Australian Metal Awards 2009 – Results

Well the Australian Metal Awards night happened in Sydney this weekend gone and I was glad to be there to witness it. There was a cross section of different bands playing, awards presented (Deryk Thomas from W.A’s Anger Management radio show stepped up to the plate as MC for the night at late notice) and met some cool people. Huge appreciation should go to Matt Willis and Natalie Meisenhelter for both the organisation of the judging / voting process, and the large task of putting together the night itself.

Hopefully it is the first of many, and that it helps to give greater exposure to Australian metal. I was planning on writing up a short review of the night when I get the photos through, but here is one that is already done, and I couldn’t have really said it much better, by Anna Denejkina from Voltage Media:

Keep an eye out for the photos to come, but in the meanwhile read on for the full results of the awards.

Best Metal Fan/ Web/ Magazine:

Most Popular Merch:

Best Album Cover:
Psycroptic – (Ob)Servant

Best Band Name:

Best Film Clip:
Psycroptic – “Initiate”

Best Producer / Recording Engineer:
Jarrad Hearman (Sing Sing Studios) – “Avalon” Chaos Divine

Best Drummer:
David Horgan – Ouroboros

Best Bass Player:
Michael Conti – Ouroboros,

Best Regional Band:

Best Youth Band:

Best Export:

Best Live Band:

Best Guitarist:
Jimmy Lardner-Brown – Killrazer

Best Vocalist:
Dave Anderton – Chaos Divine

Best Keyboard Player:
Chris Stevenson – The Eternal

Best New Band:
Death Audio

Song of the Year:
“Refuse the Sickness” – Chaos Divine

Best Unsigned Band:

Best Album:
“Avalon” – Chaos Divine

Overall Best Band 2009:
Chaos Divine