Nesher featured logo


3 November 2021 admin 0

Roaring off of the east coast of Australia comes NESHER, Australia’s latest heavy outfit featuring some of the most respected members of the Aussie metal scene. Whether it’s the grooves of Entombed, relentless attack of Morbid [ Read more ]

twin serpents featured logo

Twin Serpents

4 October 2021 admin 0

Twin Serpents are a doom metal band from Western Australia who deliver a low and slow wall of sound and worship at the altar of riff lords like Black Sabbath, Crowbar, Type O Negative, Monolord and [ Read more ]

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Syzygy Reunion

31 August 2021 admin 0

Syzygy first performed their brand of instrumental progressive hard rock/metal way back in August of 1996. The five-piece lineup (twin guitars, bass, drums keyboards) performed solidly in and around Perth until 2005, and have reformed in [ Read more ]

Desecrator featured


30 July 2021 admin 0

Formed in 2010 DESECRATOR quickly gained popularity releasing a self-titled demo and touring with bands such as Forbidden, Warbringer, Mortal Sin, Hobb’s Angel of Death, Macabre and Toxic Holocaust. A commitment to speed and ferocity, coupled [ Read more ]

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Flaming Wrekage

28 June 2021 admin 0

Formed in 2009 in Sydney, and having made a triumphant trek over to Perth for the first time recently for the May installment of Hornography, Flaming Wrekage impressed and deserved a bit of spotlight. Since day [ Read more ]

Gargantua-n Rock’n’Roll

26 May 2021 admin 0

I’m sure there are plenty of you that are nuanced and into some different styles, so here’s a gig to check out this Friday, May 28 with a mix of quality metal and rock’n’roll. Click for [ Read more ]