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A four-piece melodic death metal band from Perth, Western Australia. Founded in 2015, the core ideology of the band has remained unchanged since inception – combining a vast variety of influences to create an unmistakably unique and savage new brand of melodic death metal.

An injection of youthful energy and rage have helped achieve this sound laden with unrelenting riffs, mercilessly hammering drums and demonic vocals.

With their sophomore release due to come out later in 2021, and having taken their tunes around Australia and Japan playing with some of the biggest names in metal such as Cattle Decapitation, Revocation, Destruction, Psycroptic, Alien Weaponry, Taake and more, Remission’s hunger for taking on the rest of the world grows stronger and more relentless by the day.

FFO: Sylosis, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Haunted, Revocation

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