New Western Front site up!

Well as you can see, after many set-backs and problems, the new version of Western Front is up and running, also with a new additional URL:

The original URL ( ) will still also be used, and will be the primary one, but I just thought I'd provide for the people that might hear about the site and think that is the address for it.

The locations of pages and directories have all changed with the new interface so you'll have to change your bookmarks, but it's best to play it safe and just bookmark the front page as things will still be getting moved around and changed.

The content is fairly bare at the moment, but I figured I'd get it up and running first and then transfer whatever old info over and start populating it with new articles as well. May also be playing around with the looks of things a little as well.

Anyway, hope you all like it and keep coming back for new changes and additions!