A Breach Of Silence

A Breach Of Silence

22 April 2013 admin 0

  For those of you unfamiliar with A Breach Of Silence, they hail from Brisbane and when it comes to metal they have taken upon themselves to mix a bit of the new with the old, [ Read more ]

evolution machine logo

Evolution Machine

9 February 2010 admin 0

1- Who are you? MANNY: We are a music band called Evolution Machine, from Perth, Western Australia.  The line up consists of Brooke Anderton on vocals (she is the sister of David Anderton, who is the [ Read more ]

The Uncreation

30 September 2004 admin 0

The Uncreation Interview Interview by Sam Gibbons – September 2004. Could you give us a brief bio and self-description of The Uncreation? The Uncreation was formed in January 2004 from the band that was Nemesis. We [ Read more ]


11 September 2004 admin 0

Avantgard Interview Interview by Sam Gibbons – September 2004. “Symphonic black metal” – Wiser folk than me have in the past pointed out allusions and underlying similarities between classical music and some expressions of black metal. [ Read more ]

Vespers Descent

11 December 2003 admin 0

Vespers Descent recently launched their first EP “Three Faces of Eve” which has been accepted with much acclaim by fans and critics alike. This interview was done before the CD launch to be released as part [ Read more ]

Maximum Perversion

7 February 2003 admin 0

Maximum Perversion Interview Interview by Jon Killmachine – January 2003. MAXIMUM PERVERSION: Big bunch of girly drop kicks that think they can play grind metal in the vein of early Carcass, Impaled, Napalm Death and Radiohead. [ Read more ]