Get some sound advice from Aidan

I'd like to welcome aboard Aidan Barton of Sovereign Studios to Western Front with this new section offering advice and information about recording, mixing and the music industry. Within the music community he is renowned for his experience in both live mixing and his expertise for quality production recording.

He has worked as a live mixer for Hate Eternal, The Black Dahlia Murder, Daysend, Psycroptic,  Deicide, Cryptopsy, Dismember and Terror. He has also worked with bands such as The Berzerker, Pathogen, Voyager, Vespers Descent, Plague, The Furor, I Killed The Prom Queen, Miles Away, Alleged and  From The Ruins, to name a few, on their recordings. It is some of these artists that have been compiled on the Sovereign Studios Sampler CD – Volume 1, which is being launched on 22nd June, 2007 with a huge show at the Amplifier Bar and Capitol in Perth.

Check out his first article "Home Recording Pt 1 – Getting Started" in the new Sound Advice section, or for further discussion or questions go to the forum section .