Shred Guitar Technique – Newcastle

Newcastle Music Week presents A Major Music Expo 06 on Wednesday November 1st at Newcastle City Hall, King Street Newcastle. This year's workshops and seminars will appeal to professional musicians, music students, music lovers, music enthusiasts, professionals and amateurs, young and old.

On the day there will be a killer Shred Guitar Technique Workshop held by Snake from Australian Guitar Magazine. Renowned for his solid understanding of music and a player who began at age 16 when the beginning of the shred era all began.

Get the insight on finding the right equipment for you and Snake will show you techniques, riffs, scales and how to get the right sound to shred out on the Guitar.

The Shred Guitar Technique Workshop will begin at 9:30am till 11:10am.  The cost of the workshop will be only $12.

Snake will also be holding an individual workshop on Thursday 2nd November. For details on the Thursday workshop please contact Vaughn at