Malignant Monster


This sinister collaboration of minds came to be at the dawn of 2003 when vocalist, Cain Cressall, and axeman, Jarrod Curley, joined forces to wreak havoc on modern metal. Both notorious ex-members (Jarrod formerly of Malice Unity, and Cain of Centaur/Pathogen) with each having had their fair share of playing in other people's bands, the time had come to collaborate on a project in which they'd share one vision. A monster was born; A project which ultimately aims to be as diverse and experimental as possible whilst retaining its ugly charm and staying true to its metal roots.
Since forming, the pair has been getting primarily thrash/death based metal out of their system, which has resulted in a recent 3-song demo appropriately titled “Welcome to Your Doom!” Undoubtedly, traditional thrash and death metal elements will

always be somewhat evident in the band's music while their unique style continues to expand and develop. Released under the intentions of simply getting feedback and helping find members, the demo has been subject to an overwhelming response, prompting members to prioritise and start a serious search for a line-up.

With the main focus being on finding a substantial drummer, the band is currently seeking serious players to complete the line-up. With recording and live experience being of relatively high importance (but not essential), pre-requisites include: Dedication, punctuality, having knowledge in a range of music styles, being open to experimentation, and lastly, having efforts focused more around musicianship and less around rock-star bullshit. Malignant Monster is intended to be a dual-guitar, five-piece with a very visual, energetic stage show which will hopefully be gigging by early/mid 2005.


The band is currently taking offers from any potential drummers, guitarists and bassists.

Until an official website is administered, you can e-mail the band at

Mp3 Samples:
Line Of Fire
My Rage
Turrents Of Blood