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Roaring off of the east coast of Australia comes NESHER, Australia’s latest heavy outfit featuring some of the most respected members of the Aussie metal scene.

Whether it’s the grooves of Entombed, relentless attack of Morbid Angel, or the frosty blackened tinge of early Opeth, there’s something to love for every metalhead here on their thunderous debut Preservation of Privilege.
With a commitment to the art of songwriting at the forefront, Nesher’s sound is one where every riff has gravity, each slam serves a purpose, and the heavy metal trump cards of power, atmosphere, and menace take center stage.

The group was birthed when Alex Wilson, known elsewhere for his work in the ARIA nominated and internationally celebrated progressive outfit sleepmakeswaves, decided the extreme metal riffs he was always writing needed a home.
The recruitment of veteran vocalist Sam Dillon (Lo!, Hadal Maw) and session drummer/music journalist Al Belling brought the project to life, the three combining their collective influences and love of concise composition to create Nesher.

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Preservation of Privilege is the perfect showcase of Nesher’s writing chops, with a hailstorm of blast beats, frenetic riffs, and vicious vocals bookended by an infectious groove to take the song home. Put simply, this is world-class songwriting, dressed up in infectiously catchy death metal that is both brutal and anthemic.

On the lyrical front, Dillon pulls no punches, exploring how “we are still a vicious colony, led by powers seeking to maintain privilege using race, religion and amassed wealth to silence others.”
Taking their name from the Hebrew translation of ‘Vulture’, NESHER seeks to capture the sense of menace and majesty embodied by the creature within their sound, whilst raging into the injustices they see around them.


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