Western Front: Metal People’s Choice

A while back we had the voting for people’s favourite metal bands currently playing around the Perth scene, and as a result we’ve put on a show with some of the top voted bands. It was hard though as there are so many quality bands, and they all got a number of votes, and it was all pretty close or tied up. At the end of the day, we’ve come up with a solid line up and it should be an awesome show, with Depravity, Grotesque, Wardaemonic and Burial Ground.

Also, it is a newer venue for live music, at Lucy’s Love Shack in the CBD. It’s a rock ‘n’ roll themed bar so it has a cool vibe, and not only that but they have a late license and serve fresh pizzas all night. So everyone should get down there on Saturday the 2nd of March, support metal, impress them so they want to make it a regular venue for live metal, and enjoy the show!