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Vestigial was formed in 2019 in Perth, Western Australia, through a passion for progressive death metal bands such as: Death, Atheist, Gorguts and Demilich. Writing well crafted songs which are technical, but also memorable was always what they intended on creating for an original band. Featuring current and ex-members from The Ritual Aura, Crypt Crawler, In Asymmetry, Khariot and Necromancer.

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Over the next two years saw significant road blocks including dealing with the covid 19 pandemic and taking the time to construct material which they truly felt comfortable with releasing and that they did.
2021 has seen the debut EP release “In the Void Between” from the band and with writing currently underway for a full length it promises to showcase more what Vestigial is capable of.

Vestigial In The Void Between
‘In the Void Between’, the debut EP by Vestigial is out now at all major online outlets.