FOREST! Chewbacca groans. Han" I AM PULLING UP!!"  But the Falcon has no time -- it PLOWS through the trees! It then RISES -- In the cockpit  ALARMS BLARE as the ship SLAMS THROUGH BRANCHES, SHOOTS TOWARD SKY! Han does his best to steer -- Chewie GROANS -- in the madness Han YELLS" I get any higher, they'll see us!" And the ship DIVES again, back into the trees. A quiet CLEARING on the forest TREELINE. Suddenly the MILLENNIUM FALCON HURTLES OUT OF THE FOREST! From an eruptio of BRANCHES and PINE, the ship DIVES -- SLAMS INTO THE SNOW! It DIGS THROUGH A THOUSAND YARDS OF WHITE until it finally comes to a canted stop, half buried in the snow! Minutes later the Aerialbots come out of hyperspace and land behind the Falcon. Skydive" Woah. That was quite a ride." Finn,Han and Chewbacca exit the falcon. The Aerialbots transform from plane mode to robot mode. Finn looks to Han and Chewbacca. Finn" I can't believe I just saw that." Han" You'll get used to it kid. Chewie get back in the falcon and lower the falcons cargo door so the Aerialbots can refuel." Chewbacca presses a few buttons and a large door at the rear of the falcon drops down revealing a large stock pile of energon cubes. Han" You guys better refuel. You're gunna need it." Silverbolt" Thanks Han. Aerialbots lets grab the energon cubes." Slingshot" Thanks Han and I take back what I said earlier." Han" Don't worry about it. Just restore Your energy quickly. You'll need to cover us while we get to into the base and disable the shields." Slingshot"No problem."
Meanwhile the decepticons are almost finished freeing Galvatron from his icy imprisonment and now only need to revive him. But Scourge detects the presence of the falcon and the Aerialbots. Scourge" Cyclonus. the Millenium falcon has just come out of hyperspace and landed on the planet. Along with the Aerialbots. We must stop them." Cyclonus" No. We do not have time to play around Scrourge. We must  revive Galvatron. The Stunticons will take care of those pests. Stunticons find the Falcon and terminate it's occupants." Motormaster" It'll be a pleasure." The stunticons  transform into car mode and take off in search of the Millenium Falcon, while the rest of the decepticons start reviveing Galvatron. 
Inside Starkiller base. Officer" Sir, she was not found in hangar 718 but all troops are on alert." Kylo Ren "Put every hangar on lock-down. She's going to try to steal a ship to--" Suddenly, Kylo senses something. Something familiar. Kylo Ren (cont'd)" Han Solo..."
Back at the falcon. Finn becomes aquainted with the Aerialbots while they refuel. Han and Chewbacca keep a lookout for any Decepticons and for a way into Starkiller base, when Chewbacca see's the Stunticons fast approaching to his left. But he thinks it's Optimus Prime and some autobots. Chewie groans to Han. Han" What are You talking about Chewie? Optimus Prime is at the base with Leia." Chewbacca points Han to the approaching vehicles. Han grabs the viewing goggles of Chewie.  Han" They are similar looking vehicles. But it's not like the Autobots to be driving so fast, recklessly and eratic." Han pauses for a moment and remembers something Optimus Prime and Bumblebee once told him. Han" It's not the Autobots Chewie. It's the Stunticons." The Stunticons are now closing in. Breakdown" Good guess flesh creature." Dragstrip" Haha Nice ship." Deadend" It's a pile of junk." Wildrider" Then lets waste it then." Motormaster" Followed by those 2 humans and big foot."  Han" Finn,Chewie get back to the ship. These guys will kill us." Slingshot" Not if we can help it." As the 3 run back to the falcon for safety. The Aerialbots jump into action after finishing recharging. They transform into jet mode and fly after the stunticons. Breakdown" It's the aerialbots." Silverbolt" Your drivers licenses are about to expire Stunticons." The aerialbots open fire on the stunticons. the stunticons transform into robot mode and fire back. Finn,Han and Chewbacca watch on. Finn" YEAH. GO GET EM AERIALBOTS."  But Finn speaks too soon. MotorMaster" Stunticons merge to become Menasor." Motormaster remains in robot mode while the other 4 transform into car mode. Motormaster then transforms into the head and torso of Menasor while the 4 cars transform into the limbs and combining to form Menasor. Menasor" Menasor crush Aerialbots, rebels and the falcon."  Chewbacca howls while Finn looks on in shock. Finn" WHAT IN THE WORLD JUST HAPPENED? THOSE STUNTICONS JUST BECAME A MONSTER ROBOT!!" Han" Oh. Their another combiner group, like the constructicons." Finn" WHAT?" Han" There are some groups of those robots that can combine their bodies and minds into a much larger and more powerful robot and this one is very dangerous according to Optimus Prime." Finn" YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME."  Han" Calm down kid and look at the aerialbots. I think they have the same power." Silverbolt" Right You are Solo. Aerialbots transform into Superion." The Aerialbots transform and combine into superion in the same way the Stunticons formed Menasor. Superion and Menasor engage in hand to hand combat. Superion" Solo go now and disable the sheild for the resistance. Han, Finn and Chewbacca get going, while Superion and Menasor continue to battle it out. Menasor" Disable shield?" The Menasor transforms into the Stunticons and they retreat. Motormaster" We gotta warn the decepticons about this."  Superion transforms into the Aerialbots and they guard the falcon.
Back in the icecave. Cyclonus and Scourge pump Galvatron with energon to warm and revive him. Galvatron slowly comes to his senses, but he is still as insane as ever. Galvatron angrily gets up. Galvatron" Who awakens me?" Cyclonus" Mighty Galvatron we have come to deliver You from." Galvatron punches Cyclonus and sends him flying into a cave wall. Galvatron*while knocking Scourge and the sweeps about*" MY KINGDOM OF ICE RAH. MY FROZEN SLUMBER NYAH. Did I ask You for deliverance?  Nah .Did I?"   Galvatron begins to laugh insanly. Galvatron" Ah Cyclonus. How wonderful to see You again.*turns to sweeps* You leader has returned. Long live the Decepticons. Long live Galvatron. Hahaha" The Sweeps" Long live Galvatron." Galvatron turns to Scourge and Cyclonus. Galvatron" Now where are we?" Cyclonus" We are on an ice planet which also serves as the Starkiller base for the First order." Scourge" It's like another deathstar." Glavatron*snaps*" First Order? Starkiller base?" Cyclonus" Mighty Galvatron You have been frozen in this planet for 30 years and much has happened. The First Order has risen out of the ashes of the Empire. The Autobots and the rebels have formed a new republic which has since been destroyed by this Starkiller base."   Galvatron" Autobots, Rebels, The Empire? We must regroup with the rest of the Decepticons at once. Where are they?" Cyclonus" On Mustafar." Galvatron" Then to Mustafar we must go."  Galvatron, Scourge Cyclonus and the Sweeps fly out of the cave and meet up with the Stunticons who have just returned. Galvatron" Ah the Stunticons." Motormaster" Galvatron. You are alive." Breakdown" But we wont be for long if we don't get out of here soon." Galvatron" And why is that?" Wildrider" The 2 rebel humans and bigfoot are going to disable the shield so the resistance can blow up Starkiller base." Galvatron becomes angry. Galvatron"  And You 5 couldn't stop them?" Dragstrip" We were in the middle of fighting the Aerialbots and when we heard what Solo and his friends were going to do. We thought we'd better warn You all first." Galvatron" Very well and seeing as we are here. We might as well have a look at this Starkiller base." Cyclonus" And terminate the flesh creatures?" Galvatron" We'll leave THAT to the First order."
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Meanwhile Cyclonus, Scourge, the Sweeps  and the Stunticons have made their way to starkiller base. Cyclonus" Halt. We must activate our cloaking devices, before we go any further. I do not want these flesh creatures from the first order interupting our mission to save Galvatron." All the decepticons activate their cloaking devices and then make their way to the planet to find the crash site of Galvatron.  They land on the far north side of the enterance to Starkiller base.  Scourge" I have found Galvatron. But he is very deep down in some sort of ice cave." Cyclonus" He is directly below us. Scourge. You and the Sweeps go down the shaft and start digging Galvatron out. I will follow shortly. Stunticons, You remain here and stand guard. Make sure we are not interupted by any pests?" Motormaster" By the Autobots?" Breakdown" Or the first order?" Deadend" Or the resistance?" Cyclonus*sighs*" All off them." Cyclonus jumps down the shaft to join Scourge and the Sweeps in freeing Galvatron.
The Resistance, the Autobots and the Falcon with Hansolo, Chewbacca and Finn have arrived at the Resistance base on D'Qar. Fighter pilot Poa Dameron gets out of his Xwing and is greated by BB8 and Finn. Poe" BB8 buddy good to see You and You too Finn." Finn" You're alive?" Poe explains to Finn how he survived and came back and Finn explains to Poe about Rey. Poe" I hope the Autobots didn't freak You out too much." Finn" Han told me about them. It's crazy. Those Robots are just like us." Poe" You aint seen nuthin yet. Wait till they transform." Finn" Well I saw Leia's droid transform from a scooter to a robot." Poe" Yeah. Their experiment on 3PO took a while to work. Now we better get to Leia." But as Finn,Poe and BB8 try to find Leia, they run into the Aerialbots. Slingshot" Well if it isn't the resistance no.1 pilot. You still up for that fly off?" Silverbolt" Oh come on Slingshot." Poe" It's fine Silverbolt. I'll take those guys anytime. but we have an urgent matter right now with Starkiller base." Finn" and we need to save Rey." Air raid" Starkiller is top priority and we need to  help this Rey." Skydive" Our little competition can wait." Fireflight" Altho we could run rings around You anyday Commander Dameron." Han solo walks up to get Finn and Poe back to base. Han" My ship the Falcon did the Kessle run in 12 parsecs. I could out run both of You in the Falcon. Now lets get going" Chewbacca howls. Han*wispers*" I know Chewie. I'm just trying to get them to the briefing and stop wasting time with this silly nonsense."  The whole group make their way to the mainbase for the briefing. Slingshot*mutters*" The kessle run in 12 parsecs? That guy needs some new material." Silverbolt" Cool it Slingshot."
Inside the base Leia is greeted by Finn and Poe. Poe explains that Finn is familiar with the Starkiller base. Leia and Finn soon start working things out. BB8 pulls a cover of R2D2 and prods him. C3PO" You're wasting Your time BB8 R2 has been low power mode since Master Luke went away. I'm afraid he may never be his old self." BB8 beeps. C3PO" It's highly unlikely R2 will have the rest of the map stored in his memory."  Leia and 3po are studying the map. C3PO" I regret to inform You this map retrived from BB8 is only partialy complete. Worse still it has no recorded starsystem on record. We simply don't have enough data to locate Master Luke." Leia"  I was a fool think I could  bring Luke back home." Han"Leia". Leia" Don't." Han" What?" Han" What?" Leia" Any of it." Han" I'm only tring to be helpful." Leia" When has that ever helped? And don't say the deathstar."  C3PO" Princesses." Hotrod looks to Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Hotrod" Han and Leia are still having problems I see." OptimusPrime" Only ever since their Son was turned to the darkside by Snoke. It's the same reason Luke disappeared, he blamed himself for the whole thing. Then Han and Chewie also left and returned to their smuggeling." Bumblebee" He was such a great kid too. Ben Solo. If Snoke were a  Decepticon I would have crushed him long ago." Prime" Snoke did play a big part. But the fact that Anakin Skywalker who was Darth Vader for a while is his grandfather. There is a lot of Ben's grandfather in him." Ultramagnus" Thats what makes the whole thing so hard." Prime" Indeed. Hopefully Han and Leia will sort something out. It's out of our hands." Han and Leia have a heart to heart about Ben and how he talked to the Darkside. Leia" There is still good in him. I can feel it. You can still bring him back."  Han" If Luke couldn't reach him how can I?" Leia" Luke is a Jedi. You are his father."
On starkiller base. Rey is strapped into some sort of chair and being interogated by Kylo Ren over the map to Luke Skywalker. He starts to prod Reys mind seeing the island, Skywalker, Han solo and Optimus Prime. Kylo" Hansolo. He is like the father You never had. He will disappoint You. So will Optimus Prime." Rey" Get out of my head." Kylo" You have the map and now You will give it to me." Rey" I'll give You nothing." Kylo" We shall see." Kylo Ren further uses the force to gain the map from Rey. Rey resists until she see's something in KyloRen. Rey" You are afraid. That You will never be as strong as Darth Vader and being overpowered by Galvatron and the Decepticons." Kylo Ren walks off to a room to make contact with Snoke. Snoke" The scavanger resisted You?" Kylo" She's strong with the force." Snoke" And the droid?" Hux" KyloRen thought it was no longer important. That the girl was all that we needed.  As a result the droid is now most likely in the hands of the enemy."  Snoke" Then we must destroy the resistance before they find Skywalker." Hux" We have tracked their base to the Ileenium system." Snoke" Good. Go and prepare the weapon. If what You told me about this girl is true. Bring her to me." Kyloren" I will get the map. I just need Your guidance." Back in the cell Rey uses a jedi mind trick on a storm trooper who is guarding her, but it fails. Kyloren is marching down the corridore. Rey relaxes and begins to concentrate before using the mind trick again. This time she succeeds in getting him to remove the restraints and leaving with the cell door open. She also gets him to drop his weapon. Once the storm trooper is gone. Rey leaves the cell and picks up the blaster. Just as Kyloren is still moving down the corridor to Rey's cell. Only he finds the cell and chair empty. Kyloren ignites his light sabre and throws a massive tantrum. A couple of approaching Storm troopers walk back, while Starkiller base begins charging from the sun.
Back on D'Qar. The resistance and the autobots are in the middle of a briefing. Everyone is sudying the map of Starkiller base. Han concludes it's another Death star. Leia receives news that the weapon is charging and their system is the next target. C3PO" Oh no. without the republic fleet we're doomed."  Han" There's always a way to blow it up." Leia" Han's right." Resistance officer" For that amount of power to be contained, there must be some sort of thermal oscillator." Finn" There is precinct 47" Finn moves to the map and points to the location. The resistance work out an attack on the oscillator  will cripple the weapon or destroy it. Poe" We will hit that oscillator with everything we got." Akbar" They have defensive shields, that our cruisers canot penetrate." Han" We disable the sheilds.*to finn* Kid You worked there. What have You got?" Finn" I can disable the shields but I gotta be there on the planet." Han" I like this guy. We'll get You there." Leia" Han how?" Han" If I told You. You wouldn't like it."  Poe" So we disable the shield. Take out the oscillator and blow up the big gun. Lets go."  Finn" Wait. Theres something else further north from the main enterance to Starkiller base." Leia blows up the image. Optimus Prime" It's Galvatron." C3PO" Oh my." Bumblebee" Great thats all we need. The Decepticons." Han" So thats where he ended up. Prime" Yes and it wont be long before the other decepticons find him. Aerialbots. You will accompany Han,Finn and Chewie on their mission to disable the shields." Ultramagnus" Best choice for that mission Prime." Outside the base the resistance pilots are preparing their crafts for battle. Han,Finn and Chewbacca are also preparing. Han" We will blast though light speed to get to Starkiller base. Are You aerialbots able to keep up with the Falcon?." Silverbolt" Shouldn't be a problem. The hyperdives will use up alot of our energy." Han" We got plenty of energon cubes loaded in the falcon." Skydive" Lets do it then." But then Leia walks up to Han and they have another heart to heart talk before hugging. Leia" Try and bring back our son."   
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The falcon lands on takodana in a clearing near a massive castle. After Finn fails to convince Han that he is a big deal in the resistance. Han,Rey, Finn and BB8 make their way to the castle leaving Chewbacca to fix the falcon. The group enter into the building and meet Maz Kanata. A few spies see the group and report them to the first order. Near Starkiller base. Kyloren is in his destroyer and staring at Vaders Burnt mask. Pleading for guidance to the Darkside of the force. But not getting very far. Back on takodana Han,Finn,Rey are sitting at a table with Maz Kanata. Han explains the situation to Maz. Maz explains how she has seen evil take all forms. She also calls out Finns true identity. Finn leaves and Rey goes after him. Leaving Han, Maz and the droid at the table. Maz" I see You are also worried about the Decepticons Han." Han" Yes. Chewie and I spotted a few on mustafar. The constructicons were rebuilding their energy collection plant and there's alot of energy on that planet." Maz" That is true. But Han, even if the Decepticons had all the energy in the galaxy. Without a strong leader all they will do is fight amongst themselves. and maybe attack any Autobots that pass by." After Finn tells Rey he is a storm trooper and leaves for his transport. Rey walks past a corridor and is drawn to a small box. A box containing Luke and anakins light sabre. She gets all sorts of visions and freaks out. Rey runs out into the forest.
On the Starkiller base all the military officers and troops of the first order are standing in assembly. While General Hux gives a big speech about the resistance and the republic and how they will bow to the first order. The weapon is activated and blasts several planets from the Hosnian system to dust. Including Hosnain Prime the home of the New Republic senate. Where several of the Autobots  are present. Ironhide,Ratchet, Prowl and Brawn with the members of the  senate looking on in horror as they meet an inevitable death.  Both Finn, Han and Chewbacca watch helplessly from the ground. Han" The Autobots were on those planets Chewie. Now there gone." Chewbacca howls. Before long the fleet of tiedfighters attack. Finn runs back to the castle to find Han and Maz. Maz hands him Lukes and Anakins light sabre. Finn runs off to find Rey while Han and Chewbacca prepare to fight of the storm troopers. Rey disappears into the forest while fighting off the first order troopers. Kylo Rens ship lands near the caslte. Han and Chewbacca take down  some storm troopers. While Finn fights a few with his light sabre. He is almost defeated until Han saves him. Then the 3 get captured. But not before the resistance appear and start taking out the tie fighters. Finn goes after Rey and BB8. But Kylo Ren has already captured her and senses that she's seen the map to Skywalker.. More of the Resistance ships appear. Leia's ship followed closely by familiar looking rocket. Chewbacca and Han look on with releif. Han" It's Omega Supreme. Some of the Autobots must have survived." A storm trooper alets Kylo Ren that the Resistance and some of the Autobots have arrived. KyloRen" Pull the division out. We have what we need." KyloRen puts Rey to sleep and carries her back to his ship. As Finn runs up screaming for Rey. Finn" Solo. That got Rey." Han" I know. Kid."
Han,Finn, Chewbacca and Maz make their way to Leia's ship and Omega Supreme as they both land. The door of Leia's ship opens and she exits on some kinda of golden  floating scooter. Han and Leia stare for a moment as Leia gets off her scooter.   Leia" You can transform now 3po." C2PO transforms from scooter mode back into his familiar robot mode. Simultaniously Omega Supreme opens his doors and the Autobots exit. Optimus Prime,Bumble Bee, Preceptor,Blaster, Ultramagnus, HotRod,Springer,Arcee and the Aerialbots.  C3PO" Han Solo. You may not recognise me with my modified body and vehicular mode." Han" So. Wheeljack and Preceptors experiments were finally successful." BumbleBee" It took long enough." Han and Chewbacca turn around. Chewbacca roars with joy as Finn looks on with slight shock. Han" BUMBLEBEE. It's been a while." Han" It sure has. Unfortunalty we're not here for a social get together." Optimus Prime cuts in. Prime" Neither are we. This starkiller base needs to be stopped." BumbleBee" At least it's not Decepticons we have to worry about." Han" Thats where You are wrong. Chewie and I spotted a couple of constructicons rebuilding their energy facility on Mustafar. A few other Decepticons were near by." Prime" That is worrying Han. But without Galvatron leading them, they are not as much of a threat. Beside's StarKiller base is a far greater threat right now than all of the Decepticons." Finn" They also have Rey." Prime" Who's this." Finn" I'm Finn. I was a storm trooper who left the first order and now I'm helping the resistance so I can save Rey." Prime" That is a most admiral thing You have done Finn. I'm sure we can help You find Your friend.But You're better off speaking to Leia. She will do what she can to help You." Han" I thought All of You guys were killed after Starkiller base hit the Hosnian system." Optimus Prime" No not all, but sadly Ironhide,Ratchet,Brawn, Prowl, Wheeljack and few other Autobots You were familiar with have been killed." Han" I see some new faces." Prime" Oh yes. Han Solo meet UltraMagnus(he commands the Autobots when I am absent), Hotrod(he's a Young tearaway who has much to learn), Springer( A triple changer who turns into a cybertronian helicopter and a car. He's a bit sarcastic at times), Arcee( One of the rare female Autobots who is always up for a fight.) and last but not least the Aerialbots. The rest of You autobots this is HanSolo and his first mate Chewbacca who is a wookie." Everyone becomes acquanted. Bumblebee struggles to contain his laughter. Bumblebee" Hey Han, does Primes description of Hotrod,Springer and Arcee remind You of anyone?" Chewbacca has a chuckle. Han" Ah yes. Me, Luke and Leia. Very funny." Han walks over to Leia. Han" Leia.I saw our son. He was here."
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   A New Threat and the new breed.
30 years have past since the Battle of Endor. The First Order has risen from the fallen Empire and seeks to eliminate the New Republic. The resistance which is backed by the Republic, led by General Leia Organa and assisted by Optimus Prime and the Autobots. Who have worked with the Republic and Leia over the years to maintain peace and stability in the entire galaxy. However Luke Skywalker has gone missing. Both Leia and the First Order are searching for him. But unlike the First Order who have risen from the Empire and become a formidable force against the Republic, the Resistance and possibly the Autobots. The Decepticons are still without their leader Galvatron and have become a disorganised mess of eternal bickering and infighting. Cyclonus with the help of Scourge and the Sweeps struggle to keep the Decepticons in line and together, it is ultimately futile. However Cyclonus has had luck in recent times controlling the Decepticons. As they have eventually relocated back to Mustafar and set up a temporary base with an abundant energy source and allowing Cyclonus, Scourge and the sweeps to search for Galvatron.
 The Eravana, a large Baleen-class heavy freighter is casually cruising in space. It is piloted by Han Solo and Chewbacca, even since Han seperated from Leia. They fly over the volvanic planet of Mustafar. In the control room Chewbacca glances a the planet and howls to Han. Han" Mustafar hey Chewie? Isn't where the Constructicons were harvesting the lava to make their energon cubes?" Chewbacca nods and hums. Han" Lets have a look. Zoom the camera on their mining facility." Chewbacca presses a few buttons and activates a monitor. Showing what is left of the Decepticons  mining facility. Han" I think thats the same area that Vader and Obiwan fought. According to Luke." Chewbacca makes a noise. Han" Yes Chewie. The Dinobots and Omega Supreme sure gave that place a good trashing. Wait!" As Chewbacca and Han study the decepticons former mining facilty. Han notices a couple of Constructicons doing repair work. With a few other Decepticons near by. Han" I don't like the look of this Chewie. We better get out of here before they spot us and contact Optimus Prime." But Chewbacca howls at another radar screen. Han takes a look and gets excited. Han" The Falcon? We found her. Lets collect her and get out of here." Han locks the controls of the Millenium Falcon and proceeds to scoop the ship up, like a whale scooping plankton. Before leaving the Mustafar system.   
On Mustafar the Constructicons have begun repairing the damage to their energy extraction station. But without a leader progress is rather sluggish and a few decepticons are fighting amongst themselves. Soundwave walks up to where the Constructicons are working and starts acting like Starscream. Soundwave" Decepticons needs energy. Increase efficiency or be terminated." Longhaul glares at Soundwave. Longhaul" Blow it out Your exhaust Soundwave. We take orders from Galvatron and  Cyclonus. Not You." Soundwave" Soundwave superior. Constructicons inferior." Bonecrusher becomes agitated and so does Hook. Bonecrusher" Who are You calling inferior?" Hook" Nobody would follow an uncharasmatic bore like You." Rumble and Frenzy jump out of Soundwaves chest. Rumble" Hey.Nobody calls Soundwave unchrosomatic." Frenzy" Yeah let take em." The constructicons try to form Devastator as Rumble and Frenzy activate pile drivers. but a laser blast out of nowhere hits Devastator/Constructicons during mid combining and they separate. Out of nowhere Cyclonus, Scourge and the Sweeps land.  Cyclonus" Enough of this!" All Decepticons stop in their tracks and focus their attention on Cyclonus, Scourge and the Sweeps. Cyclonus" Once we Decepticons  were a powerful force in the galaxy rivaling only the Sith and their Empire. Now all we do is fight amongst ourselves. Is this the fate of the Decepticons, to be a disorganised mess?"  Scourge" And now a new Military organisation has risen out of the Empire. Known as the First Order." Sweep1" Yes and they are fast becoming a powerful threat against the New Republic, which was created by the Rebels and the Autobots." Cyclonus" Yes. The First Order. We must try and find Galvatron. Before the first Order gains total domination of the Galaxy."
Meanwhile Han and Chewbacca have fled the Aravana in the Falcon after a brief confrontation with a couple of Gangs Han owed money to. But they have 2 fugitives,by the names of Rey and Finn  as well as a BB8 droid  on board. After things  are calm Han turns to Rey and Finn. Han" Fugitives huh?" Rey" Finn is with the Resistance. I'm just a scavanger." Han" Right..Lets see what You've got." Chewbacca howls. Han" You rest. But first try and contact Optimus Prime about Mustafar." Finn" Optimus Prime? Who's that?" Han" I'll explain later. First lets see the map BB8 is carrying." BB8 projects the map to Luke Skywalker. But it's only part of a map. Han fills Rey and Finn in on the story of how Luke disappeared and how a student of Luke's  turned to the Darkside. Rey" The Jedi were real." Han" I used to wonder about that myself. I thought it was a bunch of mumbo jumbo. A magical power holding together the power of good and evil. The darkside and light side of the force. The crazy thing is it's all true. The force Jedi, it's all true." Finn and Rey are in awe. Finn" And what about Optimus Prime? Who is he?" Han pauses for a moment. Han" Well this is even crazier. Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots and a very great leader at that too." Finn & Rey" Autobots?" Han" The Autobots are giant robots with real feelings and emotions like us." Finn" Droids with emotions?" Han" They're not droids and they get offended by that. Especially the Decepticons." Rey" Decepticons?" Han" The Decepticons are evil and are pretty much to the Autobots what the First order is to us." Finn" That is crazy. Robots/Machines that think for themselves and have thoughts and emotions. As well as being good and evil. Even the first order doesn't have that technology." Han" Thats only half of it. Both Autobots and Decepticons can transform into land or air based vehicles and in some cases robotic animals. Both our wars were intertwined until Galvatron became lost in space. They became inactive ever since. Until we spotted them on Mustafar moments before taking back the falcon." Chewbacca rejoins the rest of the crew. Han" Any luck Chewie?" Chewbacca shakes his head. Han" Well we have to get to Takodana and find Maz Kanata . She'll help us get BB8 to the resistance and make contact with Optimus Prime." The falcon makes it's way to Takodana.
Cut to Starkiller base. Kylo Ren and General Hux are standing before a holocron of Leader Snoke. Elaborating that the droid will soon be in the hands of the Resistance and they will find the last Jedi. Hux informs Snoke that the weapon is ready to be used. Snoke orders him to oversee preparations.  Snoke and Kylo determin that theres been an awakening with the force and the droid is in the hands of Kylo's father. Han Solo.
Back on Mustafar. Soundwave is operating a console and finds Starkiller base. Soundwave" The first order has a powerful new weapon. Much like the Empire's death star. It is the Starkiller base." Scourge and Cyclonus have a look. Cyclonus" I don't beleive it. Always relying on super weapons, these flesh creatures. Might as well do a scan of the base. The Constructicons might be able to build something similar." Soundwave does a scan of the planet and finds something like a giant robot trapped in the ice. Under closer inspection it turns out the robot is Galvatron. Cyclonus" Well soundwave?" Soundwave" I have found Galvatron. He is trapped under layers of ice." The Decepticons rejoice. Cyclonus" Excellent Soundwave. Scourge spy the planet." Scourge" I've locked onto Galvatron and he lives." Cyclonus" He shall lead us again. Scourge, Sweeps and the Stunticons. We leave immediatly. The rest of You stay here." With that Cyclonus,Scourge, the Sweeps and the Stunticons leave for Starkiller base. 
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The Frontline / Re: Transformers and Starwars crossover/mashup story.
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Back on Endor. The Rebels, Ewoks and Chewbacca are fighting and overpowering the Imperial forces. But Devastator and the Decepticons are pushing the Autobots, Han, Leia and the droids toward the damaged bunker as they desperately fight back. BumbleBee" It's been great knowing You guys." Han" Wait. What's that noise?"  Just as all hope seems lost, a loud noise suddenly emerges from the forest and a rocket flies out and then lands. Ironhide" It's Omega Supreme."  Ratchet and Preceptor exit the rocket and Omega Supreme transforms into Robot form. The Autobots look on with relief, while the Decepticons look on with shock. Devastator turns to face Omega. Omega" Omega fully charged and ready. Vengeance now mine." Omega Supreme charges for Devastator and the 2 giant robots fight it out. Hurling one another into the forest, until eventually Omega Supreme picks up a weakened and worn out Devastator and throws him into the leftover wreckage of the Sheild generator. Ratchet" Now it's an even playing field." Ironhide" Yeah lets clobber these garbage cans." Galvatron" You haven't won yet. Decepticons keep firing." But just as Galvatron finishes his speech. The kyber crystal in his head, as well as the crystals in the chests of Cyclonus, Scourge and the sweeps, begin to destabilize. Cyclonus" Mighty Galvatron. Something is wrong." Han, Leia and the Autobots notice too. Leia" There's something wrong with those new Decepticons." Preceptor" The crystals the sith installed into them are destabilizing. It will destroy them all if they are not removed and possibly this moon." Prime" Luke has defeated the Sith." Han" What?" Prime" Vader and the Emperor are no more Han. Luke has won." Cyclonus, Scourge and the sweeps open one another's chest cavity frantically to remove the Kyber crystals. They succeed and throw them into the sky. Cyclonus charges to Galvatron as the crystal in Galvatron's head starts to smoulder, burning part of Galvatron's meta processor. Galvatron screams from the pain. Cyclonus opens part of Galvatron's head and the crystal falls out as it was already dislodged. Galvatron also throws it into the sky.
In space Rebel fighters follow the Falcon across the surface of the Death Star to the unfinished portion, where they dive into the superstructure of the giant battle station, followed by many TIE fighters. Wedge" I'm going in." Lando" Here goes nothing." Three X-wings lead the chase through the ever-narrowing shaft, followed by the Falcon and four other fighters, plus TIE fighters who continually fire at the Rebels. Lando" Now lock onto the strongest power source. It should be the power generator." Wedge" Form up. And stay alert. We could run out of space real fast."The fighters and the Falcon race through the tunnel, still pursued by the TIE fighters. One of the X-wings is hit from behind and explodes. Lando" Split up and head back to the surface. See if you can get a few of those TIE fighters to follow you."  Pilot" Copy, Gold Leader." The Rebel ships peel off pursued by three of the TIE's, while Lando and Wedge continue through the main tunnel. It narrows, and the Falcon scrapes the side dangerously. Two other TIE fighters continue to blast away at them. Lando" That was too close." Nien Nunb agrees. The battle between the Rebel and Imperial fleet rages on. Several cruisers fire at the giant Super Star Destroyer. In the rebel cruiser  Admiral Ackbar" We've got to give those fighters more time. Concentrate all fire on that Super Star Destroyer." X-wings pilots head across the surface of the huge battleship. In Vader's star destroyer. Admiral Piett and a commander stand at the window, looking out to the battle. They look concerned. Controller" Sir, we've lost our bridge deflector shield." Piett" Intensify the forward batteries. I don't want anything to get through." The commander is looking out of the window where a damaged Rebel fighter is out of control and heading directly toward the bridge. Piett" Intensify forward firepower!" Commander" It's too late!" The Rebel pilot screams as his ship hits the Star Destroyer, causing a huge explosion. The giant battleship loses control, crashes into the Death Star, and explodes. In the rebel cruiser, There is excitement on the bridge as the battle rages on all sides. They cheer as the giant Star Destroyer blows up.
In the main docking bay of the Death Star. Chaos. The Death Star is rocked by explosions as the Rebel fleet, no longer backed against a wall, zooms over, unloading a heavy barrage. Imperial troops run in all directions, confused and desperate to escape. In the midst of this uproar, Luke is trying to carry the enormous deadweight of his father's weakening body toward an Imperial shuttle. Finally, Luke collapses from the strain. The explosions grow louder as Anakin draws him closer. Anakin(a whisper)"Luke, help me take this mask off." Luke" But You'll die." Anakin" Nothing can stop that now. Just for once let me look on You with my own eyes." Luke" But what about Optimus Prime, the Autobots and the Decepticons?" Anakin" You needn't worry. Optimus Prime is more than a match for Galvatron. I also put a failsafe device in Galvatron and his troops, should anything happen to Me and/or the Emperor. The kyber crystals I installed in them, should be destabilizing by now. Now please remove my mask before I die."  Slowly, hesitantly, Luke removes the mask from his father's face. There beneath the scars is an elderly man. His eyes do not focus. But the dying man smiles at the sight before him. Anakin(very weak)"Now...go, my son. Leave me." Luke" No. You're coming with me. I can't leave you here. I've got to save you." Anakin" You already have, Luke. You were right about me. Tell your were right." Luke" Father...I won't leave you." Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker...Luke's father, dies.  A huge explosion rocks the docking bay. Slowly, Luke rises and, half carrying, half dragging the body of his father, stumbles toward a shuttle.
On Endor, there is an eerie calm among the Rebels, Autobots, Ewoks, Decepticons and the Imperial troops after the kyber crystals exploded in the sky. C3PO" My goodness, that was a dreadful explosion." Prime" Yes. 3PO it nearly destroyed us all." Leia" Almost destroyed Galvatron too." Galvatron looks around at Leia, Han, Optimus Prime and finally to the Decepticons. Galvatron*snarling*" You were right Leia. That crystal nearly DID destroy me. The very crystals installed by Vader and the Emperor." Han*smirking*" I guess the Sith didn't want You guys around after they won this battle." Han's words resonate inside Galvatron's damaged mind as he slowly loses his sanity, a rage begins to build inside Galvatron as his rational thinking begins to collapse. Galvatron" Decepticons. Forget about the Rebels and the Autobots. Come with me to the Deathstar and Destroy the Sith." With that Galvatron and all the Decepticons take off for the Death star.  Leaving the Imperial troopers at the mercy of the Rebels and Autobots. Han" Why would he even bother with that?" C3PO"If You don't mind me saying. I think that crystal has cooked Galvatrons logic circuits."   Ironhide" You're telling me 3PO.  Isn't Your friend Lando going to destroy the Deathstar Han?"  Han" Should be any moment now."
In the Death star. The Millennium Falcon leads a swerving bomb run through the immense superstructure of the half-built Death Star. The Rebel Star Cruisers outside continually bombard the huge station. And each direct hit is answered by resonating, chain-reaction explosions within the station itself. Lando's crew fires away at the pursuing TIE fighters as the dashing Baron of Bespin and his alien copilot home in on the main reactor shaft.  A lone X-wing is just in front of the Falcon. Wedge" There it is!" Lando" All right, Wedge. Go for the power regulator on the north tower." Wedge" Copy, Gold Leader. I'm already on my way out." The X-wing heads for the top of the huge reactor and fires several proton torpedoes at the power regulator, causing a series of small explosions. The Falcon heads for the main reactor, and when it is dangerously close, Lando fires the missiles, which shoot out of the Falcon with a powerful roar and hit directly at the centre of the main reactor. He maneuvers the Falcon out of the winding superstructure just ahead of the continuing chain of explosions. On the rebel cruiser Ackbar and other Mon Calamari lean on the railing of the bridge, watching the large screen showing the Death Star in the main briefing room. Ackbar" Move the fleet away from the Death Star." The fleet moves away just as the Decepticons led by an increasingly insane Galvatron approach the rapidly exploding Deathstar. Galvatron" YOU TREACHEROUS SITH. PREPARE TO BE BLASTED INTO OBLIVION." The rest of the Decepticons stay back as Galvatron continues to advance towards the Deathstar, blasting his arm-mounted cannon in the process. Scourge" Something is horribly wrong with the Death star." Sweep" It's going to blow." Cyclonus*concerned" MIGHTY GALVATRON. WE MUST RETREAT. THE DEATH STAR IS GOING TO BLOW." Galvatron" SILENCE COWARDS. THE SITH TRIED TO DESTROY US AND NOW THEY WILL PAY." In the Deathstars main hanger An Imperial shuttle, with Luke alone in the cockpit, rockets out of the main docking bay as that entire section of the Death Star is blown away. Luke looks a bit confused as he flies past Galvatron who begins to transform into cannon mode to totally and utterly destroy the death star, completely oblivious to the fact that it is already exploding. Luke*muttering to himself*" Is he crazy?"  Cyclonus orders the Decepticons to flee but it's too late. Finally, just as it looks like the Falcon will not make it, Lando expertly pilots the craft out of the exploding superstructure and whizzes toward the Sanctuary Moon, only a moment before the Death Star supernovas into oblivion. The force of the explosion sends Galvatron flying out of control through space, while the rest of the Decepticons are sent crashing back to the sanctuary moon in different directions. In the Falcon, Lando and Nien Nunb laugh and cheer in relief.
On the Endor moon. Han and Leia, Chewie, the droids, the Rebel troops, the Autobots and the Ewoks all look to the sky as the Death Star reveals itself in a final flash of self-destruction. They all cheer. C3PO" They did it." Bumblebee" You can say that again and it seems Galvatron and the Decepticons are gone too." Prime" I wish I could believe that Bumblebee." Han looks down from the sky to Leia, a look of concern on his face. Leia continues to look at the sky as though listening for a silent voice. Han" I'm sure Luke wasn't on that thing when it blew. Leia" He wasn't. I can feel it. Han" You love him, don't you?" Leia smiles, puzzled. Leia"Yes." Han" All right. I understand. Fine. When he comes back, I won't get in the way."  She realizes his misunderstanding. BumbleBee who is listening to Han and Leia's conversation turns and whispers to Optimus Prime. Bumblebee" Should we tell him?" Prime*chuckles*" No. She will."  Leia" Oh. No, it's not like that at all. He's my brother." Han is stunned by this news. She smiles, and they embrace. Bumblebee" Glad that is sorted." Later at night. Luke sets a torch to the logs stacked under a funeral pyre where his father's body lies, again dressed in black mask and helmet. He stands with Optimus Prime beside him, watching sadly, as the flames leap higher to consume Darth Vader -- Anakin Skywalker. Optimus Prime puts his hand on Luke's shoulder.  In the sky above, fireworks explode and Rebel fighters zoom above the forest.  There is a huge celebration all over the galaxy. On the forest moon, a huge bonfire is the centrepiece of a wild celebration. Rebels, Ewoks and the Autobots rejoice in the warm glow of firelight, drums beating, singing, dancing, and laughing in the communal language of victory and liberation. Lando runs in and is enthusiastically hugged by Han, Chewie and Bumblebee. Then, finally, Luke and Optimus Prime arrive and the friends rush to greet and embrace him. They stand close, this hardy group, taking comfort in each other's touch, together to the end. Rebels and Ewoks join together in dancing and celebration while the Autobots and Dinobots also celebrate. Omega supreme remains on the ground but also joins the celebration  The original group of adventurers watch from the sidelines. Only Luke seems distracted, alone in their midsts, his thoughts elsewhere. He looks off to the side and sees three shimmering, smiling figures at the edge of the shadows: Obiwan Kenobi, Yoda, and Anakin Skywalker. As Luke turns and walks away to rejoin his friends, the spark of a gleeful and vengeful Starscream appears behind the 3 Jedi.
                THE END!

The Frontline / Re: Transformers and Starwars crossover/mashup story.
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On the Death Star in the Emperor's throne room. Luke and Vader are engaged in a man-to-man duel of lightsabers even more vicious then the battle on Bespin. But the young Jedi has grown stronger in the interim, and now the advantage shifts to him. Vader is forced back, losing his balance, and is knocked down the stairs. Luke stands at the top of the stairs, ready to attack. Palpatine (laughing)"Good.  Use your aggressive feelings, boy!  Let the hate flow through you." Luke looks momentarily toward the Emperor, then back to Vader, and realizes he is using the dark side. He steps back, turns off his lightsaber, and relaxes, driving the hate from his being. Vader"Obi-Wan has taught you well."Luke"I will not fight you, father."Vader walks back up the stairs to Luke. Vader"You are unwise to lower your defences." Vader attacks, forcing Luke on the defensive. The young Jedi leaps in an amazing reverse flip up to the safety of the catwalk overhead. Vader stands below him. Luke" Your thoughts betray you, father. I feel the good in you...the conflict. Vader" There is no conflict." Luke" You couldn't bring yourself to kill me before, and I don't believe you'll destroy me now." Vader"You underestimate the power of the dark side. If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny." Vader throws the laser sword and it cuts through the supports holding the catwalk, then returns to Vader's hand. Luke tumbles to the ground in a shower of sparks and rolls out of sight under the Emperor's platform. Vader moves to find him. Palpatine"(laughs)Good.  Good."  Out in space. The two armadas, like their sea-bound ancestors, blast away at each other in individual point-blank confrontations. A Star Destroyer explodes. The Rebel victor limps away, it's back half alive with a series of minor explosions. The Rebel cruiser manages to move in next to a second Star Destroyer before it explodes completely, taking the Imperial Star Destroyer with it. The Falcon and several fighters attack one of the larger Imperial ships. Lando" Watch out. Squad at .06." Rebel pilot" I'm on it, Gold Leader." Wedge "Good shot, Red Two." Lando" The shield should be down by now...come on, Han, old buddy. Don't let me down."
Back at the bunker the Autobots and Dinobots are fighting Devastator and keeping him from the bunker.  While Optimus Prime, Han and Leia frantically try to open the door to the control bunker. Prime hears Yodas voice again from the Matrix, he then opens his chest and the Matrix projects a ray of light and energy to the ground at a 45-degree angle. Moments later the force ghost of Yoda appears due to the power of the matrix. Han, Leia, the droids and Autobots all look bemused. Yoda has a good look at Devastator and then turns to Optimus Prime. Yoda" Devastator. Big and powerful he is. But perfect he is not. His mind weak it is." Han" What does that mean?" Yoda" Through the force. Control him I can." Han" Are You crazy? How can You control that menacing monstrosity with the Force? " Prime" I think I know what he has in mind Han. Control Devastators mind and use him to destroy the shield generator. Give it Your best shot Master Yoda." Yoda begins to concentrate on the force and using it to persued Devastator. Devastator" Crush Autobots and Dinobots like mechano ants." Devastator is about to hammer his fists onto some of the Autobots when all of a sudden he is frozen and his mind through the force is under the power of Yoda. Yoda" Crush Autobots You will not." Devastator" Crush Autobots I will not." Yoda" Destroy the shield Generator You must." Devastator" Destroy the shield Generator I must." Devastator walks to the shield bunker and aims his rifle at the control bunker.
In the Emperor's throne room Vader is stalking Luke in the low ceilinged area under the Emperor's throne. Vader" You cannot hide forever Luke." Luke" I will not fight You." Vader" Give Yourself to the dark side. It is the only way You can save your friends. Yes, Your thoughts betray You. Your feeling for them are strong. Especially for.....Sister. so You have a twin sister. Your feelings have now betrayed her too. Obi-Wan was wise to hide her from me. Now his failure is complete. If you will not turn to the dark side, then perhaps she will."  Luke" Noooo." Luke charges towards Vader in anger activating his light sabre. Lukes anger and hatred gives him great power and strength, forcing  Vader Back. Vader can only defend himself against Lukes onslaught.  Eventually Luke knocks Vader over. Vader raises his sword to block Lukes attack. But Luke chops of Vaders robotic hand and it falls to the bottom of the nuclear shaft. Luke holds his lightsabre at Vaders throat. The Emperor watches on with satisfaction. Palpatine" Good. Your hate has made You powerful. Now, fulfil your destiny and take your father's place at my side!" Luke looks to his father's robotic hand and then to his own gloved hand. He realises he is becoming like his father. Horrified by what he has become, he decides he won't turn to the Darkside. He steps away and throws his light sabre away. Luke" Never! I'll never turn to the dark side. You've failed, Your Highness. I am a Jedi, like my father before me." The Emperor's glee turns to rage. Palpatine" So be it Jedi." 
Back on Endor near the Bunker. Han, Optimus Prime, Leia, the droids and the rest of the rebels and Autobots run from the bunker as Devastator(under the control of Yoda) blasts the entire bunker with his rifle. Completely destroying the shield generator with a massive explosion. In the rebel cruiser. Akbar" The shield is down. Commence attack on the death stars main reactor." Lando" Red Group, Gold group all fighters follow me. (laughing) I told You they'd do it." The Falcon, followed by several smaller Rebel fighters, heads toward the unfinished superstructure of the Death Star. Back on Endor a few yards from the damaged bunker. Thrust, Dirge, Ramjet and Blitzwing are flying by blasting Autobots. Ramjet" What's wrong with Devastator? He just blasted the shield generator." Thrust" Yeah and he seems to be talking funny. Like backwards." Dirge" I think I know what it is. Look there's some small green organic using some sort of telepathy on Devastator." Blitzwing changes his course and speeds towards Yoda. Blitzwing" I'll turn that filthy green creature into green goo." Blitzwing lands a couple of yards from Yoda and Devastator then transforms into tank mode. He begins firing at Yoda. Blitzwing" Taste death!" But his laser blasts go right through Yoda( as he is a force ghost) hitting storm troopers and a couple of sweeps instead. He narrowly misses Galvatron as he emerges from the bushes. Galvatron" Blitzwing You dolt. That's a force ghost." The 3 coneheads aka Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet have now landed beside Blitzwing they all transform into robot mode.  Yoda turns to Optimus Prime. Yoda" Finished with Devastator I am. Your battle this is now." Yoda disappears back into the Matrix and Prime closes his chest. Han" Well our job is done. Now it's up to Lando." Galvatron" Foolish flesh creature. You may have beaten the Empire, but You haven't beaten the Decepticons. DEVASTATOR...DESTROY THE AUTOBOTS!" Devastator begins his onslaught of the Autobots. The Autobots fire desperately as Devastator approaches. Ironhide" This is it Prime." Prime" We must hold out and keep fighting." Han, Leia and the rebels also join in the fight. Leia" We must help them. We can't let the Decepticons win." Han" Won't be easy with Devastator." Jazz" We can take him." But Jazz speaks too soon as Devastator picks him up and hurls him into the forest. Prime" Once Omega is here it will be alright." Han" And when Lando destroys the death star." Leia" I only hope Luke gets away before that happens." Prime" I hope he's ok."
In the Emperor's throne room. Luke stands still as the Emperor reaches the bottom of the stairs. He raises his arms toward Luke. Palpatine" If You will not be turned. You will be destroyed." The Emperor projects force lightning at Luke. Knocking him onto the ground. Vader struggles to his feet and stands beside the Emperor. Palpatine" Young fool. Only now at the end do You understand." The Emperor fires more lighting onto Luke causing him pain and suffering. Palpatine"Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the dark side. You will pay the price for your lack of vision." Luke writhes on the floor in unbearable pain, reaching weakly up toward where Vader stands watching. Luke(groaning)" Father please." Again Vader stands, watching Luke. He looks at his master, the Emperor, then back to Luke on the floor. Palpatine" And now Young Skywalker. You will die." The Emperor blast Luke with more force lightning, this time increasing the intensity to finish him off once and for all. Luke's body writhes in agony. Vader watches on as his son is tortured to death by the Emperor's force lightning. Unable to take it anymore, Darth Vader turns on the Emperor and grabs him from behind. Lifting the Emperor over his head and moving towards the reactor shaft. The bolts of lightning have moved away from Luke and are now directed at Vader. Luke picks himself up as Vader finally gets to the deep shaft and hurls the Emperor down it. The Emperor's body tumbles down the shaft until an explosion takes place forcing a rush of air through the room. Luke crawls over to his father's side and pulls him away from the edge of the abyss to safety. Darth Vader is now gone and Anakin Skywalker has returned.

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