Morbid Angel Australian / New Zealand Tour 2009

To see past the secure foundations of convention and into an entirely new state of being demands the strength, conviction and true sense of purpose possessed only by a chosen few. They are the innovators, the leaders, the ones who transcend perceived limitations. MORBID ANGEL have consistently succeeded in shattering the musical, spiritual and ideological boundaries of extreme music while unquestionably retaining their core element of brutal and inspirational excellence.

The world was introduced to the furious intensity of the Tampa natives in 1989 with the release of “Altars Of Madness”. Twenty years & seven albums on, Morbid Angel still reign supreme on every level of this genre of music we call death metal. Thanks to Soundworks Touring, MORBID ANGEL finally return to Australian and New Zealand after 13 years to deliver us their excellence in the extreme.

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Saturday May 30th – Transmission Room, Auckland
Monday June 1st – Billboards Nightclub, Melbourne
Wednesday June 3rd – Capitol, Perth
Friday June 5th – The Metro, Sydney
Sunday June 7th – The Arena, Brisbane