Flaming Wrekage

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Formed in 2009 in Sydney, and having made a triumphant trek over to Perth for the first time recently for the May installment of Hornography, Flaming Wrekage impressed and deserved a bit of spotlight.

Since day one Flaming Wrekage has left a growing impression on Australian metal, continuously proving themselves as a premier Australian thrash/death metal act. Two full-length studio albums and relentless touring at home and abroad has brought the band a devoted fan base from all corners of the globe. Their take-no-prisoners attitude and fierce live show has enthralled audiences throughout Europe, Indonesia and Australia. They’re no strangers to sharing stages with metal royalty, having opened for the likes of Soilwork (SWE), Power Trip (USA), Omnium Gatherum (Fin), and Psycroptic.

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Their latest offering, Cathedral Of Bones, sets an unrivaled standard for thrash and death metal, showcasing Flaming Wrekage at the top of their game with truly masterful musicianship. As the world faces utter capitulation, these hard hitting nine tracks could not have come at a better time. Exploring apocalyptic and social themes under a barrage of ferocious death metal, the album’s lyrical intensity is matched only by Flaming Wrekage’s signature blend of melody and groove.

2021 will see the band embark on their most comprehensive touring schedule yet. No stage is safe. Cathedral Of Bones is coming, and Flaming Wrekage will stop at nothing to deliver the most powerful shows metal fans have ever experienced, cementing their place at the forefront of Australian heavy metal.