Western Front Australian Metal Compilations Volume 1

Western Front Compilation Volume 1

Show your support for Aussie metal by wearing your WESTERN FRONT or favourite Australian band shirt today at Soundwave, and to top off your day, don’t forget to grab your FREE copy of the WESTERN FRONT.com.au AUSTRALIAN METAL COMPILATION: VOLUME 1 on your way out!

Western Front Compilation Volume 1WESTERN FRONT.com.au AUSTRALIAN METAL COMPILATION: VOLUME 1 1. UNIVERSUM [SA] Fractured Archetype from Mortuus Machina LP – Riot (2011) 2. ENTRAILS ERADICATED [WA] Harnessing Gravitational Endurance from Viralocity LP – Independent Release (2010) 3. NEVERBORN [WA] Always Watching Me from Decimator LP – Western Front (2010) 4. MAKE THEM SUFFER [WA] Maelstrom from Maelstrom Single – Independent Release (2011) 5. MHORGL [WA] Terror Manifesto from Heresiarch LP – Sovereign Records (2011) 6. SENSORY AMUSIA [WA] Auditory Cortex from Sensory Amusia EP – Independent Release (2010) 7. PSYCHONAUT [WA] Wolfman from Shock ‘Em Dead LP – Independent Release (2012) 8. MEMORIA [WA] 25th Island from Death Calls The Islands LP – Misantrof ANTIRecords (2011) 9. ENFORCE [WA] Biblakill from Biblakill LP – Green Media Distribution (2011) 10. TEMTRIS [NSW] Your Time Has Come from Your Time Has Come Single – Independent Release (2011) 11. NAILS OF IMPOSITION [WA] Sebaceous Abcess from Bloodletting Eroticism LP – Independent Release (2011) 12. HUMAN EXTINCTION PROJECT [WA] How Well? from Promo EP – Independent Release (2011) 13. WRATH OF FENRIR [WA] Awaken The Frost from Wrath Of Fenrir LP – Independent Release (2012) 14. KHARIOT [WA] Crimson Sanctorum from Disymposium LP – Independent Release (2011) 15. MISERY DILATION [WA] Atrocities from Promo EP – Independent Release (2011) 16. CATACOMBS [VIC] The Fallen from Promo EP – Independent Release (2011) 17. RED DESCENDING [WA] Inferno from Kingdoms LP – Independent Release (2011) 18. SILENT KNIGHT [WA] Prophets Of War from Promo EP – Independent Release (2011) All music and artwork copyright 2012 Supreme Legion – All rights retained by the artist and/or their respective label Track listing compiled by Wade Barry & Darren Ray – Mastered by Stephen Murphy Artwork by James Campbell – Layout by Wade Barry Manufactured by Pro Copy.

Congratulations to all those recruits who made it onto the CD, and to those who unfortunately didn’t make it this time around, we encourage you to apply again for Volume 2 as this is an excellent opportunity for any serious musicians to promote their band! A downloadable version of the compilation that features exclusive bonus tracks will also be available very soon, so watch the forum over the next few days to find out who is included in the additional tracks!