Western Front Australian Metal Compilation!

If you still haven’t read about this yet, then you better get onto it as applications close this Sunday! Excellent opportunity for any serious Australian metal band…for those who have made submissions already, recruits will be contacted in the next few days, and thanks again to everyone who has applied so far.

“Aussie bands! This is your call of duty!

WESTERN FRONT.com.au, in conjunction with SUPREME LEGION, is proud to present the debut volume of our very own compilation album showcasing Australia’s premier heavy-hitters. While the primary objective is to promote the calibre of bands we have right in our own backyard, the secondary task is to boost support for the long-serving site.

This campaign will seize the opportunity for maximum exposure by initiating an assault on Monday, 5th March 2012, where it will be made available for free during the SOUNDWAVE Festival at Claremont Showgrounds in Perth, WA providing access to thousands of other like-minded rock/metal music enthusiasts, and potentially generating additional forces for underground onslaughts.

Communications with alliances on the east coast are currently taking place for potential mass distribution. An on-line download will also be available, and metal broadcasters will receive their own copies for nation-wide aural reinforcements, while recruits will be issued rounds for their own ammunition. Analysts predict 3000 quality cardboard-sleeved compilation CDs will be unloaded around the country during the course of this campaign.

While we are aware of interest, this is notification to any bands that would like to step up. Every application for service is greatly appreciated, although due to a limited track list and the deadline for detonation, there will unfortunately be casualties.

Enrolments, containing contact details, a track or music samples, logo, band photo, and bio or website link, must be e-mailed to supremelegion[AT]iinet.net.au by Sunday, 5th February 2012.

Obviously, copyright to all music remains the property of their owner(s), and each track replicated will be solely used in the production of this compilation album. A classified document clarifying the agreement of all this, plus the registration fee of just $125 per band is currently being finalised, and is to be administered to those applicants deemed successful.

Members not on active duty can still support the cause by contributing compilation album code names, while those brandishing artistic creations can issue their cover artworks from NOW on either the Western Front forum thread here, or via e-mail! The most championed entrant from each category will be awarded their respective bounty.

Recruits featured in the scheduled superior fundraising (Saturday, 18th February @ Charles Hotel & Friday, 24th February @ Civic Hotel) and launch attacks (Saturday, 10th March @ Civic Hotel), will be announced soon.”