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Kraamola (power/folk metal), Ukraine
« on: November 30, 2011, 04:24:22 PM »
Kraamola was founded on July 21, 2008 in the vestibule of the train Kharkiv - Kyiv. There two guitarists Anatoliy Zinevich and Serhiy Kondrov decided that it is necessary to leave their band Veremіy and found the new one. Upon returning home, this idea was spread among other Veremіy bandmembers and fully supported. Thus, in late July first lineup was formed: Anatoliy Zinevich - guitar, Serhiy Kondrov - guitar, Kyryl Shapovalenko - bass, Alexander Selyuk - drums. The only vacant position remained was vocal. Almost immediately, S. Kondrov proposed the candidacy of his friend and bandmate in Infinity Dreams (now Logical Riddle) Serhiy Isayev. And right after the first rehearsal everyone agreed that other candidates are not even worth to be considered. Thus, the band lineup was fully completed.

 Kraamola started working on own program and prepare for possible concerts. But in early 2009 problem with the drummer began to get worse. As a result, Alexander Selyuk had to be fired (up until this he had already managed to get back to Veremіy). Fortunately, seeking for a new drummer did not take much time, and in February the seat at the drumkit was taken by Eduard Sarkits (at that time member of Inner maze, now also drummer in sympho-metal band Mysterya). Kraamola with renewed vigor and enthusiasm was set to work. However new troubles have been again awaiting for the band. Due to a number of issues the group worked half-heartedly almost all year 2009. Normal work was restored only at the end of the year. First half of 2010 the group continued to polish their own material in order to finally make the public debut on stage in September, as well as present first record in the end of 2011.

Kraamola - Kraamola (EP), 2011, self-released

1. Holos zemli [Voice of the Earth] 4:46
2. Osinnya nich [Autumn night] 7:34
3. Chaklunka [Witch] 4:42
4. Marsh [March] 3:06
5. Osinnya nich [Autumn night] (short version) 5:23

 Anatoliy Zinevych - guitar, backing vocals
 Sergiy Isayev - vocals
 Sergiy Kondrov - guitar
 Kyryl Shapovalenko - bass
 Edward Sarkits ? drums

Download at rapidshare: Here
YouTube channel: Here
Official web-site:
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