Western Front Downtime

As you would know the main section of Western Front has been down for the last few weeks. It went down while I was in Europe so there wasn’t much I could do about it from there. Upon investigating the problem when I got back I found out the hosting provider had deleted the database the site runs off, according to them due to some error occuring on the server. On top of this they had no back up of the database so that meant total data loss for us!

The only back up of the database I had locally on my computer was from September last year unfortunately – although this is better than losing everything. I had to install new versions of software and then the layouts of the existing site were incompatible so I had to redo that. To make matters worse my phone line (and therefor my internet connection) has been down for 2 weeks as well, hampering the progress.

Anyway I’ve managed to get the site up and running somewhat again, but some of the features haven’t been added yet – these will be re-added soon. For any users that registered with WF since September 2007 you will need to re-register unfortunately due to the data loss. Apologies for the disruption, hopefully you will understand it was out of my hands.