Syzygy Reunion

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Syzygy first performed their brand of instrumental progressive hard rock/metal way back in August of 1996. The five-piece lineup (twin guitars, bass, drums keyboards) performed solidly in and around Perth until 2005, and have reformed in 2021 to celebrate the band’s 25th year, with a couple of new members to fill in for the guys that are no longer living in the state and can’t make it.

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Influenced by the likes of Dream Theater, Symphony X, Meshuggah and early Metallica, but without vocals Syzygy still manage to take people on a ride of the mind with the sonic soundscapes they create. Catch them at their reunion show and 25th anniversary celebrations on the 11th of September in Perth at Lynott’s Lounge:

You can also check out their original feature page on Western Front from 2005, discussing their reasons for calling it a day and their farewell, which is also an interesting read here.


One of their tracks from their album, “Prominence”: