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Battlegrave is a Thrash/Death metal project formed in late 2016 by Clint Patzel & Rohan Buntine, two great friends with a long-standing passion for metal music. It is an artistic outlet to create music together while honouring the aggressive thrash & death metal bands that the members grew up listening to.

The original goal was to write one song, which turned into the ‘To Hell With War’ EP in 2017. After receiving strong reviews, the debut full length ‘Relics of a Dead Earth’ was written, recorded and self-released in November of 2018. It too was very positively received and after 3+ years, Battlegrave is back and with more aggression and fury than ever before.

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The new album ‘Cavernous Depths’ leans far more on the heavier side of the project’s sound and wades far deeper into death & at times extreme metal territory, without sacrificing speed or groove at any time. This has resulted in Battlegrave growing immeasurably as an entity and showcasing by far its most well-crafted and focused music for fans of bands like Demolition Hammer, Misery Index, Slayer, Sodom & Skeletal Remains.

‘Cavernous Depths’ will be released in June 2022 on CD & Vinyl through Bitter Loss Records, joining their roster of quality bands such as Ashen, Crypt Crawler, The Plague, Idle Ruin, Vexation, Cryptivore & others.