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Vespers Descent

21 June 2011 admin 0

Since their inspection in 2001, Vespers Descent has endeavoured to create metal of the very highest quality and share it with Australian audiences. Drawing early influences from the Florida Tampa Bay sceneand the more melodic sounds [ Read more ]



17 June 2007 admin 0

Neverborn is a band hard to define, even harder to categorise. Some make comparisons to Fear Factory due to the kick-driven rhythms and Meshuggah due to the unusual timing structures. Others suggest influences such as Dimmu [ Read more ]


15 February 2007 admin 0

“A mix of brutality with awesome groove.” This is Insurgent in a nutshell. Formed in 2002 as “Praetorian”, founding members Tommy Ions, Tim Evans, and Daniel Harrison began rehearsing together in Tim’s basement for the better [ Read more ]

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The Uncreation

15 July 2006 admin 0

The Uncreation : Grim Sh’dath – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards Lord Bane – Guitars Blitz – Bass, Keyboards Chaos – drums BIRTH OF THE NEMESIS After buggering around in a few local bands for a few years, [ Read more ]

Black Steel

8 November 2005 admin 0

  Black Steel are: Dave Harrison (Bass) Matt Williams (Vocals) Jamie Page (Guitar) Damien Petrilli (Drums)     Discography Battle Call – (EP) 2000 [MGM Aust)] Destructor – (LP) 2001 [SteelHeart/Adrenaline) Relentless Force – Single 2004 [ Read more ]


29 September 2005 admin 0

Plague was formed in late 1995 by members Gary (drums) and Dean (lead guitar) who quickly began writing their own original-sounding material. Shortly after four songs were complete, Plague was joined by Damo (vocalist), Ryan (second [ Read more ]