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12 July 2023 admin 0

Thraxas! hit the scene with “Cthulhu Rising” in 2019, and later in 2021 released their debut EP, “Planetary Terrorism.” The band follows a thrash and groove style with elements from each individual member also showing a [ Read more ]

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20 October 2022 admin 0

Fun fact: The Western Front website grew from a website for Allegiance, to one to help promote all local metal acts (thanks to Clayton Tonge and David Innes). With the upcoming reunion show, we figured a [ Read more ]

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2 August 2022 admin 0

Making their mark on the Australian metal scene since 2016, Melbourne act Primitive are set to strengthen their presence and demand the attention of the unsuspecting, with their aggressive new single ‘With The Rats And Snakes’ [ Read more ]

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Oceans And Omens

25 June 2022 admin 0

Oceans & Omens emerged from the darkest abyss, from remnants of Perth band To The Depths, along with some new blood. Washing up on the shores of Perth, Western Australia, and Mission Beach, Queensland, following the [ Read more ]

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8 March 2022 admin 0

Battlegrave is a Thrash/Death metal project formed in late 2016 by Clint Patzel & Rohan Buntine, two great friends with a long-standing passion for metal music. It is an artistic outlet to create music together while [ Read more ]

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6 December 2021 admin 0

Vestigial was formed in 2019 in Perth, Western Australia, through a passion for progressive death metal bands such as: Death, Atheist, Gorguts and Demilich. Writing well crafted songs which are technical, but also memorable was always [ Read more ]