Divide By Zero

dividebyzero is a four piece from Perth, taking their sound from nowhere in particular, but influenced by bands such as Dystopia, Napalm Death, Rupture and Doom. Undefinable by nature ( any number divided by zero gives the answer 'undefined' ) DBZ have been described as Grind by some, Crust by others, but asking the band, they only shrug and say they dont give a fuck about labels.

dividebyzero was formed in early 2001 by Troy (Vocals), Adam (Guitar) and Jim (Drums). Adam and Troy had previously worked together in the band Greased Carrots, and Jim's band Shadowfiend had just broken up, leaving him free to join dividebyzero. DBZ jammed in Troy and Adam's loungeroom in its infancy, writing some material, doing a few covers. However it was quickly apparent they needed another member, someone on Bass to make the sound complete.


After many unanswered ads in 78's and Dada's, mutual friend of the band James joined in early 2002, assuming the role of Bassist, but there was a catch… James was moving to the UK in August. DBZ started gigging at HQ Skatepark, and writing material for the Demo they would record before James departed.

In August 2002, after 2 days in the studio dividebyzero finished their 8song CD Demo, "Subculture By Formula". It was not long after that James left for the UK and DBZ was a 3 piece yet again.

dividebyzero started hunting for another member, and they found one almost instantly, the friend of a friend scenario working to their favour. Dan joined playing Guitar, Adam for the first time able to play his instrument of choice, the Bass. Dan quickly became one of the guys and they started jamming every week again, writing new material.


The last few months of 2002 and 2003 saw DBZ being put on hold, as band members had other commitments. November 2002 saw Troy going Sydney to work for 6 months, and shortly after his return, Adam and Jim went to the UK for 3 months, returning in late October.

Upon the return of Adam and Jim to the mighty metropolis Perth, DBZ started planning their first full length release, as yet unnamed, due sometime in the 2nd quarter of 2004. Expect a more mature, bleak and brutal DBZ release.

DBZ have a gig on the 13th of Feb at the Whitesands, with Maximum Perversion, Uncreation and The Furor. Demo's will be available at the Gig.

Subculture by Formula is available for 6$ from Dada's, 78's or by emailing the band.

MP3's and other dividebyzero related information can be obtained from their website below.