In the early days of 1995 there was an eager cry for black metal to hit our scenes. As Impact Winter devoured everyone’s senses a couple of young axemen decided to stand up and deliver what people were craving. Skot, Nath and Zijl (all previous music school students) went in search for a Black/Death Metal drummer. With few auditions they settled with a through and through BLACK metal drummer Jerry Rodricks who thought they were looking for a black drummer who plays death metal!



Down Below.

Months passed and songs were written and they decided to gig. Playing various parties ( one of which made it on the Sydney news), they didn’t get their first real gig until they played the Swanbourne hotel with Samain, Pagan and, of course, Enforce. That is when they changed their name to SACRITUAL and the gigs came a plenty.



The Final Chapters

A recording company heard their music and wanted them to do a split cd with Pagan at Pinnacle Studios. They recorded five songs and then apparently ”the company” gave them one of the worst mixes we have ever heard. In the words of the band: "Let this be a lesson to all bands. Don’t go to a country influenced studio to mix your metal tracks." They basically told the record company to shove it and eventually went their own ways. Zijl left to join Pagan, Skot joined them a year or two later and Nath started up Avantgard. Jerry did a complete reversal and joined the navy to create real carnage.



Years passed and the three guitarists decided to re-record and release all that was lost years earlier. Recorded in Zijls Den ( where the Kabal and Zijls upcoming debut release, “Blood Bath In Heathens Land” was recorded, the new masterpiece captures the harmonies, the warfare and the well arranged acoustics that was SACRITUAL.

Sacritual's cd is released on 9th June, 2004. To order a cd for $5 email




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