The Clouded Antiquity

In 1999, Perth black metal band, Sacritual exploded onto the scene, developing a horde of followers and gigging relentlessly. But alas, the success was short-lived, as guitarist Zijl left the band to pursue other goals, leaving fellow guitarist Nathan Spargo and bassist/vocalist Skot. Eventually, after various changes in drumming personnel, another guitarist was found in the form of Kurt Spargo, and thus, Avantgarde was born. However, this anticipated return to the stage was again short-lived, for in late 2000, a mere two gigs later, both Skot and their current drummer Jerry departed, abandoning the Spargo kinsmen. This heinous setback proved too much to overcome for Avantgarde, and ergo, it folded.


From the Ashes of Obscurity

Over a year later, whilst Avantgarde remained in its dormant state, Nathan and Kurt continued to create their own haunting sounds, even recording a 4-track self-titled demo with local blast-beat machine Louis Rando (The Furor, Pathogen) on temporary drum and vocal duties. It wasn’t until early 2003, following an audience with keys master Regnator, that Avantgarde was woken from its long slumber, and the hunt for a new line up began.

The search was not in vain, for in June, the role of bass player was filled by Trevaskis, and only a week later came a vocalist in the form of Ildach. Almost two months past, until the long quest came to a halt with the enlisting of skin thrasher Maelstrom. And so, with this fresh formation, Avantgard, as it is now called, took its first step forwards…


A Return to Lively Fashion

After months of regular and intense rehearsals, Avantgard first performed from Ildach’s dwelling in front of a select few on November 1st, 2003. Soon afterwards, on the 17th to be exact, Avantgard invaded the home of one Aidan Barton, to record in his already acclaimed Sovereign Studios, an album of their six latest orchestrations, as well as an additional symphonic enchantment composed by Regnator.

Even during these profound recording sessions, Avantgard again played live, their first official performance at the Carlton Hotel on November 26th. A week later, the recording was complete, and on December 6th, Avantgard again performed, this time at the Whitesands Tavern, followed by two gargantuan support slots, firstly with the mighty Destroyer 666 on January 4th 2004 and then with Canberra giants Alchemist on January 17th.


Their Destiny Awaits

With the release of their album looming in the very near future, supports of epic proportions already sheathed at their hips, and a solid, unwavering line-up, Avantgard can only rise above the masses to take their rightful place among Perth’s elite as a top performing act. It is not a question of how, but when….



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Ildach – dx_breakitdown@hotmail.com

Regnator – lethalsanctuary@tpg.com.au