Success of the Bastards!

Well Bastardfest has been and gone last weekend – it’s midweek now and I think I’m only just getting over it. What a great day had by one and all. Great bands, great tunes, great people (a number of which I hadn’t seen come out of the woodwork for quite a while, so just shows the drawing power of the event), and most importantly a great atmosphere.

For the number of bands playing on the day I was surprised about how smoothly it all ran, and it was evident it had been well planned and organised in every detail. This is hardly surprising given that it was the bastard brainchild of none other than Soundworks Touring, well known for their illustrious and highly respected ventures in the realms of bringing top quality international metal acts to this big brown land of ours. Ok, it’s starting to sound like I’m blowing hot air up them so I’ll have to stop now before I make myself sick, but credit where credits due. They’re our kind of bastards.

Bring on next years event!