The Black Dahlia Murder Aussie Tour

Black Dahlia Murder
Black Dahlia Murder
From the complete waste of earth that is Detroit, Michigan, comes The Black Dahlia Murder. A venomous melodic death metal outfit named after the brutal unsolved slaying of temptress Elizabeth Short. Drawing influence from forefathers such as At the Gates, Dissection and Carcass, The Black Dahlia Murder has upped the speed and intensity of the style into a gore-soaked whirlwind all their own. The Black Dahlia Murder hit Australia for the first time & are purely a band that is not to be missed, and once witnessed, cannot be denied.

Tuesday November 7th, Rosemount, Perth (UNDER 18 ONLY)
Tuesday November 7th, Rosemount, Perth (18+)
Wednesday November 8th, Uni Bar, Adelaide (18+)
Thursday November 9th, The Corner Hotel, Melbourne (18+)
Friday November 10th, Gaelic Club, Sydney (ALL AGES)
Saturday November 11th, HMB Basement Bar, Brisbane (18+)

Black Dahlia Murder