Member Profiles:


DYLAN (guitars + backing vox)

Dylan is a founding member of Nexus and is responsible for a good portion of the songwriting. Due to lack of funds, Dylan borrows gear off Geoff, using a Crate amp and Ibanez axe. Dyl also provides backing vocals and lives in Mandurah. Dylz is the youngest member of Nexus.


JOSH (bass)

Josh was the last member of Nexus to join, in late 2002. More recently, Joshes song writing has come into play more heavily. He uses a Yamaha 5 string, with a Gallien Kruguer amp and Peavy box. Josh lives in Waterford, out of the sun preferably.




GEOFF (guitars)

Founding member Geoff is Nexus' lead guitarist, shredding to fuck with his Emons custom model strat, JCM800 and Peavy 5150 box. Geoff contributes heavily to the song writing, solos and much red-headbanging. Geoff escaped from Mandurah this year to move to the big smoke of Gosnells.


DAN (drums + vox)

Dan plays drums and vocals, leaving him short of breath most of the time. Abusing an old Premier kit and constantly buying new Paiste Alpha cymbals to make up for the ones he's broken, Dan also writes the lyrics and develops the Nexus theme, because he reads too much scifi/fantasy stuff. Dan likes it when it rains.





NEXUS has been in action since about 1998 or so, with guitarists Dylan and Geoff undergoing many lineup changes, before almost giving up due to lack of interest. Then, after Geoff met Dan at TAFE in 2002, they began to jam a few covers and brush up on some old originals. Some were deemed too daggy to ressurect, but a couple still exist in todays' set list. After a few months, a bass player was found from Dan's old band, Josh. Nexus auditioned a couple of singers, but eventually Dan became vocalist.

The lineup complete in late 2002, the team began working on new original material in the melodic death vain. It was only a few months before Nexus played its first gig at the KerbStomp launch (2/5/03). Since then, Nexus have refined their heavy sound to include more technical and black elements into their music, attempting to broaden their sound and fan base also.


Nexus is heavily influenced by European metal but also much from the states and locally. Ranging from Dans' love of underproduced underground black metal and Dylz obsession with the hardcore L.S.D. era Beach Boys, everything they listen to is incorporated into the whole sound. Putting Nexus into the one genre would be tough let alone detracting from all the other influences and sounds that the band uses.


The Nexus hype is growing slowly, people at gigs are now less friends and people they say "have to fucking be there" but more so fans who come of their own accord. Nexus are planning to record soon at Planet Studios in Subiaco and are looking to beef up their playing experience with more gigs.

Words do Nexus no justice, so come by one of the shows as to formulate your own opinion.



Mp3 sample: – Eve Of Destruction (sample).mp3




Email: (Dan) (if you want Nexus for gigs or to abuse)