Author Topic: Progressive metal band 'MORPHICA' looking for a vocalist  (Read 3707 times)

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Progressive metal band 'MORPHICA' looking for a vocalist
« on: April 17, 2014, 11:50:18 PM »
Hello all!

My name is Daniel, from the local Perth progressive metal outfit 'Morphica'. In 2011/12 we played many shows to appreciative crowds, showcasing a wide variety of covers of some of the big named progressive metal icons, such as Dream Theater, Symphony X, Pain Of Salvation, and Haken. In 2013 other musical commitments forced us to take a hiatus. Now in 2014 we are back playing together again with a new focus on original music and a revived sense of enthusiasm. We recently performed at a successful show at the Amplifier Bar supporting our local metal fame 'Voyager'. Perhaps you were there and witnessed it yourself? In any case, we are beyond eager to push our music out there as far as we can but we may need your help to do so!

I am posting here today to announce that we are looking for a new vocalist to join in and move forward with us, and to help us create some great new progressive music. We are interested in hearing, and hearing from, any interested vocalists who would like to audition for the position. We have some previously recorded material from our prior demo release, linked below, which we would welcome you to listen to. Although we have already recorded material with a singer, who is no longer with us, we are open to variation in vocal style, and plan to write new songs with our next vocalist's nature and strengths in mind.

Of course, what we require in a vocalist is most likely self evident to those interested, and not unlike that of some of our influences already mentioned above, which we imagine any interested parties would appreciate and understand. That being said, we would prefer if you had:
- A strong appreciation of progressive metal and rock.
- A good sense of musical understanding, with regards to progressive staples like atypical rhythms and song structures.
- Prior experience in a band, and/or experience in a live performance environment.
- Sufficient availability to be able to commit to weekly or twice-weekly rehearsals, gigs and future recording and touring.

Anyone who is interested, can feel free to reply here, or SMS me at 0420353514. If you have any pre-recorded material or something similar that you would like to send to us, my email is

Daniel Parker
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