Maximum Perversion – Repugnant Perturbation Excursion

(Please excuse the distinct lack of the word 'grouse', he mustn't have been feeling too well – Ed.)

With their re-release of the popular underground CD "Repugnant Perturbation Excursion", it seems that the perverts have hit the grind nail on its head. The album opens with a sample of Jack Nicholson going ape-shit in Kubrick's "The Shining", before the title track launches into the most insane grind musical warping I've heard.

Some of the slower more groovy songs like "John Bobbit: She chopped it!" and "Bill Bass' Body Shop" are as catchy as all fuck, whilst songs like "F.D.S" and "Caramel Corpse" show that Maximum Perversion are the leaders of the Perth insane bitch slut fuck cunt grindcore scene.

Coinciding with the amazing music are three different vocal styles, guitarist Jon with the low end Glen Bentonish vocals, drummer Dan with "I have a razor blade tearing through my vocal chords" vocals and bassist Andrew with the "I'm fucking crazy" vocals. Jason doesn't do any vocals but he plays guitar pretty damn well. The lyrical genius shines through these vocals, with such quotes like "Theological premonition…Incongruous: your religion…An Obsequial life-ambition… suicide for science fiction!" and "Fucking Diarrhorrea Slut! Hot stuff coming out your butt!".

Bottom line is: If you like excellent grind, then you'd be an absolute idiot to look any further than Maximum Perversion's Repugnant Perturbation Excursion. Get it or be insane. It's A1. Oh and Dan. Got a light? You rock star. A1.